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Guess I'm just doing a once a month post

Lately it seems that I can only get a post done once a month.  Things have been so, so busy around here it is really getting to be ridiculous. 
I guess I'll start the first of November - the first we had the Annual Membership Council meeting on the first and I was elected to the office of Secretary.  I thought I was going to be the Assistant Secretary  - but no, I'm "the" Secretary.  I was also told that we only met once a month but that isn't true either.  Seems like I was a sucker and have fallen into the trap - but someone has to do it so it might as well be me. 
I am now volunteering once a week at one of the gift shops down at the Village Square.  It is another way to give back to the community and I enjoy seeing all the new things every Wednesday morning.
Thursday I had another Membership Council meeting and then Thursday night we had a "Live at Dowling Park" series presentation.  November's presentation was the pianist Thomas Pandolfi and he w…