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Time Flies

Okay, I'm sorry.  I know that it has been over a week since I have posted.  I have no excuse other than we have been really busy - I can say that I tried to post last night, but the internet was down and I couldn't.  (I know - that isn't much of an excuse, but it's the best I can do.)
The last time I posted I told you that our big project for last week was to clean the garage - well, we did work on it - a lot.  It was just a whole lot more than even I thought it was.  Now, we did get quite a bit cleaned up (which you will see later), but this is the "work shop" area.  In other words, this is DAN'S area - need I say more?  I go out and I start to TRY and put things away and he starts saying things like "that isn't where I want that" or "Don't put that there!".  So, I  end up walking away and so, after a week - this is what it looks like ................................... I don't think it is going to get much better than this.…

Just working

It just seems like this week has gone by and nothing has been accomplished.  I know that this isn't true - or at least I hope that is the case- but it sure does seem like it.  Let us break down the week and see what we did get done.
Sunset on Lake June

Last Sunday evening we did take a ride on the boat at sunset and I shot a couple of pictures of the sun going down.  It was absolutely beautiful out on the Lake.  It wasn't too hot and the rain had already passed by which made it a nice time to be out on the water.  It was the first time in a while that we had been out on the boat - it had just been WAY too hot to be out, but hopefully, the weather will be cooling off some now and we will be able to spend some more time outside.
Monday we went into town and did some grocery shopping - I worked a little on the menu's, but I still have not gotten into really planning like I want to.  This is something that I am really going to have to do if I want to cut the grocery budget - bu…

The Finished Shelves

Yesterday was Dan's birthday and we had a little "pool" party.  Melissa, our youngest daughter, was baby sitting for a close friend of ours - so she brought Declan over to play in the pool for a while.  He is such a good baby and he and "Grandpa Dan" had a good time together as witnessed by the pictures below.

Doesn't really matter what your age is - having fun is having fun.  It just looks like Declan is saying to Dan "Let's Play" and Dan is saying "Okay, I'm ready!"  We all had a good time in the pool and later had a good dinner of grilled hamburgers with all the trimmings,  potato salad, and baked beans.  Then Melissa had baked Dan a wonderful homemade coconut cake (one of Dan's favorites).  So to say we were all stuffed when we finally left the table is a major understatement.

As many of you know, we have been working on the fireplace, and I kept saying that Dan would have it finished by this weekend.  Well, guess what?  H…


No long post tonight - there's football on!  Yahoo!!!  Talk to you guys later!

AHH! The Chairs!

It seems that I have taken a mini vacation from the blog - I certainly haven't taken a vacation from here - Dan and I have been working as I think the pictures I have included in the blog will attest to. First, let me show you Dan birthday present - isn't it pretty? I know, I know - not exactly what you would think of as a birthday present, but it is what he wanted and I thought I had really messed up. See about two weeks ago I tried to order this from a place that we had first seen it and they didn't have it anymore. Now, I had postponed getting this thing for Dan because I wanted to get it for his birthday (which is actually on Saturday) and I thought I had messed up for sure. So, I get on line and start searching for the thing, I finally find one and the price is about the same ($10 more, but that isn't bad), so I order it. The order goes through and I see the shipping (No, I couldn't find a free shipping code for this company - that should have told me somethi…

Office Furniture Arrived!

The office furniture was delivered today and I LOVE it! (Are you suppose to love inanimate objects? No, okay, I really, REALLY like it a lot!) It just fits perfectly in the corner of the bedroom where we did not have anything before.

Well, that is not exactly true. When we first got the new bedroom furniture, we put the dresser on this wall instead of under the window as we originally planned. Then we were going to put the desk in the corner by the pantry. However; the more we lived with this arrangement the more we didn't like it (or should I say, I didn't like it.) So, I made the suggestion to my wonderful husband that we put the dresser under the window, as we had originally planned, and turn that corner into the "office". I know, I know. All the decorating magazines say NOT to put your office in your bedroom, but when you have a small house sometimes you do what you have to do. So, we searched for a desk that we both liked and just couldn't come up with anyt…

Didn't seem to get ANYTHING done today!

Today was one of those days that you just don't get a whole lot accomplished. It has seemed to be that way a lot this week. It just seems like we have not gotten that much done - the fireplace is not finished. In fact, all Dan did today was fill in nail holes with putty. Now, in his defense, he did tell me late this afternoon that he wasn't feeling that well today - he says he has an ear ache. So, I have given him his alcohol/peroxide mixture. Let's see how that does.

Tomorrow the office furniture will be delivered - so I will need to dismantle the make shift office that I have set up now. I guess that means something will get done tomorrow, I'll get to finally get the office set up the way I want it to be. Which also means that I'll need to go through the file cabinet in the guest bedroom closet and get it straightened out. Looks like I will be a lot of "house keeping" tomorrow!

I did do one thing today - I ordered the pictures for the bedroom. I thought …

Still working on the fireplace along with other stuff

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - was really busy doing other stuff. Dan and I had to go into town (I don't think we will ever NOT have to go into town every day!) and we also had to go over to my mom's to take care of her cat. It just seems like sometimes we just run around in circles and don't get anything accomplished. Do any of you ever feel that way?

Anyway, today has been a little better. Dan got up and decided that he needed to put the first coat of paint on the fireplace to see where we are - he is still thinking about adding something else, but that is for a much later post. Anyway - here he is painting the fireplace -------------

As you can see, he has only completed one shelf. He is trying to decide the spacing on the other shelves. He says that is one of the reasons he wanted to paint the fireplace today - to see how it was going to look, so he could "visualize" the rest.

Here we are all painted - just the first coat, of course, but it does give you an…

"Shopping" in the storage unit

Okay, I've heard of people "shopping" in their closets, or even shopping in their friends closets, but have you ever heard of anyone "shopping" in their storage unit???? Well, that is sorta what I did this morning.

Let me explain. Dan and I went over to the storage unit to look for some things that we were missing, one of the things I was looking for is some material that I had purchased while we were still living in North Carolina and I think this material would make a great faux roman shade for the window in the master bathroom. Anyway, while Dan was looking for some other things, I was looking around for the box that might contain this material and instead I found two crates with clothes in them. Now, I haven't seen these clothes since we left North Carolina - and that has been almost four years ago (can that be possible? - Wow, time flies!). I convinced Dan that I just HAD to bring these two crates home and go through them.

Now, I'm not talking big cr…