Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shopping with Melissa

Well, if I haven't bought it, it just isn't going to be bought. Melissa and I went shopping today in Davenport. We went to the "mall" there - not really a mall but not a strip mall either. I really don't know what to call it, but it had a some nice stores in it including Target. I did pick up a few things for Dan for his stocking (I had not bought anything for his stocking before - and it all really practical things). Melissa had to pick up a few things and I think she got everything she was looking for. The only thing that we did not do is go to the grocery store. I think I will just send Melissa a grocery list of things we need and she said she would go to the store next week - since she doesn't have to work.

Speaking of work - we will go back to work tomorrow. This will be our next to the last week - which is so hard for me to think about. It seems like we just got here and now we need to start thinking about packing up and getting ready to move up to Dowling Park. This has been a very fast two months - I don't know if the next two will go by as quickly. I imagine that next Saturday Dan will take the "garage" down (the cover we have over the picnic table) and I'll be taking the Christmas decorations down and packing them up. That will leave just a small amount of things we will need to pack up for the last week here. Especially since our last day at work will be next Wednesday and we have to leave next Thursday. A little quick packing up. Oh well, it's fine.

When we leave here we will go up to Lakeland for Thursday and Friday night and then go into Dowling Park on Saturday the 2nd. We have some friends that will be meeting us up there for the night - they will be leaving for their home in Texas on Sunday. It will be nice to get up to the "old homeplace". Hopefully, we can settle down some and save some money - we sure haven't done such a good job the last few months. It seems like since we left Idaho we have not done very well in the saving department. We need to get back into that frame of mind though.

Also, Dan is going to leave his motorcycle here at the place that is trying to sell it. We figure it will be better to leave it here and have Melissa and Justin handle it for us then to have it sit for a year. I just hope we can sell it. I told Dan that IF we can sell it we can look into getting the extra fuel tank for the truck (he wants one of those that fits behind his tool box in the bed of the truck, just in case). I'm just hoping it will sell soon.

Well, I feel like I have just been jabbering tonight without much direction, maybe it's because it's so late. Anyway, I need to go to bed - I have to go to work tomorrow!

Talk to you tomorrow!

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