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Still lots of work to do

Okay - I forgot to take the camera with me today when I went over to the house - so I don't have new pictures to post - but I will get some this week to post later during the week. I think you will be surprised with the progress that has been made. Let me update you.

First, I need to explain the "patch in the ceiling in the guest bedroom". I don't know if you remember way back when Dan and I first bought the house we talked about a leak in the ceiling of the guest bedroom. We thought we had it fixed when we cleaned out the gutters and nailed down some shingles that had come loose. Well, guess what. We hadn't. The only good thing about that is - we found it while we were still doing work on the house and not when we had everything finished. So, we had to cut a big hole in the ceiling in the guest bedroom and the contractor went up in the attic and found where the leak was (thank goodness it was not anything major - we did have to have some of the decking replaced a…


At the conference in Leesburg this week with Melissa. Don't ask me why, just sounded like a good idea back in January when we signed up for it. Anyway, a lot of things that we were "suppose" to have - like private rooms and free wireless Internet - we don't. So, to say that this is going to be a very short post will be an understatement. (We are on a lunch break right now, and I'm running on my air card - I knew there was a reason I hadn't gotten rid of it yet!)

I was going to post pictures of the paint colors of the house - but it would just take way too long with the service that I have right now - even with the air card the service goes in and out. So, I will wait until I get home and post the pictures - let's just say that we are still having issues with the yellow bedroom - I was going to help Dan paint it for the THIRD time Saturday before Melissa and I left Sunday to come to this conference -but they haven't finished with the ceiling patch in th…

OMG - Wrong Yellow!!!!

Oh my goodness! You really can not tell from this picture - but this is the worst yellow I have ever seen in my life. Imagine canary yellow on steroids. Not exactly the soft butter yellow that I thought I had picked out. So, we were at the house this morning bright and early and met with the painters. They are repainting the room as I write (along with the guest bath which is a bright clown blue instead of a soft sky blue.) Oh well, at least it can be fixed - just glad we caught it now.

Well, I will post more later, but Dan just called and wants me to come down to the house and check the new color out (he thinks it is still too yellow - we shall see). Wish me luck!

Dry Wall Finally!

Okay, Monday the crew did not work at all - something to do with already having their 40 hours in and the contractor not paying overtime. So, I was expecting a lot on Tuesday - I came in and found there was actually some drywall in the house. The only problem I could see was - there was only one guy there doing everything. Seriously. One guy. But let me tell you something - that one guy probably did more work, by himself, then some crews of three or four do. He doesn't take a break for lunch (he says that if he breaks for lunch, as hot as it is, it just makes him feel sick) and just works! Anyway, he has hung all the drywall in the entire house, has done all the taping and mudding, and now he is doing the texture on the walls.

You can really see the difference in the house now that the walls are drywalled. You can see the new shape of the house - and it is certainly going to be so different. Even the workers have said that the changes we have made have made such an improvement - an…

I did it!

Guess what! I did it! SCHOOL IS OVER!!!! I made it through the year! I can now change my status back to RETIRED! I can honestly say that there were times during this year that I really didn't think that today would ever come! However; it has and I can finally relax and concentrate on things that I want to concentrate on - like the house.

Tomorrow, I will go in and turn in my keys, cover my computer and go to the luncheon at 12 and then I will walk away from the school and know that I have done the best that I could.

This weekend I will post more about things that are happening at the house - I think you might be surprised!

Take care and I will talk to you on the weekend! (I'm DONE! YAHOO!)

A Little Disappointed

Okay - in my post on Thursday I told you that the contractor was suppose to start hanging drywall on Friday and I was so excited to come home from work. I so wanted to see how things were coming together with the dry wall up. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the house and there were no trucks at the house - no electrician, no contractor's - nothing except Dan's truck. Then I pull into the driveway and I could still see all the way through the house!

I walk into the house and ask Dan what was going on - or more to the point - what wasn't going on? He told me that the drywall hangers didn't get there until about 11 and had to leave at 3 because they already had their 40 hours in and they couldn't get overtime, and - then to make matters even worse - their work week runs from Tuesday to Monday - soooo - that means they won't be at the house on Monday! To say that I was disappointed would be a HUGE understatement!

Now, they did get some drywall hung - but most…

Things are coming along

Well, things are happening at the house, but you really can't tell anything from pictures - because it is things like moving some plumbing (for the washer and dryer, will explain more later) and all the electrical. There is a lot of electrical work being done. With all the walls coming down and us changing so much of the wall placement - the electricians are just about having to rewire the entire house. We are getting new lighting in the bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and of course, in the living room. They should just about have it all done today, except for the two floor receptacles we are having them put in. They did not have the saw to cut the concrete today, and won't have it until Saturday. So, they will be back Saturday morning to finish that part of the job up.

Of course, this is just the rough in. After all the dry wall is hung and everything is finished they will come back and finish all the work. You know, hang the chandelier in the dining room. Put up the new wall…