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The Countdown is on

It has been about a week since my last posting and things certainly look different here. We have packed what we are going to store, have stacked in the corner what we are going to put into the new camper, and have priced almost everything for the garage sale. I have lived in a mess for about as long as I am able - I just can't stand it!!!! I now remember why I told Dan a year and a half ago that I wasn't moving again - I'm so tired that I don't think I will ever recover.

Poor little Jessie is a little worried I think - she keeps watching us and following us from room to room. After all, this is only her second move. Samantha is a pro at this moving stuff, this is her fifth move! She just lies on the couch and sleeps - no big deal. Wish I could be more like her.

Dan has been working very hard on the garage - I have the rest of the house handled. My craft room is all done - in fact, every room is done except the small appliances in the kitchen - I thought I would w…

The beginning

Well, this is the beginning of a new adventure - we have 30 days until closing and I have to go through everything - decide what we are going to keep, what we are going to give to the kids, and what we are going to sell. We have to have THE garage sale then go pick up the new 5th wheel - pack it with everything we need for the next two years. I don't have much to do - yeah, right!

Actually, I only have eleven days until we leave for Lakeland for Dan's granddaughter's graduation and the delivery of most of the furniture to the kids - ELEVEN DAYS - OMG!!! What in the world am I doing sitting here writing a blog - I have work to do!!!

I hope that you enjoy the adventures we are going to have - I'll be sharing everything we do - including the mess that will be created during the next two weeks.

Feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer them for you.