Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot, HOt, HOT!

The weather here has been almost unbearable!
We have a thermometer on the dock (under cover) and a receiving station in the house - last week it was over 100 degrees!  Plus, the humidity has been stifling!  The local weatherman has put the heat index in the 110-120.  That is just too hot to do anything outside!

Next week it is suppose to rain everyday - it has been raining off and on all day today and the percent for rain tomorrow and Tuesday is around 90%.  At least the outside temp is more bearable - it is 82 right now and raining.  

Oh the joys of living in South Florida!

We are trying to change Little Miss from baby food to people food.
She does not like for you to feed her anymore - she wants to do it herself.  The problem with that is - finding foods that she can feed herself that she will eat.  Much more challenging than you would think.

This was lunch one day last week -
grilled chicken, black eyed peas, banana's, and
the ole standby - cheerios.
She has water in her sippy cup.

"How big is Lorelai?"

"So BIG!"

She is doing fairly well - I just don't know if she is getting enough food.
When she was eating baby food, I knew how much she was getting.
She is so picky about what she eats now - 
plus it takes her FOR -EV - ER to eat.

Oh well, this stage will pass in it's own time.
Enjoy it while it is here.

We went to the storage unit and got the furniture for the patio last week.

We are getting another estimate on the roof over and screen room tomorrow.  We do have a couple of other aluminum contractors to call to get estimates - but we really want to get, at least, the roof over done.  We think that it will help keep the family room cooler - and help protect the furniture.

We shall see what the estimates come in at.

I haven't shown you pictures of the beach area Dan made for Little Miss.

Before I show you, let me tell you that it has changed again already.

We had put the bigger pool in for us - which we did use a couple of times with Little Miss.  But, we decided that we really were not using the big pool - and it took up a lot of room.  So, Dan packed it up Friday and now we are looking for a slide for the little one to play on.

The biggest problem we are having right now -
keeping her from crawling on the concrete.
It is really rough and I don't want to scrap her knees.

I don't think it will a problem for much longer, as she is walking more and more.  It won't be too much longer and walking will be her main mode of transportation.
(i know, I know - then comes running!)

We continue to do little "Tweaking" around the house.
Nothing major - but little things.
We still haven't gotten the pedestals mounted under the washer and dryer - nor have we emptied the second storage unit.
It is just too hot to be moving stuff.
We will get it done - 

We thought we had found a place for us to go on vacation this year - in Maine!  It was a perfect little cottage on a lake - close to Arcadia National Park - and we could take the pups.
However, we couldn't work out the dates.
Maybe next year.
So, instead, we are looking at doing some weekend get a ways.  Not going too far away from home - taking the pups with us - and not spending a ton of money.  We will see how this works out.

For those that are wondering - 
the Outback is on a consignment lot.
Dan decided that a trailer is just getting to be too much of an undertaking to hook up.  It is not so much hooking the trailer up - it is doing the sway bars. Every time he went out to hook everything up he would just be drenched in sweat - it just took too much out of him.  So, after much discussion, we have decided to sell the camper.  IF the camper sells, Dan has decided to buy another pontoon boat.  He thinks that we will use a pontoon much more than we would use the camper especially since we are keeping Little Miss now (and will have the new little one after the first of the year).

This is just another one of those "wait and see" things that seem to be part of our every day existence now.

Last night Dan and I went into Sebring to eat.  We went to Outback (Dan's favorite place to eat) and didn't really spend any money.  We have two $25 gift cards - one from the car dealer Dan bought his truck from and one from my daughter for my birthday.  We used one of the gift cards last night - still have another AND I have a coupon for $8 off a dinner - so, I see another trip in my not too distant future.

Since we got my car - I have been doing all the driving.
That is a little different, since I have been the passenger for the past number of years.  However, since my car gets better mileage, it will be our main mode of transportation.

That is pretty much how our week has gone - today I still need to do the menu plan for the month, and set up the payments for this month's bills.  All this while fighting a migraine - thanks to this weather front.

Oh well!

I guess I'll leave you with one more picture.

I found a deal on books this week on a local garage sale like page.
Two grocery bags full of books for $8. (Paper bags - not those little plastic bags!)  A lot of Dr. Seuss and other early reader books - some that I put away until little Miss is older and some that I will donate - but I don't think it was a bad purchase - the Dr. Seuss books were worth the eight bucks.
Anyway, this is what Little Miss thinks of her books.

Oh to be able to sit like that again!

Have a great week!

Hugs -


Monday, June 24, 2013

Catching up

Things have been so busy around here the last few weeks.

The week after we got back from all my doctor's appointments was spent keeping Little Miss, working in the back yard getting her "beach" fixed, and cleaning house for company.

This was the patio right after it was poured.
Dan had not even started working on the beach yet.

First he built a retaining wall around the perimeter out of landscaping timbers.  Then we had some "yellow" sand put in - which we leveled and put some landscaping cloth on top.  We anchored this down before we added the
beach sand.

