Monday, April 28, 2014

More projects!

I know that it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted.  We haven't been sitting around on our bon-bons.  Nope, we have been working like crazy!  I'll fill you in on all that's going on.

First, let's start with Easter.
Good Friday morning the Easter Bunny left Lorelai a "basket" of things for Nana and Grand - P's house.

 From a hat to wear in the sun
to some toys for the
sand box.
 Some coloring books
and a Lamb cup
even a little
(but not much)!
 Even had to add
a bouncy ball
to play

The big "gift"
was a wagon to pull.

Ady even got a chance to
have a turn in the wagon.
Just not sure she liked it too much.
(Of course, Jessie had to "photo bomb" the picture! LOL!)

Saturday Dan and I cleaned the porch.  We took all the furniture off the porch and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.

Now, it SHOULD be ready for summer.

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day here.

Dan and I Easter morning all ready for church.

After church we went over the the kids house
for Easter dinner and some family pictures.

My daughter Melissa, her husband Justin, my sweet Lorelai, and the
adorable Adalyn.

My sweet girl.

Ada chewing on her fist

My mom, or Adalyn's Great Grandmother

Nana and her little "Ada Bear"

I don't know what was so funny -
but we were all laughing.
Me holding Adalyn and my mom holding Lorelai.

Last week, we kept the girls all week. 

Saturday I spent the day deep cleaning the house.
It was the first time that the house was really cleaned top to bottom since before I was sick.  Don't get me wrong.  I cleaned - dusted, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms - but just hadn't done the really deep cleaning.
Also, on Saturday, we had the carpets cleaned by Stanley Steemer.
We had just finished picking up the little stuff when they showed up.

The last couple of weeks Dan has had a couple of projects going
and he completed one of them last week.
Yesterday I was able to put a little finishing touches on it.

He built the shelves and valance for the windows and hung some new 
shades in the family room.

Yesterday, after church, we went over to the storage unit and found 
all his ducks and I used them to decorate the shelf
above the windows.

So, this is what the family room looks like now.

He is still working on a top secret project and it looks
like he just MIGHT be able to finish on
his deadline of Mother's Day.

I'll give you one more picture of that "little" project.

Hope you all are having a great week!
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Projects and more projects!

We have been really busy around here this past week.

Dan has some BIG plans and projects
that he will be working on
in the coming weeks.

This one is SO big that it probably won't be
finished until at least
Mother's Day!

Any idea what he is doing?
I can't tell, but I'm so excited that we are
doing this!

In the meantime - my car has been exiled to the 

We kept both girls this week.
They are both growing so fast!

Adalyn was 4 months old
on Friday.

Such a cutie!

Lorelai is growing like a weed and
doing more and more things
every day.

How can you not love that face?
Be still my heart.

Now, for her latest little trick -

Who needs a door when we have
a doggie door.......

And it doesn't matter if we
are coming ........

or going........

It still works!


Last Sunday the kids came over
and the babies were able
to spend some time
in the kiddie pool.

It was Ady's first time in the pool
and it seems as though she 
really liked it.......

Big sister still loves the water
and being outside.

And both girls had a good time.

Now, just to prove that "spring"
has come to Florida
I wanted to show a little family
of ducks that decided to
swim down the canal 
behind the house last week.

 I have no idea how
many little babies there are
behind momma but there are
at least 10.


Here is one of the projects that we (mostly Dan) worked.

This is what our master bedroom looked like
when we bought the house.

Notice the blinds on the window?
Hate them!!!!
So 80's, right???

So, this is what the master bedroom looks like

Notice the window???
No more vertical blinds!
Can you say YAHOOOOOOO!!!!

We installed  two inch wooden blinds yesterday
and hung the drapes.
I ordered sheers, but they haven't arrived yet.
I'll show you the "finished"  window after they arrive.
Remember this is just one of the projects
we worked on - I'll share the others later.

Now, in a post that has been loaded with
pictures, I"ll leave you with
two more.

