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January Recap

Were has the month gone?  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was thinking about Christmas and now Valentine's day is just around the corner.  I was doing fairly well posting until I got sick with a cold.  Then I got better and oops - there it is again.  Anyway, I am on the up swing, I think - so let's see if we can recap the month.
I started going to Yoga the first of January.  I go twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday).  It might not be aerobic exercise, but I have really enjoyed going and I think it is good for balance.  I also volunteer at one of the gift shops at the Village Square on Wednesday mornings.  Also, I am now the Secretary on the Executive Committee for the Village - so that means I have meetings the Thursday of every month for the Executive Committee and a Membership wide meeting the third Thursday of every month.  Then I have to transcribe the notes from each meeting and put a recap in our local newspaper.  Now add on top of all this we both are having a …

Christmas Day

Well, I didn't quite make this post as soon as I thought.  Everything was going well until I decided to catch another cold.  This thing is everywhere in the Village, but I was hoping that I wouldn't catch it.  Nope, not to be.  Anyway, I am feeling some better today and thought I should get this post knocked out so I can start posting about the new year.
So,  Saturday morning we were up and ready to get things packed and get the car loaded.  We decided to take my car instead of the Dan's truck because it gets better gas mileage and it would give Jessie more room since we could put our luggage (which consisted of two overnight bags) and all the gifts in the trunk and Jessie would have the entire back seat for herself.  Plus we wouldn't have to worry about someone seeing the presents in the back seat and breaking into the truck if we made a pit stop.
We split up driving down - Dan drove first and then I took over after leaving the interstate heading for Lakeland.  We stopp…

December Recap Part 2

Hello again!  Don't faint, but I am back with two posts in one week!  How did that happen?????  I did say that I would post the rest of the December recap and here I am - are you ready???

I ended my last post with our trip to Fantasy of Lights on Sunday night.  Monday my daughter went to work and the girls went to school.   I headed out shopping, but I was to meet Melissa at their house around 2 so we could take cupcakes to Adalyn's class for one last round of celebrating her birthday.  When we got to school, Lorelai's teacher said that Lorelai had been asleep (unusual for her, but I thought she was just tired from the full weekend).  We woke her up in her class and headed to Ada's class for the cupcake celebration.  All of Ada's class was happy to eat all the sugar sweetness - but Lorelai didn't want hers.  (red flag number two)  The entire time we were in Ada's class Lorelai kept saying she was cold even though she had on her little jacket (red flag number…