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Where is cooler weather????

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy. Disclaimer:  This post has a LOT of pictures of the two girls.
Let's start with last week. Monday Lorelai had a make up swimming lesson. (Please forgive the quality of the pictures - they were taken with my phone)
Lorelai and Ms. Erin

Kick, kick, kick

She was not a real happy camper but she always did whatever she was asked to do.  She might be crying while she was doing it, but she did do it.
Tuesday Dan had his second eye surgery.  Both of the surgeries have gone well and he no longer has to wear glasses at all - well,  he does need very low magnification glasses to read. In fact, we just went to WalMart and got the lowest magnification they had.  So far, they have worked out well.
Wednesday was a "normal" day with the girls.
Playing in the family room.

Yo dude, what's up???
Too cute!

The little one is growing so darn fast!
Thursday, I had my eye appointment, so the girls were picked up early.
The doctor's appointment went well. The g…

Will I Ever get my voice back?

I think you can tell from the title of this post that I still do not have a voice. While some may think that this should not be a hardship have never lived with my husband.  Since he is hard of hearing, and I can't talk loud, we are having a very hard time communicating. I can't NOT talk - we do keep two little ones during the week - and that requires talking - quite a lot! I feel so much better - just don't have a voice. Oh well, I may have to just get used to not having a voice. We'll manage - somehow.

A new, big milestone was reached last week.  On Wednesday I 
received my first SOCIAL SECURITY check!
So, yep, it's official - I'm OLD!!!! lol!
I don't mind - it's about time I starting getting
back a little bit of what I paid in for all those years.
(I started working when I was 14 years old - so,
I had worked almost my whole like.  Or at least, it sure
seems liked it sometimes!)
Here are a couple of pictures of Dan playing with the girls. They love for their "P"…

Well,well, well

I sure do wish I could say that I was finally "well, well, well", but I'm afraid that I can't.  I can say that I am feeling better, but I don't have a voice. (Dan doesn't think that is such a bad thing - LOL!)
The weather around here has been HOT, HOT, HOT!!! We have had temps above 100 degrees every day for well over a week. It has been so hot that I really don't like to let the girls go out and play for long - just too hot!

One day Dan did get in the pool with Lorelai. So fun!
Friday I finally took the plunge and got my hair cut. I had been trying to convince myself to get a pixie - and Friday I did it!!!

This is my first attempt at a "selfie".  I took it right after I got home from having it cut - she didn't wash or dry it so it's a little "wild". It looked better the next day after I blow dried it.
Friday night we met some people from church to watch the fireworks instead of going out on the lake to see them. (It was nice to be with friends, …