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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bad blogger

Okay, I am officially a very bad blogger.

I know that I said a couple of weeks ago that I would post
pictures of the renovation of the house and where we
are in the process.

Well, that just didn't happen -
for several reasons.

First - and probably the biggest reason -
I am usually not here at the house long
enough to do a post.
I come over with Dan and
he get bored very easy.
If there isn't a project that he can help
the guys with he is ready to go
back to the camper after about
thirty minutes - just
 not enough time to do a post.

Second - I FINALLY got my "new" computer
fixed.  You know the one that I bought
two years ago but haven't been able
to use because every time I tried to do something
I was bombarded with spam and
advertising.  Well, $200 later I
have a computer that is fixed with
Windows 10 and I am in love.  It can do
so much more than the old one
but that leads to reason number three.

Three - No pictures on the new computer.
This is something I hope to remedy
soon - but that leads back to
number one -

I just want to let you know that things are moving
right along with the renovation and
we are hoping to be back
in the house in about a
Target date is May 6th!

We shall see if that happens but in
the meantime I will work
on trying to get pictures transferred over
to this computer and
try to find time to
do future posts.

Hope you all are having a great week.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Walls gone

Walls are down -
plumbing and electrical
is being roughed in.

The above picture shows you
just how small the
kitchen was.

It is still going to be small but
after walking in the house
and seeing it all open
the design of the kitchen changed.

I'm excited that it will not be closed in
and we worked with the
cabinet man to
come up with a new 
kitchen design that will allow the
kitchen to stay open.

 Soon to be dining room and
laundry room.
The temporary wall is in the doorway of 
the new family room.

Another one of the dining and laundry room
from a different angle.
Looking out into the garage.

Taking the old bathtub out of 
the master bathroom.

Another shot of the kitchen.
The guest bathroom is in the background.

 Things have changed since these pictures were 

I'll save them for another post -

Hopefully, Friday.

Until then -

Monday, March 21, 2016

Moving along

Well, I didn't get over to do a post
this weekend -

that doesn't mean I wasn't here.

Dan and I worked on getting the old laminate
flooring out of the kitchen and both 

Dan uses a roofing shovel to get the corner up
and then I pull up the flooring.

To say that I am sore would be
I have used muscles I didn't even
know I had -
and we still have the rest of the house
to do -
both bedrooms,
living room, dining room,
laundry room, office,
 and two hallways!

Oh my!!!!

We have decided that we will work about an hour
every afternoon after the guys leave
and we hope to be able to get
 it all done in a week.

We shall see.

I realized that I haven't posted 
many pictures so - 
I'll show you some of the 
guys setting the
on the family room and
These are from a couple of 
weeks ago -
we are a lot further
along now.

Dan helping out - getting the
trusses attached
to the fork lift.

So much has changed since these photos, 
but I'll save them
for a later

Maybe (???) tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moving along

Well, it's been seventeen days since I
last posted.

How can that be possible????

Well, part of the reason is we have moved out of the house
due to the remodeling process -

I mean, when you have no walls, no kitchen, 
and no bathroom it's a little hard
to live in the house.

The issue is - the house is the only place
I have internet -

so, unless I come over and have some
extra time -
no post.

This post will be short and sweet -

The walls are down -
the family room is "dryed"  in -
installing the fireplace today.

The electrician has been here the last couple of
days doing his rough in.

The plumber has done his rough in
except he has to come
back and install my shower.

Things are moving along -

I'll try and get over on the
weekend and
do a longer post with pictures -

but for now - I gotta run.

Hope you are having a great 
St. Patrick's Day!

Talk to you soon!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Well, I didn't get pictures posted this weekend.

Then Monday I didn't have internet.

But, I do have some pictures for you today.

What will be the new family room and porch

Looking toward back yard

What will be the garage

Starting to dry in the family room


French doors
(and Jessie)

Tomorrow they will start to put up the trusses
(IF it isn't raining)

More pictures to follow.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

An Update

Hello out there!

Yes, I've been AWOL again -
but, if you are my friend on Facebook
you know why.

For those of you that aren't - 
I've had pneumonia.

It has really knocked me on my backside
for almost a month now.
I am happy to say that I am
on the mend and am
feeling better
every day.

The doctor has said that it could
take as long a four to six
months to be back
to my "normal"
(whatever "normal" is).

Anyway, I am feeling better 
so I thought I would update you on 
what's going on around here.

The construction has FINALLY

The old family room has been
torn off - the old carport
has been demolished.

The new concrete has been poured for 
the family room and the
back porch.

The front yard is a disaster as
trees and shrubbery has
been torn out of the ground
and the concrete from
the carport is gone.

So, where are the pictures you ask?
On my phone!
I don't know how to transfer pictures from
my phone to the blog, so
hopefully, this weekend 
(or sooner)
I will
get out back and take some
pictures on my DSLR camera so I 
can download them
for you to see.

Other than disconnecting the hot water heater
and putting up a false wall
(where the old family room was)
nothing has happened inside
the house yet.

Yep, we are living without hot water -
and we will probably move over to the
camper next weekend.
(We have been going to the campground
to take showers - LOL!)

I have not been able to 
pack up anything -
but since I am feeling better -
I am hoping to get that started/finished
next week.

A little at a time.

So, just wanted to check in and let you know
what is going on.

Maybe I can get some pictures up
for you to see

Check back and see.


Monday, January 25, 2016


Well, another week has come and gone and nothing has
happened here.

I had such high hopes that we would finally get to meet
with the contractor and do the final revisions
before the actual construction begins.
That just hasn't happened.

Dan said this morning that if we didn't hear from them
he would call tomorrow and make an 
We shall see.

This morning the county came out and
marked there all the 
electrical and Internet lines
The village is suppose to come
and dig up the two big
Sago Palms at the end of the
driveway and start
cleaning the fence row.
Maybe that will happen this week?????

We have had our coldest temperatures so far this 
winter this past week - the east coast was
hit with a major snow storm with over
two feet of snow.
My daughter, who lives in Nashville, also was
hit with some big snow - close to a foot and a half.
That's big snow for Nashville proper.

We had below freezing temperatures three nights -
but we are suppose to warm up to the 70's tomorrow
before our next cold snap hits.

Dan and I didn't have any coats for this cold weather - but while loading the boxes stored in my office closet we found a box with
some of our coats in it.
So, at least we'll have something to wear when this
next cold snap comes.

I also decided to come down with a cold last week.
Monday I had a scratchy throat and by Tuesday I was
congested and couldn't talk.  Ahhh, the joys of my
having a cold.  I am feeling somewhat better today and
think that the worst is over.

Wednesday evening we will be getting the
girls for a couple of days!
They should be here after dinner and
we'll have them Wednesday night,
Thursday night, and then their mom will be
back on Friday.  I'm not sure if they will stay here
Friday night or if Melissa will head back down to Lake Placid.
So, that should be an interesting couple of days.
(Of course, this will be when the contractor wants
to get started - he'll just have to wait.)

Well, that's about it.