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Doctors Appointments and a LONG weekend

We are still working on the back patio.
The concrete forms have been put in and we are waiting for the  county to come and inspect before we can pour the concrete. The county is SUPPOSE to be here today and we will pour concrete tomorrow. At least that is the plan.
We had a nice long weekend -
Saturday - Dan and I spent the day doing our normal running around. Breakfast first - then into Sebring to look at a few things. Didn't buy anything - but we are looking for some  things for the patio once we get it finished.
Sunday - Dan went into Lakeland to his grandson's Baccalaureate service. I stayed home and did some work around here -  Laundry and cleaning house.
Monday we kept Little Miss for a little while - Then Melissa and Justin came over for dinner - Hamburgers and French Fries.
Yesterday we spent the day in Lakeland -
I had two doctor's appointments -
Mammogram first (had a 3-D scan)
then lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Then back to Watson Clinic and my  first appointment with a dermatologist. Had t…

Backyard - Phase One

I think the pictures will tell the story.

More to come.

Palm tree and other random things

Oh what a week we had!  
We started the week with the landscaper showing up - on time, I might add - to take the large palm tree out.

As you can see, this was a pretty big tree and while we loved it - we knew it was going to have to go if we were going to put in the patio.
So, after a couple of hours, palm tree was lifted out of the ground and on it's way to the nursery so it can find a new home.
Then, we had a real treat! Lorelai spent the night with us! Yahoo! Her first night away from her mom and dad.
Why at only eleven months did my sweet little one stay the night?
Well, it was very simple, really.  Her mom had a EARLY morning meeting in Sebring (she had to be there at 7:15) which meant she would have had to wake the baby up around 5:30 to get her here in time to make her meeting.  So, the best solution was to let the little one stay here.
She (and her gran pee Dan) did great.  Truth be told, I was a little tired when Melissa picked her up Tuesday afternoon - but it all turned out okay.

Pretty painted house

This week was a different one.
 Monday the painters were here bright and early to paint the house.  I spent the day at Melissa and Justin's house.  We didn't want Little Miss to be in the paint fumes, or to be in the paint.  (Really we really didn't want her in the paint. LOL!)  Honestly, it would have been very difficult for the guys to paint with the little one crawling around.  It just made more sense for me to keep her at her house for the day.  So, Dan dropped me off at 6:45.  We had a good day, but I think she was a little confused why she wasn't at Grampie and Nana's house.
The two guys that came to paint the house did a nice job - and finished when they said they would finish - they painted the entire house in just one day.  I haven't taken pictures - but I'll take some in the next few days so I can show you.  I think the colors turned out pretty well - and we are happy with the way they turned out.
Tuesday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment in…

Slowly but surely

Things are getting done around here - slowly, but surely.
A week ago Monday we were SUPPOSE to have the air conditioning people here to give us an estimate on having vents put in the family room.  Notice the word "suppose"?  Well, we waited all day and they never showed up.  Tuesday morning came and went - not even a phone call.   So, Dan got in the truck and drove down to the office Tuesday afternoon - no one there.  Office was locked up tighter than a drum.  Wednesday morning, we still haven't heard a word from these people,  Dan drives back down to their office - still no one there.  Enough is enough.
He goes around the corner to a different A/C office and gives them our name and what we want.  Within fifteen minutes of him getting back home - we have a phone call from the office setting up a time for them to come give us an estimate - Friday between 2:30 and 3.  At 2:45 the gentleman is here - looks at everything - gives us an estimate and we come to an agreement on pri…