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Well, Christmas presents are opened and wrapping paper is cleaned up.  Christmas dinner was prepared and eaten (the standing rib roast turned out very well, even if I do say so myself).  I hope everyone out there in blogland got everything there little heart desired - I finally got my Kitchen Aid mixer that I have been wanting for so very long I don't even want to tell you!  Actually, even if it was a "toned down" Christmas in our household, it was a very nice Christmas - all the family was together for the first time in many, many years!

Yesterday morning the kids headed back to Atlanta, via Cuthburt to see their dad.  Hopefully, they have had good weather all the way back home, but I don't guarantee that one.  However, after they left, and the other two kids, Dan and I went out to breakfast at the Truck Stop (the name of the local restaurant) - actually I was the only one who ate breakfast - everyone else ate lunch since it was 11:45! 

After we got home, Dan and I…

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take a couple of minutes and wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas!  My family is here and I am going to spend the weekend having a wonderful time with them.  I hope that you all enjoy the time you have with your family where ever they may be.
Remember the reason for the season and may God bless you and yours!
Carol, Dan, Samantha, and Jessie

Christmas Open House

Last night we had the Christmas Open House for our street. It was a great time and we were able to meet many of our neighbors that we had not had the chance to meet since moving in the house a little over a year ago.  While some of our neighbors have gone back up north to spend Christmas with family, many of our "snowbird" neighbors have arrived and were able to come last night.  One of the advantages to living in south Florida is being able to have your house opened up - have seating outside for a party so people can sit out by the pool in the middle of December. 
Now, I know that some of you that live up north will balk at this statement, BUT we were actually hoping for weather that was a little cooler so we could have a fire in the fireplace, but that was NOT to be.  To be a little off topic, I don't think we will have 'fireplace' weather through the entire month of December and it is not looking good for January or February.  However I'll tell you a …

Garage Sale Punch Bowl

We are having an Open House at our house this Saturday.  One of the things that I have been looking for is a punch bowl.  You know, this is not something that you keep on hand.  Especially when you have been full time RVer's for a couple of years before you go back to "sticks and bricks" a little over a year ago.  Dan and I are slowly getting things together again to entertain with.  When you live in a thirty-eight foot 5th wheel you just don't have room for a punch bowl (but to tell you the truth - I didn't have a punch bowl BEFORE we moved into the RV). 
Well, I thought that I would be able to borrow a punch bowl for the Open House this weekend.  However, even though I put out a S.O.S. to my friends around our neighborhood - it didn't seem that anyone around had one.  My mom had even given the one she had away.  I was really starting to panic.  I have to say that my DSIL's mother did say that I could borrow her punch bowl, but it belonged to her grand…

I Finally Have a Clean Garage!

For those of you that know me - you know that I can only stand a mess for so long before it absolutely drives me nuts.  Case in point, does anyone remember my blog on the 'pile of dirt' in our back yard? This is the pile of dirt before ---------
and this is where the dirt was after we finally got it all spread - several months later! Well, a couple of months ago I said that I wanted to get the garage cleaned up.  I have walked through the mess in the garage for months - really ever since we started the remodeling project on the house back in April.  So, in August I said enough is enough - we have to get this cleaned up. 
This is what the garage looked like after a week of work.
The above picture is Dan's work area of the garage.  In case you don't know, Dan does quite a bit of wood working around the house asnd I really do appreciate all the work he does.  However, the problem that I have is, after he finishes a project, he never puts things away.  (Which really does…

Christmas Pictures #2

Okay, I promised I would post some more pictures of the house decorations.  So, I'll do some of the porch.  As you can tell from these pictures, the weather here is warm - so the house is all opened up, so if you look real close you will be able to see some other areas of the house in the background (including Dan watching the news!).

I'll start with the outside tree which is decorated with all of Dan's outdoor ornaments - you know, fish and bears, and even his moose ornaments (okay, that is a family inside joke, sorry!)

Some close ups of some of the ornaments - We even have some ducks, Dan's "trucks" and the schoolhouse that has to be on one of our trees.

Well, that's all of the porch and swimming pool area.  I'll see about doing some of the kitchen tomorrow.

I also promised to show you some of the things that I have been doing - but like I said I can't actually show you any of the Christmas presents, but this should give you a hint about some o…

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Well, it's starting to look a lot like Christmas around my house.  The decorating is just about finished - I'm still working on making gifts (I know, I know, I'm running out of time!)  So much to do and so little time.  The Christmas cards are all addressed, but we haven't been to the post office yet.  That is on the agenda for the first of the week.
I'll take you on a quick tour of most of the decorations in the house - I'll save some for a later post. We'll start at the front door with a welcome to our home.
This is the main tree - we have three in the house (not counting the one that Dan is suppose to put on the dock - he is having problems with the lights on the top half, so it hasn't made it out to the dock yet.)  Anyway, with the location of the tree it can be seen from the front of the house, from the canal, and we can see it from our chairs.  Good location we think.


Entry way table.

Dining room table - I'm still not real happy with t…

Rocking the Baby Bump

Well, this is my first post of my daughter's "baby bump"!  She has really started to show in the last couple of weeks - actually since Thanksgiving.  At Thanksgiving she just had this little bump - tonight she came over for dinner and pulled up her sweat shirt and I went - "Wow!"  I need to take a couple of pictures and start keeping track of the progress.  She made me promise not to post any of her full body - she says that she doesn't look good after being at work all day - I think she is beautiful!

I think the last time I posted we were talking about her morning sickness - well, we might have that under control.  She still gets sick sometimes, but not every day - and she is hungry all the time.  She is getting to eat a more (and eating strange things!) and I think she is feeling better.  Hopefully, we can keep the morning sickness under control - since we are almost at three months now!  I'll keep you posted - and keep pictures coming.

I've been…