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Fun on the Lake

After a really rough week at work, I was really ready for a nice quiet, relaxing weekend. Friday night after eating some cold fried chicken the kids came over and we took a quick ride around the lake. Of course, I didn't take my camera, but that's okay - it was just nice to get out on the lake. It was the first time that the kids had been out on the boat so we just had a nice little ride. After coming back home we talked for a little while then, after they left, Dan and I just read our books for a little while before heading off to bed. A Relaxing and Nice evening.

Saturday morning we got up - sat out on the back porch, drank our coffee and just hung out. Dan did want me to go look at a piece of furniture at a garage sale right around the corner that he thought might look good in the guest bedroom, but when we got there someone was buying it. Oh well - not meant to be. So we left and went down to the Main Street Cafe and had breakfast then it was back to the house for…


Goodness things seems to be moving at a fast pace right now - last weekend Dan got his new truck - which by the way, he told me yesterday that he "loved" and thanked me for not letting him get the stripped down white truck that he was trying to talk himself into. Now, this weekend Dan bought the boat. Now, don't get too excited. It's not new - but it's a nice used pontoon boat that looks almost brand new. It is not as fancy as the first new one we looked at, but Dan says that he will be happy with this one. It's a little smaller than the new one at 16 feet, but it will fit completely under our covered dock.

These are not the best of pictures, but he beat me back to the house after putting in at the boat launch. He drove the boat home and I drove the truck home. Now, let me get a little off subject for just a second. This was the first time I drove his new truck. Not only did I drive the truck for the first time, but I had to back the trailer down the …

The Last Great Adventure!

So much has happened around here in the last couple of weeks - let me see if I can get you caught up.

First, as you all know, Dan and I have been trying to sell the 5th wheel since last August when we bought the house. A lot of things that we have been wanting to do have all been hinged on getting the 5th wheel sold. Well, it has finally happened, and not exactly the way we thought it would.

Last week Dan and I were up in Lakeland for doctor's appointments - our regular annual appointments that we have been waiting to have (actually, it's my first appointment in almost 2 years, but because of our schedule last year, and the good ole insurance company, I couldn't get my annual before we left for Alaska - so the last time I saw a doctor was in April of 2009!). Anyway, the doctor's appointments went fine - got our blood work done and everything - except I will be going back next week for the gyno. appointment and then in March for my bone density and mammogram. After th…