Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What day is it????

That seems to be my mind set lately - there is so much going on that I have a hard time keeping track of the days.  Thank goodness I have a calendar that goes with me everywhere.  Well, let's see if I ca get everyone caught up with the happenings around here.

My last post I left you with our Pal Night trip into town to fill their Operation Christmas Child box.  I had a meeting with one of the Vice Presidents on Tuesday to discuss the refreshments that would be served at the Annual Membership Meeting the first week of November.  Wednesday I worked my shift at the store and came home to get ready for another pontoon boat ride that afternoon.  The ride was scheduled for 5 and we always go down about a half hour early to get everything set up and be there to greet everyone.  Well, at about 4:15 Dan looks at me and said "I don't think I can walk down to the boat."  To which I very calmly replied "WHAT?  WHY????"  He proceeds to tell me that he is having some 'tightness' in the chest.  WHAT?????  A quick call to the cardiologist (who said go to the ER) and another ever quicker call to a stand by captain of the pontoon boat and we were off to Lake City to the ER.  (Yes, there is a hospital in Live Oak, but it doesn't have a very good reputation and the hospital in Lake City specializes in heart issues.  Well, to make a long story somewhat short they decide to keep him overnight for observation.  There was no sign of a heart attack - but they wanted to monitor him for 24 hours.  It was close to 10 before I got home Wednesday night and then I was up bright and early to get to the hospital Thursday morning thinking they would release him that morning.  WRONG!  He was not released until almost 9 PM and once again it was after 10 before we made it back home.  He is feeling much better and we have started back to the fitness center, but it sure did put a scare into us!

We had plans for some friends to come and stay for the weekend to celebrate Neil's birthday, but due to Dan's little episode it was decided to postpone the visit until after the holidays.  We did go down to Neil and Carol's for lunch on Saturday and we were able to give Neil his card and wish him a happy birthday.

Dan was up to a pontoon boat trip on Sunday afternoon, after church.  It was a little chilly on the water, but it was a beautiful day.

Sunday evening we had rehearsal for the Christmas production called Bethlehem and Beyond.  Dan will be one of the Wise Men during the first act and a disciple during the second.  I am just helping out as a "director" since I will not be here when the production is being presented.

Monday the 30th a lady was suppose to come and look at some things my mom wanted to sell, but she had to reschedule due to the birth of a grandchild.

Tuesday was Halloween.  We probably had over 200 kids come for Trick or Treating between 6 and 7:30.  I ran out of candy and during a lull in the kids we quickly went into the house and turned off the outside light, which is a sign to the parents that we are no longer participating.  I think everyone on our street pretty much did the same and by 8 all the little ones were gone.

My daughter sent me some pictures of the girls all dressed for Halloween.

Wednesday, after my shift, we had to make another trip to Lake City for Dan to get a Holter Monitor and have an ISTAT blood test.

Thursday was an Executive Board Meeting..  This was the last before the big Annual Membership Meeting - remember where I said that I was glad that I had finished my term as Secretary.  Well, not so fast.  Seems like the lady who was suppose to take my place backed out and they couldn't find anyone else to do the job.  So, they asked me to continue for another year.  I couldn't leave them in a bind so, I will be Secretary for another year.

Friday morning we had our street breakfast at the café.  Then a quick trip to Lake City to return the Holter Monitor before coming home and doing another pontoon boat excursion.  Then we had a meeting with a nurse from Blue Cross/Blue Shield - part of their annual "wellness" visits.  Then another "moonlight" boat ride at 8 Friday evening.

Saturday, being the first Saturday of the month, meant it was Market Day.  We picked up some smoked ribs for dinner and then went to a garage sale at one of our neighbor's house that has recently sold.  We picked up a few items including a new coffee table for the living room and a beautiful carved chest for the family room.  I also picked up a few decorative items.  We spent the afternoon rearranging furniture in the family room to make room for our new purchases.  The only item of furniture that we can't find a place for is a small farm table that we have had since we lived in Lakeland before moving to North Carolina.  It will probably go in Dan work room for the time being until we decide if we want to sell it or donate it.

