Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Day After Christmas

My family and I wanted

to take just a quick

moment to 

say hello

and to hope that

you and your family

had a wonderful


Our family has so very

much to be thankful



this year.

We are so blessed

Sweet Adalyn.

Lovely (and lively) Lorelai

and spending time with family.

Our wish to you

this day



is to keep the 


and the 


of Christmas morning

fill your heart

the entire year



Monday, December 23, 2013

The countdown is on!

I'm back home now after
a week at my
daughter's house helping a little
with the new baby and
having our "sleep over parties" with

I spent a week and we had 
four out of the seven nights that were good.
None were as good as the first two nights, 
but the last two weren't bad - she
still woke up some and crawled
into my bed
(which was a twin size blow up mattress on the floor beside her bed).
Now, I'll have to admit this was not
my favorite way to sleep.  However, if it helps
the little one get used to sleeping in her own bed
I'll give up a week of good sleep for that.

The reason I was able to come home is
my oldest daughter came in last night
from Nashville for a couple of weeks - 
so, she has taken over with
the "sleep over parties".

Tomorrow I need to run into town and 
pick up a prescription (want to get it before
our insurance company changes our
pharmacy company - again!) 
and I'll also pick 
up some last minute things
for meals for this week
(French Toast Casserole for 
Christmas morning for example).

Tuesday we are having dinner at the kids 
house with all the family - Justin's 
parents and his sister's family are coming down
and my kids dad will get in during the afternoon.
 Hopefully, my mom will be feeling better
so she will be able to come over
and celebrate too.

Wednesday, Dan and I will have our
Christmas here before loading all the 
gifts into the car and
going back over to 
the kids for
our family

Looks like things will be a little busy
for a few more days!

In case I don't have a chance to 
post again before
Christmas -
Dan, Samantha, Jessie and I
wish you and yours
a very
Merry Christmas!



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just helping out

This will probably be a short and sweet post
as I have been staying over at my
daughter's since Saturday
helping out with the
new little one,
but mostly
I've been helping Lorelai
get settled into
her new room!

We have been working on getting
her to sleep in her
"Big girl" bed
all night.
Saturday and Sunday nights
were a cinch!
I rocked her
to sleep and laid
her in her bed -
and she slept ALL night
in her bed without
a single whimper.

However, last night was a different story!
First of all we (Melissa and I) took
the two girls to the doctor.
Addie had her first check-up (and her first shot!)
and Lorelai needed her eighteen month
check-up (and had to have one more shot).
Well, even though the doctor said it wouldn't
affect her, she was extremely grumpy and fussy
all afternoon and evening.
So, to make a long story short - we did not have
a really good night last night.
She kept climbing into my bed and I would put her
back into hers - finally, I climbed in bed with her until
she fell back asleep.  Anyway, I had to do that a couple of times
so it was a long night.

We all knew that it would take some time to get
her used to sleeping on her own in her own bed.
So, while we had a rough night last night,
 we'll work on it again tonight!
We'll just have to take it 
one day at a time.

Today, Melissa had to go back up to Lakeland
to get the staples from her C-section
removed (Dan is driving her and Addie up).
Lorelai and I are staying home.
I'll do a little laundry -
fix some lunch
(and see what to fix for dinner).
Yep, I'll stay busy!

So, I guess I'll go for now!
But, before I do, I'll 
leave you with a couple of pictures of
our sweet girls.



Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adalyn Harper

Yesterday our family welcomed the newest member.

Adalyn Harper was born at
10:03 AM.

She weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce
and was
20 and 1/2 inches long.

We are so thankful that Addie
was born strong and healthy.

Lorelai meeting her 
baby sister for the first time.
(She had just given her a kiss on the head.)

 My three beautiful girls.
My youngest daughter, Melissa, and my two
amazing grand daughters,
Lorelai and Adalyn.

What an amazing Christmas present.
We are so thankful and blessed!

Even though this picture is a little
blurry (okay, a lot blurry) I think
you can see the joy on
my daughter's 

Thank you Lord for another
perfect little one
for us to love!

(times 2)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Still busy - but can't tell you what I'm doing!

I sure hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
We had a nice family dinner (my mom, daughter, son-in-law, grand daughter, and Dan).  Justin brought a Honey Baked Ham and I fixed all the sides.  My mom brought a pie so everyone contributed to our "feast".  I had planned on eating at 2 and we were actually sitting down at the table at 1:30!  Not too shabby!

Friday we (meaning me) packed up all of the fall decorations and Dan went to the storage unit to pick up the Christmas decorations.  Dan's "job" is to put the tree up and then put the lights on the tree.  Well, he got the tree out of the box (yes, we use an artificial tree) but he looked high and low and couldn't find any of our lights.  We even made another trip back to the storage unit looking for the lights and could NOT find them.  So, Saturday we ended up going into town and buying a new tree - this time one that is pre-lit.

I spent the rest of Saturday decorating the house - and the tree.  We decided  not to put a tree on the outside, screened in porch this year and so I only did two - the main tree in the family room and a small tree in Lorelai's room (with all rocking horse ornaments).  Now, we just have to find room in the storage unit for all the crates so I can get my car back into the garage.  (Seems like you take stuff out and can never find space for the stuff to go back in - LOL!)

If you are wondering what we did with the tree that we have that isn't pre-lit, well, we contacted the pastor at our church to see if he knew of anyone that could use it (along with a few extra ornaments that we had).  We have a young couple at our church that are expecting their first baby any time now - and they don't have a lot - so the tree is going to go to them.  It is in really good shape - but Dan just wanted one that he didn't have to worry about putting lights on.  Guess we are getting lazy in our old age.  I'm also including an extra baby crib bumper pad that I had in the closet.  I think this couple could use it.

We have been eating on Thanksgiving left-overs for the last five days - but tonight should finish them up - I'm making some 15 bean soup using the ham hock and the rest of the ham - then will make some cornbread.  Yummy!  Last night I used the rest of the mashed potatoes in a Shepherd's Pie.  I try really hard to use everything so it doesn't go to waste.

Also,  a couple of weeks ago (while our oldest daughter was here from Nashville) we had a surprise 'dipe and wipe' shower for Melissa and Justin.  We had a cookout here and her friends here in Lake Placid along with Justin's parents and sister with her family came.  I think that Melissa was really surprised.  Justin had to know about it so he could make sure to get Melissa here on time.  We had a nice turn out and I think everyone had a good time.

I'll be going to the doctor with Melissa this Friday - and if things go as planned we will have a new baby next Thursday!  I really think that Melissa is ready to have the baby - those of us who have been pregnant know what it is like the last couple of weeks - we are all anxious to not be pregnant anymore.  We are all looking forward to welcoming Adalyn to the world!

Well, I think I have you all caught up with the going's on around here.
I'll talk to you soon.

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