Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doctors Appointments and a LONG weekend

We are still working on the back patio.

The concrete forms have been put in and we are waiting for the 
county to come and inspect before we can pour the concrete.
The county is SUPPOSE to be here today
and we will pour concrete tomorrow.
At least that is the plan.

We had a nice long weekend -

Saturday - Dan and I spent the day doing our
normal running around.
Breakfast first - then into Sebring to look at a few things.
Didn't buy anything - but we are looking for some 
things for the patio once we get it finished.

Sunday - Dan went into Lakeland to his grandson's Baccalaureate service.
I stayed home and did some work around here - 
Laundry and cleaning house.

Monday we kept Little Miss for a little while -
Then Melissa and Justin came over
for dinner - Hamburgers and French Fries.

Yesterday we spent the day in Lakeland -

I had two doctor's appointments -

Mammogram first (had a 3-D scan)

then lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Then back to Watson Clinic and my 
first appointment with a dermatologist.
Had three moles "burned" off my

They are a little sore this morning, but all is well.
At least they weren't anything to worry about -
they just needed to come off.

The rest of the week should fly by.
As I stated earlier -
tomorrow - they are suppose to pour the concrete.
Friday - Dan goes back into Lakeland (third time this week)
to his grandson's graduation and I'll be keeping 
Little Miss.

They are also suppose to pull the forms off the concrete on

Dan will be putting the retaining wall around the 
"beach" area on Saturday. Hoping to have the
sand delivered the first part of
next week so we 
can get it set up by next weekend.

We also hope to get the pedestals installed on the
washer and dryer this weekend, but 
Dan has to have help.
So, we are hoping that Justin can come
over and help him get these

Then we can get the patio furniture out of the little
storage unit and get the table, chairs and lounge
chairs set up on the new patio.

That would also help with getting the storage unit 
emptied.  I am still hoping that we will be able to
get everything out of the small unit before the end 
of the month - but to be honest - it's just 
not looking good.  

We shall see.

Sunday will be church.

Seems like we are going to have a
busy week.

I'll let you know how much
we get done.

Have a great rest of your week.

Hugs -


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Palm tree and other random things

Oh what a week we had!  

We started the week with the landscaper showing up - on time, I might add - to take the large palm tree out.

As you can see, this was a pretty big tree and while we loved it - we knew it was going to have to go if we were going to put in the patio.

So, after a couple of hours, palm tree was lifted out of the ground
and on it's way to the nursery so it can find a new home.

Then, we had a real treat!
Lorelai spent the night with us!
Her first night away from her mom and dad.

Why at only eleven months did my sweet little one stay the night?

Well, it was very simple, really.  Her mom had a EARLY morning meeting in Sebring (she had to be there at 7:15) which meant she would have had to wake the baby up around 5:30 to get her here in time to make her meeting.  So, the best solution was to let the little one stay here.

She (and her gran pee Dan) did great.  Truth be told, I was a little tired when Melissa picked her up Tuesday afternoon - but it all turned out okay.

The rest of the week was pretty normal - golf cart rides a couple of times a day (that little one sure does like riding on the golf cart) and playing with the pups and tennis balls.

Saturday we had to do some shopping at Walmart.

Sunday was church.
I think we have finally found our new church home.
We have been "shopping" for a new church since we settled here in Lake Placid - but for some reason - nothing felt "right".  I think we were always trying to compare the church to our church in North Carolina which we loved.  However, we don't live in NC anymore, and we really needed a church here.

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Nazarene church here in Lake Placid, but the pastor was not there - he was at the leadership conference.  While we enjoyed the small congregation we couldn't know if we would like the pastor.
Well, to make a long story short, we went yesterday and enjoyed the service very much.  WE feel like this is the right place for us.  So, no more "shopping" around - we have a home.

Today, Little Miss had something new.

A homemade Popsicle!
(Frozen pear juice)
Can you tell she really liked it?

It's such fun to introduce her to some new things.

I think I'll have to see what other Popsicle I can invent.

Gotta run -

Have a great week!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pretty painted house

This week was a different one.

