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The house and yard today

Okay, are you ready for another picture heavy post?  I said yesterday when I went back and posted the almost before pictures that I would show you where we were today.  That's not exactly true - it is where we were on Tuesday.  Dan is working on a project right now for the family room - and looking to frame the bathroom mirrors next week.  So, things are changing every day.  Anyway, let's look at where we are today (or let's just say this week - okay?).
Let's start outside, shall we?  If you remember from yesterday that we didn't have a garage, nor a driveway for that matter.  A huge pine tree was removed to make room for a driveway that is straight.  All the dirt to the left of the driveway in this picture was where the old part gravel/mostly weeds driveway was.  We painted all the siding a shade of gray - Dan wants to paint the brick - I don't.  We do want to replace the front door and that might be done this winter.

While we continue to work in the front yard …

Where we began - sorta of

I know that this post SHOULD have been done a year ago - showing pictures of the house BEFORE the remodeling, but for some reason I never did.
So, just ignore the pictures posted before this or marvel at what we had and where we have come. 

I have searched and search both computers and can not for the life of me find the original pictures of the house.  I mean the ones that are pre any moving in or for that matter - before we even bought the house.  I have hard copies, but I can't find where I downloaded them on either computer.
So, I guess I'll have to start with pictures taken after we moved in BUT before any remodeling was done.

This was taken looking out the front door.  Yes, even this has all changed.

These pictures were taken after we had been in the house for about three months. (Actually, these were taken in January - so we had been in the house almost SIX months!  YIKES!!!)   I was finally here full-time and not driving back and forth to Lake Placid every weekend.  I had …