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Things have been really quiet here on the blog for well over a month - and the reason is the same as the last post - time!!!!

just MAYBE
things are about to change.
We finally got the C.O. last week - but not everything is complete.
We still do not have carpet in the bedrooms but it is suppose to be installed tomorrow morning and the tile is suppose to be finished up in the bathrooms.
Dan is working on the tile back splash in the kitchen AND working on the fireplace.

He has done so much more since I took this picture (bad blogger)
plus this picture
was taken with my
phone. I'll post some new pictures soon HOPEFULLY of the finished family room.
The furniture that we ordered was delivered Saturday and AFTER
everything was in the
Dan and I made some
major changes
in where things will be.

Yes, that means it is going to cost us
a little more money
but we think it will
much better.

Some of you might
have seen on my FB post
that the A/C
went out on
Well, that was fixed yesterday
and it was …