 Monday the painters were here bright and early to paint the house.  I spent the day at Melissa and Justin's house.  We didn't want Little Miss to be in the paint fumes, or to be in the paint.  (Really we really didn't want her in the paint. LOL!)  Honestly, it would have been very difficult for the guys to paint with the little one crawling around.  It just made more sense for me to keep her at her house for the day.  So, Dan dropped me off at 6:45.  We had a good day, but I think she was a little confused why she wasn't at Grampie and Nana's house.

The two guys that came to paint the house did a nice job - and finished when they said they would finish - they painted the entire house in just one day.  I haven't taken pictures - but I'll take some in the next few days so I can show you.  I think the colors turned out pretty well - and we are happy with the way they turned out.

Tuesday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment in Lakeland.  So, Justin took off work early and took Little Miss for the afternoon.  It was just my yearly with my Gyn - nothing special.  Now, I do have to go back on the 28th and have my mammogram  and I'm also going to see a dermatologist.  There are a couple of moles that need to be checked out, but I don't think they are anything to worry about - they just need to be removed.

While we were in Lakeland we decided to do a little shopping at places we don't have at home.  So, we went by Hobby Lobby and picked up a picture frame and then over to Stein Mart.  I wanted a cream wash cloth and hand towel for the guest bathroom - which I found.  We also found the comforter set that I had seen at Home Goods down in Ft. Myers.  So, Dan bought it for my birthday.  It sure does brighten up the bedroom.

Wednesday and Thursday we were back to our regular schedule - although I worked on cleaning the house around Little Miss.  That is a trick in itself - HaHa!

Friday, Dan hooked up the travel trailer and took it up to Sebring to the consignment lot.  We are hopeful that it will sell quickly.

Friday afternoon Melissa and Mom came over - picked up Lorelai and then we all went into Sebring to meet Justin for my birthday dinner at Outback. Yummy! 
You know it's pretty bad when you have to have three vehicles to get five people and a baby to town.  Now, one of those five was coming in from work - but still three vehicles for all of us it pretty bad. 
We definitely need a bigger vehicle. 

Saturday, Dan and I went out to breakfast then up to Avon Park to the grocery store.

Today I started the day with a nice long telephone conversation with my oldest daughter in Nashville.  It was so nice to be able to talk to her for a long time - I miss us doing that.  I will look forward to seeing her in a few weeks.  

Then we had everyone here over for a Mother's Day Lupper (lunch and supper combined).  Dan grilled country ribs and chicken - of course, it rained on him.  I don't know why - but it doesn't seem like Dan can grill if it isn't raining!  I fixed some potato salad, baked beans, and fresh sliced tomatoes. Everything turned out really good and it was nice to have Mom, Melissa, Justin, Lorelai, Dan and I all together for a meal.  Little Miss even ate some boiled potato that I saved when making the potato salad.  She is getting better and better at feeding herself - of course, she isn't using a spoon yet - but those fingers are good for now.

Now, next week we have some things planned too.

Monday the landscaper is suppose to be here to take out the big palm in the back yard in preparation of pouring the concrete for the patio.  Then we will have to have the irrigation man here to move some irrigation lines.  We shall see what else the week holds.

I wish all you of you that are mothers a very Happy Mother's Day!  I hope that you had a wonderful relaxing day.

Have a nice week ahead and I'll talk to you soon!

Hugs -

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Slowly but surely

Things are getting done around here - slowly, but surely.

A week ago Monday we were SUPPOSE to have the air conditioning people here to give us an estimate on having vents put in the family room.  Notice the word "suppose"?  Well, we waited all day and they never showed up.  Tuesday morning came and went - not even a phone call.   So, Dan got in the truck and drove down to the office Tuesday afternoon - no one there.  Office was locked up tighter than a drum.  Wednesday morning, we still haven't heard a word from these people,  Dan drives back down to their office - still no one there. 
Enough is enough.

He goes around the corner to a different A/C office and gives them our name and what we want.  Within fifteen minutes of him getting back home - we have a phone call from the office setting up a time for them to come give us an estimate - Friday between 2:30 and 3.  At 2:45 the gentleman is here - looks at everything - gives us an estimate and we come to an agreement on price.  He told us that the office would call and set up a time for the guys to come and install on Monday.  