Sunday was church, another ride on the river, and then rehearsal Sunday evening.

Monday the lady came to look at the stuff at Mom's.  We ended up selling a lot of things, but not to that lady.  Another friend who has a booth in an Antique Mall bought the things from Mom at a much better price.  Mom is in a "getting rid of stuff" mood and even decided to donate a lot of things to the village - so after loading the van down with stuff we cleaned out a lot of the "junk" around her house.

Tuesday was another busy day with ANOTHER boat trip and the Annual Membership Meeting Tuesday evening.  We also squeezed in a trip to town to pick up some dog food, bird seed, and some items for Mom.

Wednesday was my shift at the store and then another trip on the river.  Thursday we had our fifth boat ride in a week followed by an Executive Board Meeting (the third membership meeting this month) and then another meeting with the maintenance guy on the boat.  I was suppose to meet with Dan and Steve - but the executive board meeting went for two and a half hours and I missed it.  (I have some strong misgivings about this board - but I'll give it a little bit before I make my feeling known)

Friday I got the house straightened, typed up all the minutes (Annual meeting and Thursday's), laundry, and then we headed into town to help decorate the float for Veteran's Day.

All decorated and ready for Saturday's parade.

Oh, I forgot!  Tuesday we also met with someone who will be doing the Pergola.  We decided that Dan is just not up to doing it all by himself, so we have hired someone to do the heavy work and Dan will help when he can.  Eric is scheduled to begin it on December 4th and says it will take him less than a week to get it built.

Saturday morning we got up early and instead of going into town for the parade we went to Shady Grove Baptist Church for their annual Fall Festival.  They fix all kinds of goodies for the community, all free of charge - from sausage and gravy to great northern beans to cornbread and "elephant ears".  They have cane grinding and corn meal grinding.  It is an interesting event and we have gone every year since we have been back.

Sunday was another rehearsal for the Christmas production - then Monday morning we were up early and headed to Jacksonville.  Why???  Well, a new IKEA store opened in Jacksonville the week before (we were suppose to go to the grand opening on Wednesday, but we had that Executive Board Meeting and the pontoon boat ride, so we waited until Monday).  Why were we going to IKEA, other than the fact that it's IKEA?  Well, it was decided that it was time to finish up the laundry room and finally install the cabinets and pantry.  I am so excited and I can't wait to show you how well it turned out - but there are a few little finishing touches that Dan wants to do before I show you.  He did have most of it done before Thanksgiving, but not before a second trip to Jacksonville (will explain that in another post).

Tuesday was a trip to Valdosta to the urologist with a quick stop in Sam's Club for the Thanksgiving ham and a few supplies.  Wednesday was my shift then the craziness started on Thursday - The day started with fasting labs for Dan, then mom had a eye appointment at 9:30 which drug on and on.  We finally had to stop and reschedule to finish up with all the testing because Mom was getting so frustrated and Dan had a doctor's appointment at the cardiologist in Lake City at 12:20.  Then we made that second trip to Jacksonville.

Friday was the Builder's Guild dinner here in the village and Saturday I headed down to Ocala to pick the girls up for the week.  Melissa and Justin came in on Wednesday and then Crystal and the girls dad came in on Thursday morning.  I fixed lunch and mom even came down for the meal.  We were actually sitting at the table and eating by 1:30 - not too shabby.  The kids stayed until Saturday before everyone heading back home leaving me with a virus - went to the doctor today and it is NOT the flu.

 My oldest daughter with the babies (who really aren't babies anymore - when did that happen??)

 My youngest daughter, her husband, and the girls.
 Dan and I - with me sick.

I have been working this week trying to get the house decorated for Christmas, but it is going really slow as I have absolutely no energy.  Hopefully, this thing will pass quickly and I'll get everything done that needs to be done.

