Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Harry Potter

Well another week of work is over - I spent today folding more brochures and flyers. I got all of the brochures and flyers folded all nice and straight - I just can't stand things not be straight - I guess I'm just a little peculiar that way. At least I left things where all the other volunteers have to do is stuff the brochures - surely they can't mess that up.

After work today I came home and wrote the Christmas letter - tomorrow we will go up to Office Depot and have them printed and then I can address the envelopes and get them in the mail either tomorrow afternoon or Friday at the latest. I also worked on getting a calendar made for my mom as part of her Christmas present - she enjoyed some of the pictures I took this summer so we thought we would do a calendar for her with some of those pictures. I'll finish that up in the morning also - we might be able to pick it up at the store tomorrow also - I'm not sure.

Last night, after I wrote the blog, I went on line and started my Christmas shopping. I am having my packages sent to Melissa's house - but my name will be on them so she doesn't open any of the packages. I'll work on that some more this weekend. Hopefully I can get everything that I'm going to purchase on line done by the end of this weekend.

Tonight we went over to Melissa and Justin's and had dinner (Melissa cooked) and then we watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I usually like the Harry Potter movies, but they seem to be getting darker and darker with the plot line - and no, I have not read any since the third one, but I have seen all the movies that have been released now - this one was just not my favorite. It was okay - but it just seemed like they were setting everything up for the last book - which I understand is going to be divided into two movies. I'll be glad to see how things end up, but I hope the next ones are more entertaining.

Dan and I also went into town last night - went by Tractor Supply to look for one of those extra fuel tanks that fits behind the tool box in the bed of the truck - I'm not sure what Dan has decided he wants to do - but I'm sure we will do something before heading out next summer. While we were there I tried on some shoes - they are sorta like moccasins - but not really. Anyway, they are some shoes that I could wear when we are just around the house but I could wear them out also - just something casual instead of always wearing my sneakers. I certainly needed something, but they will be wrapped and put under the tree.

We ate at Sonny's last night and I ordered our Christmas Ham - I found out tonight that Melissa also wants to have a turkey (her dad's request) so I will go back into Sonny's tomorrow and order a turkey to go along with the ham. I guess we will fix a smaller version of our Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas dinner. It will give me something to do while everyone else is visiting other family members - Melissa and Justin will go into Lakeland for the morning, Crystal will be going down to Ft. Myers to the airport to pick up Kim, Dan is thinking about going into Lakeland to see his girls and their families - so I guess I will stay at Melissa's and cook. That's okay - it'll all work out in the end.

Well, I don't have much else to report for tonight - Donna, thanks for being my neighbor on Farmville - I was able to expand my farm and buy a cottage. Now my farm is all covered in snow and ready for Christmas - although I still need presents for my tree! Everyone have a good day at work and -------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. You are making progress! I used for my Christmas cards. Check it out. I saw your expansion on Farmville, congratulations. I have one snow pile and two snowmen. I worry about storing all this stuff! Have a great day. I'm off to the doctor for eye #2.


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