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Well, another week has come and gone and nothing has happened here.
I had such high hopes that we would finally get to meet with the contractor and do the final revisions before the actual construction begins. That just hasn't happened.
Dan said this morning that if we didn't hear from them today he would call tomorrow and make an  appointment. We shall see.
This morning the county came out and marked there all the  electrical and Internet lines are. The village is suppose to come and dig up the two big Sago Palms at the end of the driveway and start cleaning the fence row. Maybe that will happen this week?????
We have had our coldest temperatures so far this  winter this past week - the east coast was hit with a major snow storm with over two feet of snow. My daughter, who lives in Nashville, also was hit with some big snow - close to a foot and a half. That's big snow for Nashville proper.
We had below freezing temperatures three nights - but we are suppose to warm up to the 70's tomorrow before …

Oops! I did it again!!!

Oh my intentions are good, but I just can't seem to make myself walk in the office and sit down at this computer.
I don't know if it's because my office is a little on the chilly side or if I'm just a little down that nothing is  happening on the house yet.
I know, I keep saying that things are suppose to start -  and we keep being told that they are - and then NOTHING!
Well, let's see if I can get you caught up on the last couple  of weeks.
The last time I wrote I told you that Dan had been sick and that he had a doctor's appointment. Well, turns out he had a cold (or, as we call it, the man flu). Anyway - he is all better and his cough is almost all gone.
On Thursday, the 7th of January, Jessie Lee had dental surgery.  She had been having some issues before Christmas and had been on pain killers and antibiotics since December.  So, it was time to have the surgery. She had five teeth removed - but she is doing fine. We took her in that morning and picked her up about 6 that afterno…

Welcome 2016

That can't possibly be right.
Where has the time gone???
Well, as someone once said - time waits for no man -  so, off we go into the new year!
I hope everyone that still reads this silly blog had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve.
Things around here are moving so quickly in some areas and slower than a gopher in others (for you that don't know a gopher is a land turtle that is very, VERY slow)!
When I last posted I talked about going down to Lake Placid and keeping the babies and staying through Christmas.
Before I go any further - WARNING - this post is picture heavy!

I traveled down on Wednesday, December 16th, and was there for the Christmas program at the girls day care.  Actually, both girls were in the program, but Lorelai was the only one who sang.  She was so, so cute as an angel and Adalyn was a little lamb.


Adalyn sitting on her teacher's lap. (she wasn't feeling real good that night, but she did great)

Lorelai was not stage shy at all and sang all t…