Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to School

Today I went into Lake Placid to Melissa's Middle School and did a presentation to all her classes. I think it went really well - I hope Melissa liked what I did. I enjoyed doing the presentation but I had forgotten how talkative sixth graders are - when I taught middle school before my daughter was in Middle school (when I taught kindergarten Melissa was in kindergarten) I really think it makes a difference when your own children are the age that you teach. Plus most of the time that I taught (even when I did substitute teaching in Live Oak, Florida) I taught fourth grade. There is a definite difference between fourth graders and sixth graders. However, for the most part, the kids were good (I only had to use my "teacher voice" a couple of times and only had to move one boy in sixth period). I hope the kids enjoyed the presentation.

Melissa and I ran to Wal Mart after school and then came home and got Dan then we went to Sonny's for dinner. After dinner, when Dan and I got back home, I realized that he had done the laundry for me while he was at home today. That was a very nice surprise and I really did appreciate it. That means I don't have to worry about doing it on Friday or Saturday. Yeah! I can actually just relax the next couple of days - Tomorrow it is suppose to rain all day - it poured last night, plus there was a lot of thunder last night - it work the girls up which means it woke me up - Jessie was a little scared until I covered her up with the quilt and scooted her up next to me - then she went right back to sleep.

I am really tired tonight - I guess the teaching thing tired me out more than I thought - so I'm going to sign off for tonight.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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