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New Year's Eve

Here we are on New Year's Eve - another year has gone by and we look forward to a new one. Who would have guessed all the changes that would occur in a year? We were planning on being on the road for at least another year - we had bought the new 5th wheel, and we had the adventure of a lifetime coming up. Well, things certainly changed. Let's take a quick look back at 2010.

The year started with our trip to the Caribbean with our good friends Carol and Neil. The scenery was beautiful and it was a wonderful time for Dan to take some time to recover from his time in the hospital. We enjoyed the relaxation and the time in warmer temperatures. Then we moved up to Unicoi State Park right outside of Helen Georgia for a couple of months. We were greeted with snow a couple of days, and some people that we hope to have as friends for a very long time. Isn't it funny how you can meet someone and know that you will always be friends? That's the way we felt about Don and J…

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Hope that you are having a great day! Will post all my news tomorrow, but in the mean time have fun with your families!


Christmas Break!

Well, I survived last week and I am officially on Christmas break! YAHOO!!!!! I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to this break. Now, if I only had all my Christmas shopping done!

I have ordered some things on the Internet (suppose to be here on the 23rd or 24th - nothing like cutting it close!)and I know what I'm going to get my mom. Have delivered the checks to the kids in Lakeland and have bought the present for the daughters in Atlanta. So, all I have left really is Dan and I think I know what I am going to get for him. I talked to my mom today and told her what Dan wants, but it is way over the limit that we have set for each other. So, I asked mom how much she was going to spend on us and then told her what Dan wanted - I asked her to take what she was going to spend on me and put it with what she was going to spend on Dan and get what he wants. I really can't think of anything that I really need or really want - so I would rather Dan have wh…

It's Beginning to Feel alot like Christmas!

It's cold in Florida - I mean, not by Florida standards, but by anyone's. The high tomorrow is suppose to be in the low 40's and tomorrow night it is suppose to be in the, are you ready for this, the 20's! Yikes, this is south-central Florida. It isn't suppose to get this cold here. Anyway, I don't guess we can do anything about it, just go with the flow.

The good thing is - this is the last week of school before Winter Break - YAHOO!!! I don't know how the kids are going to be - they have been pretty worked up last week. Some of the other teachers say that a lot won't come to school this next week - which means you can't teach any new material. I have new lesson's planned, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how many kids are there. If in fact there aren't a lot of kids there, then I'll do some review - it certainly won't hurt them!

I still haven't bought any Christmas presents - I guess IF I am going to buy anyt…

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, I thought I would include a few pictures of the decorations around the house and the patio. Above is the tree in the living/family room -taken from the breakfast nook. (Forgive Dan's cap - he is always hanging it on the back of a chair!)
This is the entry way (my mom made the quilt wall hanging for me) ---------------------

And the patio. I don't know if you can tell the changes we have made to the patio since the pictures that I have posted int he past - but we have put a shelf up over in the corner that wasn't there before and added some decorations on it. A clock and some other things, but they are on the wall you can't see. I'll post some other pictures after Christmas when everything gets "back to normal".

Well, the first week after Thanksgiving break is over - now we have two more to go before we get our Christmas break! I can't wait. There is so much I need to do and I just don't seem to have any time at all. Between working …

Our first Thanksgiving in the new house

Well, Thanksgiving is over and we have worked hard the last week getting the house ready for Thanksgiving dinner and the 16 people we had at the house for dinner. All went well I think - the pictures I have included in the blog today are of the two table settings. The one above was the "kids" table and the one below was the "main" table. I don't know if you can tell or not but we had folding chairs and tables we borrowed from school. Wasn't exactly the most elegant dining room set, but it served it's purpose and I think that everyone had a good time - which is the most important thing.

There were no real disaster's in the food preparation - even though the marshmallows did catch on fire on the candied yams - but that is a family tradition in my house - the first batch of marshmallows ALWAYS catch on fire - thank goodness for big packs of those white fluffy things. We have packed all of Thanksgiving and fall away and the house is now decor…

Some "After's"

Okay, I promised "after" pictures today and I am delivering. I figure you can make out what these are pictures of - especially after seeing the "before" pictures yesterday.
One of the things that I am sure you will notice is we still need to have sod put in the yard - but that will be another paycheck and after Christmas - some things must come first!