Well, I think that has you all caught up - I actually started this two weeks ago, but with everything that's been going on I just hadn't had time to finish it up.

Anyway, hopefully, I'll be able to stay on top of things now.  That will be my goal for next year - we'll see how long that lasts.  Until next time!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

All the going on!

Well, yesterday I posted about our new food delivery service, Hello Fresh, but there has been a lot of other things going on around here.  Let's catch up, shall we?

On Monday, October 9th, I took mom down to Gainesville for her six month check up with her surgeon.  For the most part it was a good visit - she is not as argumentative since she has been on her anti-depressants and it really showed at Dr. Pickens office.  He and I were able to talk without mom getting angry.  I told him about her diagnosis and he had some questions about it, but as far as her check up with him, all went well.

After leaving the doctor's office we went across the street to J.C. Penny's as mom wanted to return some under garments that she bought in February.  She didn't have the receipt and I told her they might not take them back.  Well, after waiting in line, the cashier told us that they would take them back without a receipt, but would only give her thirty cents per pair - they cost 3pair for $23.00.  I told mom that we would try and find the receipt and we left.  (Mom found the receipt when we got home, so that's something that will need to be returned at some point.)

Tuesday I had a CT Scan with contrast in Valdosta and a doctors appointment with the urologist after at 2:00.  I didn't realize that the CT was with contrast until after I got there - anyway, my appointment was at 11:00 and we didn't finish at the hospital until 12:45.  Dan and I went for lunch and then to the doctors appointment.  The preliminary report said that I have some small kidney stones but they should not cause an issue (not like the last time, thank goodness!)  Anyway, because I have had them before the doctor told me to quit taking my multi-vitamin, change my calcium supplement, and to drink lemonade.

Tuesday night we had dinner at a friends house to celebrate Bud's birthday.  I was really tired and after dinner Dan and I came home fairly early and I went straight to bed where I watched NCIS before drifting off to sleep.

Wednesday was my normal shift at the shop and then home to straightened up the house.

Thursday we attended the dedication  of the new pontoon boat here in the village.  Dan is the "captain" of the boat and I am the "first mate".

The boat is beautiful and Dan is always happy when he is on the water.

Friday and Saturday were quiet days here at home, watching football and doing a few projects here and there.

Sunday was church and then Sunday evening we had the first meeting for the Bethlehem and Beyond performance this year.  Bethlehem and Beyond is the live production of the life of Christ that we do here as part of the Christmas celebration.  Last year we only did the birth of Christ but this year we will portray Christ's life from birth to crucifixion.  Dan will be in the production, but I won't this year as it falls on Adalyn's birthday weekend.  I will go with him to rehearsals and help where I can behind the scenes, but I won't be in the production.

Monday, the 16th, I had my cystoscope (Sp??) in Valdosta with Dr. Chang.  I was really nervous about this test for several reasons but all turned out well and there are no issues with my bladder.

Wednesday morning was my shift at the store and Wednesday afternoon we had our first official trip on the new pontoon boat with the couple that donated the money for the purchase of the boat and several of their friends.  Dan really enjoys piloting the boat but bringing it back into the dock is a little tricky as we have to dock going WITH the current instead of AGAINST the current because of where the entrance/exit is on the boat.  It's fine and we have figured out how to dock without issues, but the first couple of times were a little different.  (Thank goodness we practiced before taking out anyone - hahaha!)

Thursday was busy, busy, busy!  First thing was Mom had a doctor's appointment here in the Village with Dr. G.  It was okay - but she has issues with women doctors.  While the beginning of the appointment was a little rough, Dr. G had her laughing toward the end.  

I had a Membership Council Meeting at 1:30.  I only have a couple more meetings to do before the new board takes over in January.  I'm glad I served but I will be happy when my term as secretary is over.