Dan worked really hard to get everything done, but we were still putting the white sand in on the Friday night before her birthday on Saturday.
My daughter that lives in Nashville flew in to Orlando early Friday morning.
Her dad drove down from Cuthbert, GA Thursday, spent the night in Orlando, and picked Crystal up at the airport.

They made it to Lake Placid just before lunch.  We all met up at Lorelai's mom and dad's house and spent a couple of hours together before Dan and I came home to give Crystal and Lorelai's Grumpa some time alone.

Friday night we had everyone over for dinner.  It is the first time since we moved into the new house that we had everyone at the house.
Dan and I had gone over to the storage unit and gotten the extra chairs and the two leaves for the table.  We were able to get away with only using one leaf and still have eight chairs around the table.

I ended up making three different meals - spaghetti for most of us, Chicken Alfredo for Melissa, and the girls dad is on a special diet and couldn't have noodles - so I had some ribs that I had fixed in the Crock Pot that I fixed for him.  I think things went well.

Saturday was Lorelai's first birthday party.

 Our little birthday girl

Birthday cake

Yum, Yum!
(actually, she really didn't like either one of her birthday cakes -
I had made her a banana cake and this one was 
chocolate - maybe she isn't going to be a sweet eater)

The beautiful family
Melissa, Lorelai, and Justin

Lorelai and her Aunt Crystal

The party was suppose to be an outside "beach" bash - 
the parents had put together all these neat water games
and had different size pools set up for little kids and medium sized kids.
However, the weather had different plans - it STORMED!!!!
Rained cats and dogs and lightening everywhere!

So, everyone stayed inside and the kids had 50+ people in their house.
It was a little snug, but everyone had a great time!

Sunday we spent the day together before Crystal had to fly back home to Nashville and the kids dad left for his home in GA.
The weather had cleared so Little Miss was able to play in her backyard in her pool and on her slide (a birthday present from her other grandparents).

Lorelai in her pool at home.

Such a sweet girl!

Aunt Crystal 

Mom and Aunt Crystal helping me play on my slide

Back in the pool!

Monday we were back keeping Little Miss.  Dan still had a little work to do on the beach area - so we didn't go "swimming" the first couple of days.
(I don't have any pictures yet of the beach area finished, but I'll take some this next week and post them for you - I think the beach turned out really nice and Lorelai has enjoyed playing in her little pool and the "big" pool too!)

Thursday a friend of the family invited Lorelai and over for "play date" with her two boys (the youngest is just 20 days younger than our sweet girl)

Lorelai had such a great time playing with some little ones close to her own age.  When we got home she was trying to walk so much more!  I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not (just kidding!)

A week ago Friday, Dan decided that it was time for him to buy a new truck.  He had been looking at this truck for a couple of weeks but just couldn't bring himself to buy it - but last Friday he couldn't resist the urge and we now have a nice red F150 4X4 sitting in the driveway.

Well, I couldn't let this go without some response.

We had been talking about getting a car for me -
 I thought that I had found the "perfect" car for me -
a Ford Explorer that was an EXACT match to Dan's truck.
We called the dealership and made arrangements to see the car last Monday afternoon.

Well, I guess that was not to be - 
another salesman sold my Explorer Monday morning!

I didn't give up.
I kept looking for the car we thought would be the right fit for me.

This past Friday we picked up my car.
Now, I will admit, this is not the vehicle that I thought I would buy -
but we think that it is the right car for us now.

Here is my Ford Fusion.

I haven't owned a "car" in about 15 years - I've had SUV's all along (and haven't any type of vehicle since I retired the last time) - but we were looking for comfort and good gas mileage.
 We think this one fits the bill.

Yesterday Dan and I took a little drive over to Arcadia and this baby got 29.5 MPG - not too bad.  We also ate at Chili's then walked around Walmart to get rid of some of those calories.

Today I went to the family friends little boys birthday party. (and in case you are wondering - it RAINED!)  So everyone was inside again.

Tonight I fixed dinner for Dan and I and he has gone to bed to read.  I promised to get my post done and then it is off to bed for me too - I have a baby to keep tomorrow.

However, before I sign off for tonight, I have to share one more thing.

Lorelai had a little surprise for everyone at the party -

The front of her shirt says:
"I'm not monkeying around......"

and the back says:

"I'm going to be a ....

Yep, I'm going to be a grandmother again!

Melissa and Justin are expecting another baby!

We will be awaiting the arrival of this new bundle of joy 
in December.

We are excited and can't wait to see him or her.

I'll keep you posted!

This has been a long post to make up for such a long time not posting - 
but as you can see, a lot has been happening around here.

I'll try and stay more up to date with the posting in the future.

Have a great week!

Hugs -


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Been a long time

I know it has been a long time since I have posted -

nothing is wrong.

Just VERY busy.

I'll do my best to get you all caught up this weekend.

But in the meantime -

how about a couple of pictures of

Little Miss!

Talk to you soon!

Hugs -


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