But I hope you can see how much better the front yard looks. I just wish you could see what the "before-before" looked like - I'm still working on getting those pictures from Melissa. I will say that the big areas where there is no grass was where we took the palm trees out and that does make a difference. Now, let's move on into the bedroom ---------------

The mirror blinds are GONE!! This is the same shot as one that is in the before - maybe I should have put them side by side so you could really see. Anyway, I don't know if you can tell but the walls are a nice shade of green - and we ha…

The "Before" Pictures

Okay everyone - I promised that I would have some before pictures for you this week - and I do. The first three of the yard were taken last Monday - Dan took them for me because I had to go to work. This shot actually shows the new gate that Dan installed. We had the sidewalk to the garage door, but the fence on this side of the house did not have a gate - go figure. So, Dan installed the gate. Makes much more sense now. This shot is the front of the house (duh!). I wish I had the before -before pictues that showed all the palm trees. I am still waiting to get those from Melissa's computer - IF I ever get them I will post some of those - then you will really see a difference. Anyway, this shows the new screen door that we added on the front so now we can open the front door and get a nice breeze through the house and not have to run the air conditioning all the time.
The final shot of the outside is the front/side shot. As you can certainly tell the yard needed lots of…

Goodness Gracious I'm TIRED!

Okay - I promised I would post today, so here I am! I am soooo tired and I have to go back to work tomorrow! Dan and I have been working around the house trying to get things organized - plus we have been moving stuff over to my mom's house and trying to get it ready for when she got here today. She got to our house about 12:30 and we took her over to her new house. She was so surprised that we had so much 0f her stuff already set up for her. She had a place to sit and I made up her bed for her, so she even had a comfortable place to sleep tonight. After we unloaded her car and put her cold stuff in the refrigerator (she had bought some dry ice in Georgia, so things were still cold) we went out and ate a late lunch. Actually, it has turned out to be lunch and supper, but that is okay! After we got back we walked around in her yard for a few minutes before coming back home so I could finish the laundry and working in the office.

I was determined to get the office organized t…

Okay I'm officially a bad blogger!

Hello all - yes, I'm still here, and yes, we are still working on the house - I just don't have any pictures to post and I've been really busy with school. I just don't seem to have the time that I used to have to be on the computer. Anyway, even though I don't have any pictures to share, I will try and catch you up really quickly.

For two weeks the guys were here working on the irrigation in the yard. Finally, that was finished the middle of the week and we have been in touch with the landscaper and all of the landscaping should be in before Thanksgiving! Yeah!!! After that, we are going to take a break before doing anything else - with the holidays we want to concentrate on that, plus my mom should be completing her move next weekend. The mover is suppose to be at her house in Atlanta on Thursday to finish the packing (they are doing the breakables), and then load her stuff on the truck on Friday. She will be here on Sunday and the movers will be here with …

Hot Air Balloons

Well, I don't have any pictures of the house to post tonight - it was a week of getting estimates to continue work outside - landscaping, irrigation, concrete work, etc. Still trying to get things done outside. We know that we will be doing the landscaping AFTER we get the irrigation done - so hopefully that will be around the first part of November. We'll have to wait and see what the estimate for the irrigation runs.

The only thing that Dan and I did around the house this weekend was move the shed. I mean we jacked it up using a fulcrum and lever and put concrete blocks under it, then put big pieces of PVC pipe and rolled it about 4 feet. Dan wants to work on getting the roots out from where we took the Royal Poinciana tree out and the roots were under the shed. Plus we wanted to move it back about a foot or so after we get it level. Just a lot of work. Anyway - after we worked on that we came in and took a shower (we were both VERY dirty) and then got in the pool …

Around the Pool

Okay, I know, I know. I said that I would post on Sunday - well, in my defense, today is sorta like my Sunday. We did not have school today, so it seemed like Sunday to me. So, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. (Of course, Dan says that I have succeeded in messing his whole week up - but for an extra day off work, I'll mess with his "schedule".)

I decided to let you guys see what we have done with the pool area of the house first. (I don't have the before pictures. At the time that I took the before pictures my laptop was in Alaska and I downloaded them on my daughter's computer. I have hard copies of all the "before" pictures, but I don't have them on my computer - maybe I can get Melissa to email them to me so I can show you before and after.) I did want you to see what we have been working on.

The pool deck has been painted - it was a light gray with "swirls" of different colored paint on it - It is really …

So very busy!

Okay - I have not been a very good blogger lately. I have been so busy with work, the house, laundry, cooking, and all the other stuff that just gets in the way that I have not been on line in "like forever". I can't even show you pictures of all the changes that have taken place around here because Melissa has borrowed my camera.

Let's just say that we finally have a bed to sleep in (we are up off the floor and off the blow up beds!) and we are no longer sitting on lawn furniture in the living room. Carol and Neil came down today for a couple of hours and I fixed lunch - pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, and watermelon for dessert. Carol had never seen the house, but Neil had been here right after we got here - in fact, it was the Monday that I had to go to the county office and fill out the paperwork for my job (don't get me started on that!). Anyway, so much has changed since then.

First, all the palm trees are down in the front yard, all the overgrow…

So Much is Happening

I'm going to have to take pictures so you will see how many changes have been made to the house in the last week. All the palm trees are down in the front and hauled away - almost all the plants are out in the back and around the house - there is just one side left to do. It is amazing how much better everything looks. All the neighbors have come over to tell us that they really appreciate what we are doing. I guess we are the talk of the neighborhood.