Then Thursday evening we had a themed Italian Dinner here.  We went with our friends Carol and Neil meeting at the Dining Room at 4:30.  Even though it was advertised that seating would begin at 4:30, it was closer to 5:00 before the doors were opened.  We were very impressed with the variety of food and the taste.  In fact, in my opinion, there was probably too much variety with a buffet line, a pasta saute station, appetizer station, and dessert station.  There was polenta with cheese and fresh basil and balsamic vinegar, meat lasagna with red sauce, spaghetti and meatballs , chicken Marsala, stuffed manicotti w/baby spinach, ricotta cheese, garlic, Parmesan cheese and marinara sauce topped with béchamel sauce, green beans, fried eggplant, roasted asparagus, Italian bread with infused basil olive oil.  The Pasta Saute station had prepared to order by shrimp or diced chicken in garlic cloves and butter tossed with bowtie pasta.  There was pesto Bruschetta, Artichokes Parmigiana and lemon Antipasto salad w/{prosciutto, assorted cheeses, olives, marinated artichokes, mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes on the Appetizer Bar.  Finally, for dessert there was Chocolate cannoli w/ blueberry flavored cream-filling topped with walnuts, tiramisu, or raspberry sherbet.  So, so much food!

Friday we spent in the garage and workshop.  I cleaned the garage while Dan worked on his work area.  We donated a large black buffet that we bought when we redid the house on Lime Road in Lake Placid.  We had been dragging it from house to house ever since, not really having the place for it.  We thought it would fit in Dan's work shop but it just wouldn't work - so, we finally donated it.  Now my car doesn't beep at me nonstop when pulling into the garage.  Everything is nice and neat again - but it will only last until the next project is started.  Which might be really soon as we finally got the approval to build the pergola.  (Dan and I went lumber "shopping" today)  I would really like it finished by Christmas, but if we don't get started soon that won't happen.

Friday night we went down to Sonny C's in Mayo for dinner - ribs!  Yummy!  I was really bushed by the time we got home, so I changed into my PJ's and vegged out on the couch watching football until bedtime.

Saturday we went out for breakfast before heading home for an afternoon of college football.  I put chili in the crock pot for dinner and we had leftovers for lunch.  There was some good football games on Saturday (Roll Tide!) and it made for a really lazy day.

Sunday we went to church, the dining room for lunch (not impressed - I'm not sure how the same crew can have such a marvelous dinner on Thursday night and a ho-hum lunch on Sunday - just boggles my mind).  Came home and watched a football game before heading back up to the dining room for our Pal night.  We had our trip into town with our Pal - going to the Dollar Store and buying things for their Operation Christmas Child shoebox.  After our shopping excursion, we came back and packed our box before having a pizza dinner.  We started our get together at 3:30 and we were back home by 7:00.  We finished the night watching some more football before I fell asleep on the couch.  Dan just covered me up and let me sleep, knowing that if he woke me up I'd be up the rest of the night.

Today we went back down to Mayo to try a new to us little place for breakfast.  It was okay, but we probably won't go back - among other things the grits were cold and price was too high for what you got. Oh well, you don't know if you don't try - right?    Then we started looking for the lumber Dan will need for the pergola.  It was soooo much fun walking around lumber yards in the rain. First a place in Mayo (the reason we tried the new breakfast place), then into Lowe's in Live Oak (did pick up a few things), and then to Howlands - a locally owed lumber yard.  This is probably where Dan will get his wood as they are actually cheaper than Lowe's and actually has what he wants, plus the delivery charge is much less than what Lowe's charges.  It doesn't hurt that it's a locally owned business either.

Speaking of rain, we are suppose to have some cooler weather arrive in the next day or so.  It won't last - but at least it is the beginning of cooler weather.  I might see a fire in the fireplace in the, not quite so distant, future.  (fingers crossed).

Well, that's pretty much has caught you up. 

Until next time!



