Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Mend!

Took Dan to the Doctor yesterday and while the hospital in Sebring was awful they, at least, they made the correct diagnose - our doctor here said that Dan did indeed have pancretiatis (not sure of the spelling). He wants him to take his antibiotic (actually two different ones) for the next ten days and then he will recheck his blood work and see where we are. We have to stay on a low fat diet for the next ten days (that is a little difficult for Dan, but he is really doing very well so far). He lost ten pounds while he was in the hospital, but he is getting stronger every day and his appetite is coming back slowly.

Today was trying to get everything caught up around here. I got all the laundry caught up - YEAH! - now I can keep it going with the washer/dryer unit in the 5th wheel. Dan and I also went through all our clothes and we got rid of a lot of stuff - things that we have not used in the entire time we have been traveling - another donation to the village. I also found some Christmas things that were missed in Sebring. That's okay - we'll take them down when we take the things that we left in Neil's garage - probably toward the end of January. We also have to take the pups to the vet in Lakeland and get their health certificate for our trip through Canada. We plan on doing that in later January also (maybe combining the two trips into one).

Tomorrow I plan on rearranging the kitchen - there is just some things that don't function well where they are now. I just need to move a few things around so that they are easier to get to and are more functional - like the electric fry pan and the crock pot are not where I can reach them. So, I will rearrange some things (maybe even get rid of some things in the kitchen that I haven't used) and make the kitchen more "useable". I also opened my Christmas presents yesterday - I got a wireless mouse and a program for my computer to scrapbook with from Dan. Melissa and Justin gave us a DVD player that upgrades regular DVD's to HD for our bedroom - something we were talking about getting - they also gave me a pair of pj's and Dan some cigars (he'll enjoy them when he is better). Crystal and Kim gave me a Nook (the Barnes and Nobles version of the Kindle) which I absolutely love - it is so cool! It will be the perfect solution for my book issue (giving away books that I have purchased because I don't have room to store them). Now I don't have to worry about having to purchase "real" books - I now can get Ebooks. One of the things that Dan got was a Food Saver. We think that we will really use it in the future.

I also want to go into Valdosta and get some extra shelves for the freezer. I want to make that a little more efficient also. Dan also wants to have some covers installed over the Fantastic Vents - which will be a good thing - right now, if it rains, it comes inside - not good. There is also a shelf that has a crack in it that has to be replaced. Those are things that will need to be done while we are here. Probably what we will do is go to the dealer and order the stuff - then go up and stay in the campground there while the stuff is installed. Sounds like a plan to me.

We went to a friend's house for dinner tonight. It was nice to see some of our friends again. I actually ate sweet potatoes and it they were great! I think this diet thing might actually be good for both of us.

Sorry I did not post last night - I was really tired (in fact, I'm really tired tonight also) so I didn't get on the computer at all yesterday (and my crops on Farmville actually survived!). Anyway, I'm getting ready for bed now.

I hope that you have had a good day and I will talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Wow...10 pounds! He sounded soooo much better yesterday on the phone! Take care Dad and we love you! Call if you need anything!

    Happy New Year!!!


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