I think I am going to have to change the blog - I mean, we are definitely THERE now - and everything is going to revolve around work (which is going okay - I finally am somewhat caught up!) and the house. So "Are We There Yet?" just doesn't seem appropriate. So, I am leaving it up to a vote - everyone has a week to vote - should the new blog be - "Is It Finished Yet?" or "When is it going to be Finished?" - or add a suggestion of your own.

Thanks everyone - I will be excited to see what you dec…

One week down!

Sorry I haven't been posting every night - I'm been trying to play catch-up at work. I have been staying just one day ahead of the kids, but hopefully I'll get ahead this weekend. I am taking today and tomorrow off, but will go up to school on Monday to try and get my room some what arranged and decorated. Well, I said that I am taking today off, I will probably work on lesson plans today some - and maybe grade some papers - all my kids took a test yesterday - I have all of my 1st/2nd period graded and most of my 4th/5th period done. I just need to finish them and grade 6th/7th. I also need to create a new quiz for my two math classes because some didn't score above 70%. Our school has a policy that if the kids don't score at least a 70, they have to do enrichment work and retake the quiz. We will see how that works out.

I'm hoping to stay caught up once I get a handle on things. Dan and I are still trying to get the house straightened out - and get the 5th whee…

Starting to Work

Well, this weekend was spent trying to get things out of the 5th wheel and find a place for them in the house. This is somewhat difficult since we don't have any furniture yet - so, we don't have anyplace to put things. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday cleaning just so we could stay in the house. Dan and I cleaned the refrigerator before we could go over and get the stuff out of the refrigerator in the unit and then I cleaned the master bathroom so we can use it. Then I vacuumed, sprayed for little spiders and vacuumed all of the dead ones up (remember the house has been empty for over two years). Did a little mopping, but I didn't do any deep cleaning because we had already arranged for a housekeeper to come in today and clean. She got all the kitchen cabinets cleaned and ready for me to put the dishes away - I had already run the dishwasher with all the dishes in it - now, I have to do all the pots and pans. Things are coming along.

Today, I went to the county o…

New Home Owners

Well, after a little delay and a few little problems we closed on our house this afternoon. We are now the proud owners of an "ugly" house, but it won't always be ugly. If anyone knows Dan they know that he will redo it and in a few months (well, okay, maybe a year) the house will not even look like the same house! I think I'm going to have to change the name of the blog (or start a new one) with the title "Are we DONE yet?" I'll be sure to let you know if I decide to do that.

This morning I had an appointment to have my hair cut and boy did I even get it cut - it is SUPER short - the shortest Dan has EVER seen my hair. But with a pool and all I didn't want to have to worry about blow drying my hair every time I went swimming.

Also, in case you are interested - I got the job! Yep - I will be teaching 6th grade Science/Social Studies and Math. I'm really excited - can't believe I'm so excited about going back to work! Oh well, guess that te…

Another Day in Lake Placid

Well, we did the final walk through on the house today and everything looks fine for closing tomorrow afternoon at 3. I just hope and pray that the closing goes smoothly.

I had the job interview this afternoon, but I'm not sure how it went. I don't know if I did well on the interview or not - I guess that I can't worry about it, but it sure is hard not to worry. Anyway, I just have to think that IF this is what the good Lord wants me to do it will work out - just put my faith in the Lord and all will work out. (Sometimes it's just hard to let go!) I'll let you know what happens - good or bad.

My mom also put in an offer on a house today, but I don't think that is going to work out either - doesn't seem like the bank wants to negotiate. We'll just have to wait and see how that plays out too. Seems like all we are doing right now is waiting on other people to tell us how our life is going to play out. Our closing, my job, and the house for mom. Som…

Made it to Lake Placid!

Well, Dan and I got into Lake Placid last night about 8 o'clock - which means that we made the trip from Juneau, Alaska to Lake Placid, Florida in one week - we left Juneau at 3:30 local time last Tuesday (7:30 Eastern time) and arrived in Lake Placid one week and 30 minutes later - not too bad! Dan and I spent all our nights but two in rest areas (we stayed at a campground once in Canada - Ft. Nelson, Yukon, and outside of Macon, GA on our last night). We were up and on the road no later than 7 every morning (in fact, most mornings we were on the road by 6) and we drove until at least 9 every night (most nights till 10 and one night we actually drove to 1am - but more on that night later!). Dan was determined to get here as quickly as humanly possible, but even he was surprised that we made it in a week.