Monday, October 23, 2017

Hello Fresh

A couple of weeks ago when we were in Lakeland, I talked about my daughter and son in love cooking us dinner and how good it was.  Well, it was from one of those mail food services, you know what I mean?  These services pack up everything you will need for three meals and ship everything to you all fresh and ready to cook - right down to the meat.  Well, we were really impressed and we decided we would give it a try.  My older daughter also uses this service and she had sent me an email with the first three meals free - so we decided to order and see how it was.

I went online and set up our account and the first shipment was set to arrive on Friday.  We decided that wasn't a good day for us and changed the arrival to Monday's, but because I didn't go in and change it in time,  the first box came on Friday.  

So, the first three meals were:

Figgy Balsamic Pork with Roasted Green Beans and Rosemary Potatoes

Beef Ragu Spaghetti with Zucchini, Parmesan, and Pepperolio

Dan told me that this was the best spaghetti he has ever eaten (he almost didn't tell me because he didn't want to hurt my feelings - ha ha!)

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef, Quinoa, and Monterey Jack Cheese

The second delivery (on Monday) was:

Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas with Pico de Gailo and Southwestern Spices
      (which I forgot to take a picture of)

Cherry Drizzled Pork Chops with Tomato Couscous Salad which Dan fixed because I had a horrible migraine headache that day - so again no picture.


Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner with Cheesy Roasted Zucchini and Tomato

(We had a visit from the fire department on this dinner because the fire alarm went off for NO reason - you can tell nothing is burnt - but it did make for a little excitement!)

Our third shipment (last Monday) consisted of:

Pineapple Poblano Beef Tacos with Lime Crema, Cilantro, ad Warm Spices

Carolina Barbecue Chicken with Quick Stovetop Mac 'n' Cheese and Green Beans

Adobo Loco Steak
with a Poblano Corn and Crispy Potato Hash

Now, all the pictures above were taken with my phone after I had plated the dinner's and put them on the table so the quality of the pictures are not that great, but the quality of the meals is excellent. 

Dan and I have really enjoyed these meals - they are quick to prepare (30 - 40 minutes), they provide everything you need (the only things I have had to use from our pantry is olive oil and a couple of pats of butter),  we don't have to worry about portion control, but as you can see there is plenty of food, and everything is FRESH!  I love that we are cooking with fresh ingredients instead of processed stuff - fresh vegetables, and fresh spices.  We are eating things that we probably wouldn't have eaten otherwise (couscous, orzo, quinoa), but everything has been delicious!  I'll be perfectly honest - the only meal that I probably wouldn't fix again is the stuffed peppers - not because they didn't taste good, they did, but I'm just not a stuffed pepper fan.  I did eat almost all of one pepper and then I took the stuffing out and ate it and left the other pepper.  Dan and I like that we don't have to worry about three meals during the week - and we usually eat out at least once a week - so I only have to figure out something else a couple of nights.  The price is reasonable at just under $10.00 per person, per meal - so $60.00 a week for us.  We have lots of meat in the freezer - so for the couple of days we don't have Hello Fresh I have meat here.  I just have to pick up a few fresh vegetables and we are set for the week.  We are actually saving money in our grocery budget - a definite win/win in my book.  Also, if you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that cooking is NOT my favorite thing to do, but with this Dan and I are working together to cook dinner and it's actually been fun.  That in itself should be a reason to stay with this service!

We received our new shipment today and we'll be having salmon tonight, and chicken and beef later in the week.

I guess this post has turned into a post for Hello Fresh, but I really just wanted to let those of you that read this know how good this service is.  I am not being compensated by Hello Fresh at all (I wish),  just really impressed with them.  In fact, we had tried another service about a year ago and just didn't like the food choices and canceled after two weeks.  If any of you that read this would like to try Hello Fresh for free (one week) just let me know and I can send you a link for your first week - I would get a discount on my next order if you try, even if you decide it's not for you, but I don't know why it wouldn't be - ha!!  Anyway, if you are interested, just let me know.

Tomorrow I'll do a post letting you know what all has been happening, other than cooking.  Until then - 


Saturday, October 7, 2017


Hi everyone!  Hope you all have had a great week.  I thought I would let you know what Dan and I have been up the past week.

