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I finally got an item knocked off my "to do" list.  I have had a cardboard box FULL of old paperwork that needed to be shredded for probably close to five years.  I just didn't have a shredder (should I admit that????).  Anyway, the one I used to have before we hit the road full time quit working and we threw it away.  I did take some things (a box of stuff) to the credit union down south an they shredded it for us.  But I had a lot of things - like old credit card statements that I had been saying we needed to shred but never did.
Well, I finally ordered a new shredder from Amazon last week and it came on Wednesday.  I spent the next three days getting it all shredded - 11 garbage bags of shredding! I really took my time as I didn't want to burn up the new shredder.

It's done and I don't have to worry about it anymore! Yippee!!!!

We are working on a few little things around here  - when it isn't too hot to get outside.  (the temperature yesterday was 105 - th…

Office/Craft Room Closet

Well, we've been busy around here for the last week.
A week ago Monday it rained all day.   We really needed the rain and it was a nice quiet day of enjoying cooler temperatures and sitting on the back porch and listening to the rain fall.  Tuesday I had an appointment to get my hair cut.  It has only taken three haircuts to finally get something that I can live with.  The first one was the first of July when I was down in Lakeland, then Dan tried to fix it when I got home.  While it was better it still wasn't exactly what I wanted.  So, I finally made an appointment here in the village and got it cut.  Wednesday we took mom into town and went to WalMart to buy groceries.  Then we went by Lowe's and picked up the lumber for the shelves in the office.  When we got home I emptied the closet of all the stuff that was just piled in it.
This is just some of it.

Thursday Dan spent the day building the shelves.  We continued to have rain showers off and on all day, but he was able t…


We have been waiting weeks to have the dead pine trees taken out of the backyard.  Our area has been hit hard with pine bore beetles.  They infest the inside of the pine tree and eat it from the inside out - you can actually see saw dust at the base of the tree.  Anyway, we had four that were dead and we had two more that needed to come out due to their location near the new addition.  Last Wednesday and Thursday the tree man was here and the dead trees are now gone.
One of the men would go up in a bucket
Tie onto limbs ........
While the men on the ground kept an eye on where the limbs were going to fall.

Then it was time to top the tree .......
Going ........
(see the rope that the guys on the ground were pulling?)


Then it was time to cut up the big pieces and stack them for the truck to pick up and haul away

Picking the logs up

Then they would come in with the stump grinder and get rid of all the stumps so, one day, we will have a nice smooth yard.

All nice a…


Just a really quick post to show the flowers beside the garage.  Dan and I put these together last week and they sure make the front of the house look better, but then moving the garbage cans from the front of the house made the house look better - LOL!

The yard is starting to look a little better - one step at a time.

This is cabinet Dan made for a friends apartment.  The bathroom was redone and she lost some storage space.  So, Dan made this for her bathroom to put towels on.  He is so talented (but don't tell him I said that - LOL!)

Oh, and you get to see the dirty garage! 
Today we went down and got Dan a new debit card with a chip in it - we still haven't decided if we are going to stop using the debit card or not.  We shall see.
Also went by Mom's this morning and talked to her about displaying her quilts in October - we are going to have to go through them and cut down on the amount she has out to display - she must have over a hundred quilts and wall hangings that she …


On Friday I said that Dan was working on a couple of projects that I hoped I'd be able to share today.  Well, I can!  Dan worked really hard all day Saturday and got the project finished, painted, and installed.  Then I spent Saturday evening doing my thing - you know, the pretty stuff.

Let's go back and look at the pictures of the family room on Friday.

Do you notice anything with the windows?  No???  Well, you wouldn't.  They were very unfinished.
Now, let's look at today.

 See the shelves???  Yep, Dan built the shelves for me this weekend and I think they look pretty awesome.
We have ordered some curtains that we hope will be in this week that will change this area even more.  I think it will be the finishing touch for these windows.  Anyway, I am so happy with the shelves.  I still need to "tweak" the left side of the shelf on the picture above.  Not real happy with the way it looks - but I'll work on it. 
Plus, we were able to get rid of another box fro…