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I think we are going to need an Ark pretty soon!

It is hard to believe that it has been over two weeks since I last posted - the days just seem to fly by.  Let me see if I can do a quick review.
Last weekend we went up to our "old stomping grounds" and visited with some of our friends in Dowling Park.  We didn't take the camper (it is still on the consignment lot) or the pups with us (they stayed with Melissa, Justin, Lorelai, and Brady) so we actually stayed at our friends house.  Can't remember the last time we have done that - seems like we always have our camper with our "stuff".  We even had to pack a suitcase!  Anyway, we left fairly early on Friday afternoon - taking Little Miss to her mom around 1PM and were in DP by 5:30.  I drove my car and we got really good gas mileage - it only took a little over 1/2 a tank of gas to get there - so it is a fairly inexpensive drive.  We are thinking, that IF the camper doesn't sell (which I can't imagine it will this late in the summer), we might take i…