A couple of weeks ago Dan and I were sitting in the family room, probably watching TV or playing on our Kindles, when Dan looked over at me and said "I miss my girls".  I told him that I could have a suitcase packed in half an hour - but he had a more level head and said "How about the weekend?"  So, I texted my daughter to make sure they didn't have anything planned and told her we MIGHT be down on Friday.  I was suppose to call her the next day, but I didn't because Dan didn't feel well on Thursday and I wasn't sure we were going.  But Friday morning, while sitting on the back porch, we decided we would head down after lunch.  

I went over to Mom's and made sure she was good for the weekend - had food in the house and everything handled for the couple of days we would be gone.  Then I came home and packed for us while Dan got the stuff together for the dog.  We were on the road by noon and decided to go the more scenic route instead of the interstate.  We made it down to Melissa's by around 5, but the girls weren't home yet - and they didn't know we would be there.  Well, my son-in-love pulled into the driveway and they girls were like "Who's car is that?"  All of a sudden, Lorelai figured out it was my car and Justin said they were throwing their seat belts off and trying to get out of the car.  They came running in the house yelling "Nannnnnna" - sure did make this Nana feel GREAT!!!!  Then I told them to go look in the living room and then it was "P!"  It sure was great seeing those sweet faces!!!!

We ended up going to Beef's for dinner - they have a game room that the girls can play in until their meal gets there and the adults can actually talk. So, after dinner we went back to the house to get ready for Saturday.  Melissa had to take her car into the Ford dealership to have some work done and Dan decided it would be a good time to drive down and look at "new to us" cars.

Saturday morning we were up fairly early - and down to Bartow we went.  Everyone went in their separate vehicles and I guess it was a good thing.  Dan and I ended up spending the better part of the day at the dealership doing all the paperwork that is required when you buy a vehicle.  Dan has never been happy with the Escape - he tried to make it work - but it was just too small for him.  He always felt like he was in a sardine can.  Anyway, we bought a new to us 2016 Ford Explorer.  It probably has more bells and whistles on it than we really need  (heated back seats????), but it does have some of the things that we wanted - back up camera, navigation and leather seats.  I really like it and I think Dan is happier now.

Saturday afternoon we went to see Dan's girls and visited for awhile.  It was good to see them and that they didn't have any storm damage other than one magnolia tree that my dad planted came down at Dana's house.

Saturday night Melissa and Justin cooked dinner for us - it was really good, the girls ate a good meal and so did we.  The kids are getting a meal service called Hello Fresh and it was one of the meals from that they supplemented.  Actually it was so good that we signed up for the service ourselves once we got home.  We got our first shipment yesterday, but I'll tell you about it a little later.

We got up Sunday morning and had some coffee and donuts before loading up the car and heading home.  We came home via the scenic route again. After getting home an checking on mom, I got the car unloaded and the clothes in the laundry.  Spent the afternoon watching football and finishing up the laundry.

This week has been a little slow getting ready for an onslaught of doctor's visits next week. Monday I finished up the "books" and getting all the stuff together to take to mom on her checking account.  Since I now do all her bills I make sure to have a bank statement and check register that balance so she knows where she stands monetarily. Tuesday was spent cleaning house.  We had a information meeting Tuesday night for the Information Booth at church - Dan and I will work at the booth every Sunday during the month of June, 2018.  Wednesday was my usual shift at the gift shop.  Thursday I had an Executive Board meeting at 2.  On Friday we had a check out cruise on the new pontoon boat before our first trip with passengers Friday evening.

We also had our first shipment from Hello Fresh come on Friday (I tried to change the delivery date to Monday, but I didn't get it on the computer in time for this shipment but all future shipments will be on Monday's).  I had planned on cooking dinner after the boat ride, but by the time we got back, got everything put away on the boat it was almost 7 PM - so we decided to go to the Village Cafe for supper.  Well, after ordering three different things and being told they "were out" - I just looked at Dan and said "Let's go home and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich".  So disappointing!  Anyway, we came home and had a bowl of cereal instead.