For the most part, our trip across country was very uneventful; however, there were a few times that made us hold our breath. Let's start on day one - our last morning in the …

On the Road

We are still on the road, but are making really good time. We got through Canada in less than 2 days and are now in Missouri heading toward St. Louis. Should make Paducah, Kentucky by tonight if not further - Dan is talking about driving all night with us switching off. I'm not too sure about that one. We have just been sleeping in Rest Areas and only stopping for fuel and to potty the dogs (I fix a sandwich for us with the egg salad I made before leaving Juneau. I'm not going to talk about all the adventures we had in Canada trying to get out of there - I will save that for when I am not boucing down the highway at 60 mph.

Just wanted everyone to know that we are doing fine and when we actually stop for a time other than just to sleep I'll do a real post and fill you in on all the adventures this little cross country escapade has given us. BTW - keep praying that I get that job in Lake Placid - looks like I might have an interview when we get there.

Take care and I&#…

Almost packed

Well, we have worked hard today and have just about everything packed. We are not taking the "garage" - the guy who is taking our place is buying it from us - and Dan sold my bike (I wasn't real happy about that, but he says that we can buy another one once we get home IF I want another one). This way we don't have to worry about trying to figure out how we are going to transport it. We never could find a bike rack for the unit - so we would have a problem finding a way to get it home. (Really, it's okay - it is not going to hurt my feelings but I don't want Dan to know that!)

I still have to do a couple of loads of laundry - I just sent Dan in to take him shower so I can get a load started. I might not be able to get all the laundry done tonight - but I think I will have time in the morning. We don't have to be at the ferry until 1 tomorrow afternoon - so I will have all morning. Dan will work with Tom (the guy taking our place in the morning) and…

The count down is on

Well, "T" minus 42 hours and counting until we leave on the ferry. Hard to believe, but I was busy today getting ready. I made chicken salad, egg salad, pasta salad, and a cinnamon stussel bread for the trip. Tomorrow I will cook some hamburgers in the skillet and put them in the fridge - that will be supper some nights when we have driven all day and I don't feel like cooking anything else. We also have bought hot dogs and chicken patties that will be a quick easy dinner. I know, this will not be the healthiest of meals, but it will fill the hollow spot and get us through the night. We will make up for it when we get back to Florida. I also did another load of laundry today - tomorrow afternoon, after we finish loading everything we will both take a shower and I'll do the final load of clothes before we head out on Tuesday.

I still have a lot of packing to do inside - I didn't do any today because Dan talked to a guy this morning that seemed interested in …

Campground full again - are you kidding me??

Okay - our last weekend in Juneau and at the campground and what happens? Absolutely beautiful weather which means that all the locals have come out to camp - so for two days in a row now the campground has been full! Who would have believed it - it has been raining for six weeks straight and the last two days have been crystal blue skies and warm (for Juneau, anyway) temperatures. Dan took this picture of the camper this morning as the sun was coming up - which reminds me - I haven't told you that we actually have a night time now. It actually gets dark around 10:30 until about 6 am - that was pretty amazing to me. When I left to go to Florida we only had about 2 to 3 hours of semi-darkness - when I flew in last Saturday night at 10:40 it was DARK! Oh what a difference a month makes - can't imagine what it will be like a month of now (but we won't see it).

We started packing today - getting ready for Tuesday. We actually had someone in the campground ask about the…

Happy Birthday Dan

Just wanted to wish my honey a Happy Birthday - we were going to go out to dinner tonight, but the campground is FULL so we can't leave! Oh well, we'll just spend the night in!

Catching up on some pictures promised

Hello, everyone! The last couple of days has really been hectic! I've been trying to get the laundry caught up, all the paperwork that needs to be filled out before we leave, helping Dan with the rounds, and trying to fill out a job application for Lake Placid. I think I have just about gotten everything done. I've talked to Highlands County School Board and have the application completed. I have also email the Assistant Principal and attached a resume. (I don't know if I should also email the Principal or not). Anyway, I have explained the situation and told her when we are leaving Alaska - my daughter, Melissa who also teaches at this school, has already talked to her. So, we will see what happens. If nothing else, maybe I can do some long term substitute teaching - we know that there will be at least one maternity leave after Christmas break to Spring Break - that might just be what will work out for this year and maybe have a full time position for next schoo…

Bear in the Campground

First, let me say I'm sorry I didn't get to post last night - we had so much cloud cover yesterday and last night that I was unable to get on line, much less post. However, while we were at the Ranger's Station yesterday morning I was able to download these two pictures of the bear that has been in the campground all season.

He is such a pretty little bear - and he really isn't aggressive - just hungry. We can almost walk up to him to scare him back into the woods - now, don't get too excited - we don't get THAT close, but, as you can tell, we were close enough that I got some good pictures.

He had pretty much eaten all the food at the campsite next to this one, but we are not sure what he was after on top of the picnic table. Anyway, he finally went off into the woods and didn't mess with anyone else that day - he has been back in today and has flatten a tent (didn't tear it up) and the people have put it back up and I guess they will be staying in …