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Been off for awhile

It has been awhile since I have done a post. I just find it hard to sit down and post during the day with the babies here, but the little one is asleep and the big one is watching some cartoons.
We have been busy with the "big" girl working on learning our alphabet and numbers.  I have a subscription on "ABC" and so far it it fantastic.  Lorelai loves the games and songs and I think she is doing really well with everything.  You just can't sit around and wait for kindergarten anymore - as they expect the kids to know how to read when they enter kindergarten now - so, so different than it was when I taught. Anyway, we are working with her and we shall see how it goes.
I promised that I would add the pictures of the antique car show that Dan and I went to the first part of the month - so here goes.....

One of my favorites

Our friend Neil

Our friends Carol and Neil


My guy standing by his favorite - a truck, of course!

One of my other favorites!

This is just a few …


I am just heart broken. Dan and I lost our sweet, beautiful Samantha Ann a week ago.
It happened so quickly and we just are having such a difficult time accepting that she is gone

I have never had a dog that was as much of a family member as this sweet baby was.
She was our four legged baby and you could never ask for a better puppy.

I can not tell you how much we are going to miss this sweet girl.
We love you Sammie Ann and you will live in our hearts forever.