Today was Autumn Fest at the Village Square.  There were some vendors, but I didn't find anything I couldn't live without.  Dan wanted to put the truck in the auto show, but was told he couldn't with a "for sale" sign on it.  Well, that's was the only reason he wanted to put it in the show - to maybe get some interested from people at the show.  Anyway, he just parked it close to the show, but we haven't gotten any phone calls on it.  I guess I'll probably put it back on Craigslist next week - and maybe even EBay.  We did buy some ribs which we had for lunch.  I'll do the first Hello Fresh meal today for dinner.

So, that's been our week.  Next week I have a doctor's appointment in Valdosta and mom has two - one in Gainesville and one here in the village.

Hope everyone has a good week!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Home Tour

 Hi everyone!  Today is a new adventure for me - today I'm going to do my first ever Home Tour!  While I have shared some fall decorating on the blog before, I have never done an official home tour - so here we go.

Now, while the outside temperatures might still be in the mid 90's around here I can't help but hope that since October is showing up on the calendar that cooler temperatures can't be far behind.  So, with that hope in my heart I spent one day last week adding some fall décor to the house.  If you are looking for all the neutral fall décor that a lot of bloggers are using, you can just stop right here.  I don't do "neutral" - I do fall with all the colors that nature provides - orange, yellow, red. Of course I know that some people like all the white and pale colors, but not this girl.  If it's fall it's time for color!  I think you will find that all the décor this year is easy and simple.  Nothing fancy here. 

I moved the goose over to the entry way table and surrounded it with some fall foliage.

 Love putting in some fall scents in the warmer - just makes the house smell so, so good!

Added a lumbar pillow to the couch - we should always be Thankful, but now it's a great time to be reminded.  Changed out the candle on the coffee table and added some fall décor to the side tables.

I did some rearranging in the kitchen.  I have not been happy with the back wall in the kitchen for quite a while - it just seemed too cluttered for me.  So, all the cute little signs came down and a single picture was hung along with one sign.

Just seems so much calmer to me.

Used the wooden slice as a holder for a couple of fall candles - added a fun fall printable in a simple black frame and a faux pumpkin and the kitchen was done.

The breakfast nook area also received a little fall love.  

Not a lot - just a little ceramic pumpkin, some fall napkins, a nice candle, and a cute little squirrel on a pinecone.

Just a few little touches on the shelves - another ceramic pumpkin and a cute little scarecrow shelf sitter was all that was needed to add that little fall touch.

As we move into the family room the buffet got a little fall love also.  

Dan and I are loving our new plate rack that we hung over the buffet.  I ordered it online from IKEA and then Dan painted it this beautiful shade of green.  We were able to unpack the Wildlife dishes that had been packed away since we moved.

Add a pumpkin soup tureen, a "gourd" swan, a sweet smelling candle, and a candle topper to the top of the buffet.  Then a couple of wooded fall leaves along with the Burl wood bowl and the basket of pinecones and this little corner was done.

I kept the table really simple this year.  I ordered two of these table runners from Piper Classics thinking that they would go from side to side on the table, but they weren't long enough (guess I should do a better job of checking size next time), but the price was good and I was able to use the other one on the coffee table.  I just love the colors in the runner and even if it wasn't exactly what I had planned I am certainly happy that I purchased them.

The plates came from WalMart last year as part of the Better Homes and Gardens collection.  I paired them with my everyday white dishes, a napkin, and a woven design charger.

I love the colors.

The couch got a few new pillows -  A couple from WalMart, one from Kohl's, and one from Hobby Lobby.  The "throw" in the corner is actually a scarf from Amazon.

The coffee table I left pretty simple too - the second table runner, my wicker tray, some faux leaves, a Yankee Candle, a small pinecone,  and a faux pumpkin.  Easy and simple.