My sweet Lorelai


The adorable 

I think I am a pretty 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Really GONE this time

Well, hello there.
Remember me?
I know, I have been a little on the AWOL list for the last
few weeks - but I am officially on the mend and
as feeling so much better!

Let me go back to my last post - when I thought I had passed
that other kidney stone.  Well, I felt better for about three days
and then the pain came back AGAIN!
I finally called our doctor in Lakeland and made an
appointment - made arrangements with Melissa for 
Lorelai and a week from last Thursday we headed up to Watson Clinic.
The doctor talked to me a little - ordered another CT scan and 
referred me to a specialist.  Before we got out of town
the specialist's office called and I had an appointment
for Monday.

Another phone call to Melissa about the kids and I spent the weekend resting.

Sam, Jessie, and I chillin on the porch.

Monday we were up bright and early and headed up to Lakeland again.

Our appointment was for 10:00 but I had to be there 30 minutes early to 
"fill out paperwork".

Actually made it in to the doctor's office just a few minutes after 10 - vitals taken and symptoms given to nurse.  He gave me a little booklet about Kidney Stones and how they are removed.  After looking over the booklet I told Dan I sure didn't want them to have to go in and remove anything and place a stent in.

Five minutes later the doctor is telling me that 95% of people who have had a stone for longer than 30 days have to have it removed.  I have had mine for a grand total of 60 days!  He told me that the pain I had felt when I thought I had passed the stone was actually the stone moving a little and then getting lodged again.  When the stone lodged there would be pressure that backed up to the kidney - thus producing the pain.  When the kidney shut down (yes, that is normal) the pressure would subside and I would feel better.  Then the stone would move again and we would go through the same routine again.  I was on a four day schedule with pain, feeling better, and then pain.  
Oh the joy!!!

He showed me on the CT scan taken on Thursday where the stone was and that it was a "fairly large" stone that he would have to remove Thursday, his day to do surgery, as an outpatient.  I would be put under, he would use a scope and remove the stone and insert a stent. 

Oh NO!  
Just what I had said I didn't want to happen!!!!

Well, he wanted to do another CT scan to make sure it was still where it had been on Thursday - and an EKG for the procedure - and they would schedule everything for Thursday.

So, down I go for the CT scan AGAIN, called his office to let them know it was done - as he wanted to look at it before ordering the EKG.  The nurse said they would call me as soon as he had read it and to hang tight downstairs.  Well, it wasn't 5 minutes later they called me back and said the 

No procedure was required and to have a nice day!!!!


I can not tell you how extremely happy I was/am!!!!
Not only was THE stone gone but I was free from pain!!!
Now, I still had/have some little bitty stones that
will pass with no discomfort at all, but
the big guy is finally 
out of there!!!!

I kept Lorelai on Tuesday and Wednesday with no difficulty
and then had both girls on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was also Justin's (my SIL's) birthday - so I fixed
dinner for all of us -
Pork, Black Beans, Rice, and Cuban Bread.
His favorite meal.
We also had some chicken nuggets for Lorelai, along with
some green beans and carrots.
My daughter picked up an ice cream cake for dessert.

The birthday boy.

I think we all had a nice dinner.

Saturday Dan and I scrubbed down the back porch - cleaning the
screens, floor, and even all the patio furniture.
I changed some things around and
we are all ready for Spring/Summer, at least the porch is.
(I really don't think we are going to have a Spring as
the temperature was 92 here yesterday)
Speaking of yesterday -
after church the kids came over and
we grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs - 
Lorelai played in the sprinkler, chased bubbles, played in the
kiddie pool (remember - 92) and had a fun time.
After the two babies, Dan and Justin had their
respective naps the kids went home
and Dan and I settled in for the evening.

We are suppose to have rain starting tonight
and rain through Tuesday - then the
temperatures are suppose to drop back 
down into the 70's for highs.
I certainly hope so, that would mean
we could turn off the A/C for a couple
of days - probably the last time
before November or December.
We shall see.

I know that I have been off and on with my
posts, but now that things are finally really on the mend
my posts will be more frequent.

Hope you all have a great week!

I'll "see" you soon!

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