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Summer Cold - YUCK!

I guess you can tell, from the title of this entry, that I have a summer cold.  Came down with it last weekend and it's about to kick my rear.  I just can't seem to kick it. I think I feel worse this weekend than I did last week. Oh well, I'm sure that it will get better.  I just have to keep working on getting better by resting when I can and trying to get as much sleep as possible.
Last Saturday, before I got sick, I went to the movies for the first time since February (so much for going once a month). Anyway, I saw The Jersey Boys, which is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  It was a really good movie that I enjoyed.  Had planned on  going this weekend and seeing Maleficent but that didn't happen with my cold.  Oh well, maybe next week.

I still have been keeping the little ones and, as far as I can tell, they have NOT caught this cold from me. They are continuing to grow so darn fast! It's hard to believe that Adalyn is already six months old - has cut two bottom…

Still so much to do!

Well, Dan and I are continuing to work in the back yard. I think we almost have it all done.
I have some pictures for you, but they were taken with my phone a little while ago - so the quality is not the best, but I really wanted you to see what we have been up to!

We planted these four azaleas tonight.

As you can see we still need to add mulch - but we have the azaleas here. We still have to get some plants to go under the window - I'm really wanting hydrangeas but I'm just not sure how well they will do.

Although, if you look in the left upper corner of this picture, you will see a hydrangea that seems to be doing really well. I also have to repot my geranium. Maybe I can get this done tomorrow night.

Have to get some kind of plant to go into the pelican and add the mulch.

This is the side of the house that we still the  most work to do. We have the plants and Dan is going to fix the "screen" for around the  garbage cans and air conditioner.
We are hoping to get this done later this w…

What has been going on??

Has it really been almost three weeks since I posted the last time? So much has been going on - from keeping the  little ones to working on stuff here at the house.
Plus, Dan has hurt his knee and his back. He has been going to the chiropractor every couple of days (he is there now) and his back is better but he is still having issues with his knee.
He also went to get his eyes checked yesterday and found out that he has to have cataract surgery -  to say that he is not a happy camper is a major understatement! (I go to have my eyes checked in July- I'm pretty sure that I am going to need new glasses since it's been almost 10 years
since I had my eyes checked - YIKES!!!.)
Now, that all our medical issues have been discussed let's talk about things better things.
Dan really worked hard on the pergola before he hurt his back.

All the lattice is screwed down and ready for the
baby to play again outside
(now, if the rain storms would allow her
to go outside and it wasn't so
very hot!)

This pi…