Not only did they call and say when they would be here - they were actually early and had everything installed and working within two hours.  They even wore those little "booties" on their shoes so they wouldn't get the carpet dirty.  We are very satisfied with their work - and it has made a HUGE difference in the comfort level here in the family room.  Woo!Hoo!

Thursday was my mom's birthday - so we all went out to dinner.  Dan, Lorelai, and I went over and picked mom up and drove into Sebring where we met Melissa and Justin. We had a nice dinner and the kids gave her a couple of picture frames with shots of Lorelai in them.   I think everyone had a nice time and mom enjoyed her night out.

Saturday we went up to Avon Park and looked at a couple of "new" vehicles.  We are still thinking about getting me a car - I just don't know if it is really necessary - other than the fact that I don't like driving the truck.  I can drive the truck, I just don't like to.  Anyway, we have been kicking around the idea of me getting a car - but so far, I haven't been convinced that it is a necessary thing.  If I were working - then yes, I would need a car.  We sold the car I had when we first moved to Lake Placid because it sat in the driveway and was never used.  So, why would I need a car now?  Just seems like an expense we can do without right now.

Sunday, we went to church at the Nazarene church here in town.  Since we have moved here we just have not been able to find a new church home.  We loved our church in North Carolina so much - and the pastor there.  However, a couple of weeks ago we found out that our pastor at our church in N.C. died.  Dan and I have had a very hard time with his death - you see, he committed suicide.  We don't understand why he did what he did.  We have seen and read the open letter he left to the church - but we are still don't understand. 

 At church on Sunday the pastor talked about people needing a friend - how at one time he had been very depressed and he leaned on a person at church who ministered to him - he needed and leaned on a friend.  Dan and I both wish that Eddie could have reached out to a friend - but he didn't - and now he is gone.  The church doesn't have a leader, but more importantly, his family has lost a husband, a dad,and a grandfather.  

I pray that Eddie is at peace and is singing in heaven today.
He will be missed by many here on earth.

After church we went out to lunch with some people we met that morning.  What a nice way to end your first visit to a new church.  We will be going back again - we may have found our new church home.

   Then, later in the afternoon, the kids and the baby came over.  Dan and Justin went fishing while Melissa, Lorelai, and I just hung out at the house.

Oh, and Sunday night, we get a call from the first A/C people.  
A little too late wouldn't you say?

Now, on to this week -

The new vents were added on Monday - as I already told you.  

Tuesday was a pretty laid back day with not a lot going on, other than keeping Little Miss.  I did balance the checkbook and set up the monthly E-payments.  Not too much excitement.

Today, we had someone come in and give us an estimate on painting the inside of the house - living/dining room, hallway, guest bedroom, and kitchen.  The price was really reasonable and included him buying the paint - so, this coming Monday we will have the interior of the house painted.   I'll keep the baby at her house on Monday.  Don't want her to be around paint fumes.  Plus, with her getting around so much - certainly don't want her in the paint! LOL!

 That will only leave the two bathrooms to be done.  We will do those ourselves, as I have already gotten the wallpaper for the guest bathroom and I'll probably work on it in a couple of weeks.  We still have not decided what color we want to paint the master bath or what we want to do with the vanity - just replace hardware like we did in the guest bathroom or replace it, so we will just wait on doing anything with that one for awhile.  

Once we get this done, pretty much everything that we wanted to do inside the house will be complete.  There are still some window treatments that we want to change out - but those can be done later.  (Oh, and maybe some shelving)

Also, today, the wall mount came for putting the television in the master bedroom up on the wall.  Dan has already installed the mount and the TV is up.  We will have to do some "tweaking" as we will have to hide all the wires - but I think it will be so much better with it up on the wall instead of on a cabinet in the corner.

Well, that pretty much catches everyone up on what is happening around here.  

Oh, we have been getting rain for the last couple of days - they started on Sunday evening with a good rain, then we had a huge thunderstorm yesterday, and it is currently raining. We can certainly use the rain, so we are NOT complaining! 

(Just in case you are wondering, Melissa picked up Little Miss early today - so I was able to write a post.)  

Hope everyone has a super rest of the week!

Hugs -


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