Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Five Working Days Left

All the construction in the park is causing the deer in the park to move around. I have seen more deer in the last two days than I have seen the whole time we have been here. Yesterday I took this series of pictures - there were a total of four does and a yearling. They really were not in a hurry to cross the road until a car came by and sorta ran them off the road.

As you can see here - they were just looking at me while I was shooting the pictures and not afraid at all.

Then today we saw another group going the other way - but the group today was running at full speed and I did not get any pictures of them. Many of the visitors to the park have commented on the amount of deer out and about. The loop road, which has all the walking trails coming off it, is completely closed until Thursday. The construction workers are FINALLY paving the new bike path. The paver has said that he should be done before Christmas - which will be a blessing. I'm not saying that all the construction in the park will be over - they are still working on the retention ponds in the family campground and the new restroom and pavilion in the playground area. I don't think there is a snowball's chance in you know where that they will be finished by Christmas. Today the construction crew working in the family playground area hit another water main and we had to shut off the water for about 2 hours while they fixed that. It has been one thing after another with this crew - but, as I told the rangers - that's what you get for hiring the lowest bidder. (At least that's my opinion!)
Melissa brought Dan's package to me today when she had to come into Sebring. So, I will be able to get it wrapped and get it under our tree. We still plan on opening our presents to each other here Christmas morning and having breakfast here by ourselves before heading down to Melissa's and fixing dinner - We will definitely have a late meal (probably around 7 or 8 PM) but that's okay. As long as everyone has food to eat - even lite stuff like sandwiches while we are cooking and opening gifts things should be fine. It should be a busy day!
Yesterday was one of those days- between going in to town (dumb idea!) to trying to do things around here it just seemed to be a bad day! I went to bed around 7:30 without eating dinner. I didn't even know when Dan came to bed. Speaking of Dan - I came home today to Dan sitting in his chair in pain. He says that his stomach hurts - it seems like he has a lot of gas (burping a lot) - he has taken Alka Seltzer and Rolaids but it doesn't seem to help. He says he doesn't feel bad other than his stomach hurting. He says that his stomach isn't hard or anything - he just has a lot of gas. I have asked him repeatedly today if he needed to go to the hospital and he says no. He is now lying in the bed trying to get comfortable. (Dana, any ideas??? I'm a little worried.)
Tomorrow is our last day at work this week - then four days next week and we will be done with this assignment. This time has just flown by - don't know if it is because of the holidays or what but it sure doesn't seem as though we have been here two months. In one way, it will be nice to get up to Dowling Park and just chill out for a couple of months (maybe we can actually get back on budget - the holidays have played havoc on the budget!) It will also be nice to see our friends up there and spend some time with them.
Well, I don't have much else to report tonight. I hope you are having a good week and all your shopping is done. If not, get out there and shop people - time is running out!!!!! Crystal - drive carefully to your Dad's tomorrow - traffic will probably be heavy - and we will see you Thursday afternoon!
Talk to you tomorrow!

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