Friday, September 26, 2014

Everyone has been Sick!!!

Goodness, I don't like being sick!

Everyone around here has had colds - Ada started everyone
off coming down with a cold about three weeks ago.
Then Lorelai got it - followed very closely by
her momma, daddy, and me.
Dan was the last one to come down with it, but it
has hit him the hardest I think.

I went with Melissa last week when she took the girls to the
doctor - Ada also has an ear infection - so she is on
antibiotics.  She should finish them up this week.

We all are on the up swing now - I still have a little bit of a stuffy nose, but Dan still has a horrible cough!  We are getting better - guess it just takes time.

The girls had to go back to the doctor this week for their "wellness check" and poor little Ada had to get four shots while Lorelai had blood drawn and one shot.  Melissa and I were so proud of Lorelai - she didn't cry at all when they drew her blood.  We were both amazed, but she was such a trooper!
They are both growing sooooo fast!

Lorelai is 36" tall and weighs 32.8 pounds!
Talking up a storm and wants to
"do it meself".
(But she will let me "help")

Adalyn is 27" tall and weighs 22.1 pounds.
Not quite walking, but really close.
She is starting to let go of things when she
is "cruising" around on the furniture.
Don't think it will be long before I'll have TWO
Oh my goodness!!!!

They are both in overall good health -
(they still had a little bit of their colds and Ada's ear was
not completely well when we went back to
the doctor on Tuesday).

Other than all of us being sick, not much has been
going on.

We are thinking about going up to Dowling Park for the weekend NEXT week - 
but we shall see.  We don't know what we would do with the pups.  We know that our friends that we would stay with wouldn't mind us bring the puppies, but we just feel funny taking them since Neil and Carol don't have any pets.
We would really like to get away for a weekend, but we shall see if we can figure something out.

Well, I don't have anything else to report - just wanted to check in and let you know that we are all doing okay.

Have a great weekend 
(we have 70% chance of rain all weekend).
Looks like a quiet indoor weekend
for us!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Excuse.

Well, here it is the first part of September
and I haven't posted anything since
July!  I really have no excuse other than I can
not stand my new laptop computer.
I so wish we had not purchased it, it was not a 
well thought out purchase, but I will now have to live with it
as it is too expensive to replace again.
I keep hoping that I will get used to it and I will start
liking it - but I really don't see that happening.
We shall see.

Anyway, other than that I really have no excuse for not posting.
We really have not done much around here - no new
projects going - just too hot (still) to do anything outside
and we don't have anything really planned for the

I spend the week keeping the little ones - they are both growing so darn fast!
It is hard to believe that Ada is almost 9 months old.  She is crawling everywhere and pulling up.  I think she might be an early walker, but I guess only time will tell for sure.

She does love to climb on everything and
followers her big sister around.
The picture above was taken about a month ago and she has grown
so much since then.
(I really need to be a better Nana and take more pictures of the little one).

Lorelai is growing by leaps and bounds also.

The pictures above were taken last week when we were in the backyard playing with bubbles.
She is talking so much more (and understandable instead of "Chinese").
They are both such sweet little ones but they do
keep us hopping during the week!

Now on to more mundane things -
we are having to replace the golf cart tires - they absolutely have
no tread left on them (the back tire had the belts showing this morning).
Dan has been saying for a couple of months that we were going to have a flat and end up stranded somewhere with the two girls.  Not a good prospect - so he took two down today to have them replaced and then we will do the other two in a couple of months.

We did take a ride out when we had the super moon a couple of 
weeks ago and I was able to get a few shots, even though it
was pretty cloudy.

Don't have much else to report - 
hope you are having a great day!

Take care and I'll
try an talk to you soon!

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