Friday, September 29, 2017

New Guest Bedroom

Hello everyone!  Guess I have been a little AWOL lately.  It's not that we haven't been busy, but it just seems like things happen so I never take the time to sit down and do a post.  So, let's catch up a bit before I show you our new bedroom.

First, as most of you know, Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma.  While the hurricane was downgraded to Cat 1 by the time it reached us, we still had quite a bit of damage in the area.  We didn't have any structural damage - we did have 1/2 a tree come down in the front yard and a lot of debris that had to be cleaned up.  The biggest issue was we had was no electricity for three and a half days.  We did have a generator so we were able to run our refrigerator and our freezer (and the coffee pot in the mornings) - but that was it.  We cooked out on the grill and we had neighbors over for meals.  They might not have been gourmet or some might not have been completely healthy, but they filled the tummy and the fellowship was awesome.  Storms like this make us realize how truly blessed we are to live in the community we do, as everyone came together to help each other.

After the electricity was restored and Dan and I finished with yard clean up, with the help of a young man that we hired, we were ready to finish up projects that we had started before the storm.  On my last post I shared this picture and asked if anyone knew what we were up to now.

Well, we decided to turn my office/craft room into an office/bedroom.  We have much more need of another bedroom than a whole room for my crafts.  So, I had been wanting to add faux shiplap to some room in the house and this proved to be the perfect opportunity.

We are far from finished with this room, but it is useable.  Have to hang the wreath that I made over the bed.

The side table that Dan painted for me.

 We're borrowing the chair from our friends for the time being.  I would like to find a nice upholstered chair for this corner, but the budget just doesn't allow for that right now.  It will come.

Pictures of my sweet girls at the same age.

One of the projects still on the to do list in this room is to replace the closet doors with mirrored sliders.  They will make the room appear much larger than it actually is - but for the short term I will be painting these doors a much brighter white to match all the trim.

We ordered the bed and headboard from Wayfair.  The headboard was originally black, but a can of spray paint took care of that.  Then there was the bed - we had looked locally to buy a bed but everyone wanted an arm and two legs for a queen size bed.  So, I looked on line and found this bed at Wayfair.  It had five star reviews and while I was a little nervous about buying a bed online we decided, for the price, it was worth the risk.

It came with the foundation that had to be assembled.  Dan was very impressed with the quality of the foundation and it didn't take us long to put it together in the middle of the living room floor.

After we had the foundation assembled there was a full cover for it - everything was very well made.  We took it in and put on the frame and waited to "Unroll" the mattress the next day.

As I said, I have never bought a mattress on line before much less one that came rolled up in a box about four foot high and two foot wide. Well, we cut the plastic off that mattress and watch it inflate - within two minutes we had a perfectly firm queen size mattress.  We did wait 48 hours, as many of those reviews that I read suggested, before making the bed or sitting/lying down on it.  However, let me tell you folks, I am super impressed with this mattress.  It is very comfortable and is exactly what we were looking for.  I am very happy that we went out on a limb and purchased this one.

So, while we still have a lot of projects to do in this room, it is functional and Dan and I think it looks pretty good too.

Breakdown of where things came from:

Paint - Heart of Palm - Lowe's
Frame - Twice Nice Furniture and More
Headboard and Mattress - Wayfair
Bedding - Brylane Home
Sheets and Pillows - WalMart
Side Table - Hobby Lobby
Lamps - Lowe's
Tobacco Baskets - Hobby Lobby
Wreath - I made
Throw and Pillow - Have had a long time, I think the throw came from IKEA and                            the pillow from a little shop in High Springs, FL.
Desk - Have had for seven years
Picture Frames - IKEA
Accessories on side table - bird - shop here at the Village, candle holder - Hobby                                        Lobby, picture frame- given to me as gift when 
                                       Lorelai was born.  

Well, I think that's all.  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Come back soon for my first ever Fall Home Tour!

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