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Play offs!

We started the week with really cold weather (for us) - we even put the electric blanket on the bed and used it; however, we have the air conditioner on now and it has been running all day with temperatures up in the 80's. The weathermen are saying that we are in for some rain tonight and then another couple of days of "cooler" weather (which means highs in the 50 to 60's). That is one thing about Florida in the winter time -  if you don't like the weather just stick around for a couple of days and it will change!
I have been keeping Lorelai during the day while Melissa is working from home.  She still has a few more weeks before she is suppose to go back to the office.  I don't know if she is still planning on taking Ady to work with her but I don't think she has been pumping any - so I assume from that that she is. 
Today Ady is one month old.

She is growing so fast.
She is changing so much everyday and staying awake more and more.

 She is starting to be more aware…

Baby It's Cold Outside!

I really hate to complain, especially after seeing the temperatures in the northeast and northwest. When you see temperatures in minus numbers you really feel for those that are having to deal with it.
While we have had a very mild winter - temperatures in the 70's or 80's - however, that is about to change. The weather men are saying that we are in for our coldest weather in decades. Now, even though we are going to be colder than we have been, it is no where near what they are expecting or are experiencing in the north. I mean when you are talking about the highs being minus 20 degrees! YIKEES!!!! That's the actual temperature - NOT wind chill. Once you add that we are talking minus 60!!!!
The Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49's are suppose to play a play-off game in Green Bay tonight. Temperatures for the game - minus 20 degrees!!! How can they play in that kind of weather???? I just don't understand how the NFL would allow players to subject themselves to those types of conditio…

Happy New Year

Just a quick note to wish all of my friends and family a very  Happy New Year!

Also, for those that are interested, I am starting a new blog on Monday. It will be where I post the decorating, projects, menu's, and cooking experiences.
I will continue to post here - but it will be more of just a personal diary - it will probably end up being a lot of Lorelai and Ady - but there is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.
If you are interested in following along on the new blog - just let me know and I'll give you the new blog address.

Thanks to those that continue to read my ramblings!
Once again -