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Spring Break

At Last! Spring Break!!!! I can't tell you how much I have looked forward to this week - and it has finally arrived!!! YAHOO!!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited by all the exclamation marks? - Well, if you can't, maybe you could tell if you could see me doing my happy dance, which I have been doing off and on since Friday afternoon about 3:30 - of course, this is nothing compared to the Happy Dance I will be doing on June 4th - but who is counting the days? ME! But that is for another blog!) The first part of this week is going to be busy with doctor's appointments - what was I thinking ??? Anyway, tomorrow is the colonsocopy - Yipee! Today is the prep day which I really HATE (but then who does like to drink that stuff). Really, you would think that they would have gotten this stuff where it isn't that bad to drink, but I don't think that is true yet. Anyway, once you get through the prep the actually test is not a big deal (of course, I don't like not being abl…

Dan's trying to work me to death!

One side finishedDirt

Well, we are still getting things done on the outside of the house - the concrete was poured this week and the forms were pulled on Tuesday. We had to let the patio and the flower bed cure for a couple of days before we could do anything, but let me tell you - Dan has decided that I was going to work this weekend! See this pile of dirt - well, it was twice that size on Friday. We have been shoveling dirt and putting it in the flowerbed all weekend long. I am sore where I didn't know I had places to be sore!

Seriously, we have been working hard on getting the flower bed filled and the plants in (we did go to Home Depot and Lowes yesterday - Home Depot had mulch on sale for $1.07 a bag - so we bought 50 bags - the back of the truck was FULL!) We did work most of yesterday - until it just got too dang hot and again this morning and we made a pretty good dent in the job --------

Back side of the pool (toward the canal)

What still needs to be done ------ This is about…

Well, things are moving along

Well this was the week that we were suppose to find out if we were going to be able to do the house. We don't have the final figures yet, but it looks like we just might be able to be able to do some of the work, if not all of it.

Mark, the contractor did come on Wednesday afternoon - right at 4:00, with his son - who works for him. They came in with a blow up copy of the plans they had emailed us. We walked through the house and talked about the concerns we had (a wall moved in the kitchen/laundry room that didn't need to be moved and would have cost BIG money to move, because it involved moving the door into the garage - not a good idea). We also didn't understand some of the measurements in the bedroom walk-in closet. We addressed all those concerns while we waited for the electrician to get here. He arrived at about 5 and we walked through the house again talking about were light plugs, switches, pendents, cans, etc needed to be and what needed to be moved, etc. …

Not exactly the week I thought I would have

Okay, I thought that by this time we would know how much it was going to run to have the remodeling done on the house and we would have made a decision on what we were going to do - NOT!

The guy from the company who is doing the bid for the remodeling job was suppose to come on Friday afternoon after I got home from work, but after work on Friday I checked my phone and there was a message on it from him. He wanted to come next week with the electrician because he wanted to make sure his drawings were accurate, so his pricing would be accurate. He did email us a copy of some drawings that he has done and we like the concept especially in the master bedroom closet/bathroom, but there are some issues with the scale, especially in the kitchen/laundry room/master bathroom (they are all inter-related since they back up to each other and when you square up these angle walls they will all be affected.) Anyway, to make a long story somewhat short, he won't be here until Wednesday afterno…