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We have a House!!

Okay folks, I told you that IF the deal with the house was a "GO" I would publish pictures, if not then it would just go away. Well, here are pictures of the house so I guess you can say that the deal went through. So, this is what you see when you walk in the front door of the house - the swimming pool out to the canal. Not too bad of a view. That is the good thing - and it's about all I can say is a good thing. There is so much work to do on this house - you just can't imagine. BUT, that is what Dan loves to do - actually we both love to fix up houses and change them into the diamond they can be- and it will definitely keep him busy for a while (and that's a good thing).
Anyway, I have had the home inspection done, talked to AC men - yard men - pool enclosure men - tree people - pool people - homeowners insurance people - you name it and I've spoken to them in the last two days. I have arranged for the electric to be transferred to our name - made ar…

Waiting for the paperwork

I'm just hanging out in Lake Placid waiting for the bank to send all the paperwork so we can finalize the purchase of the house. Once we get the paperwork we can order the home inspection and have that done before I leave to go back to Juneau. (Actually we have 10 days after we get the paperwork to get the home inspection done.) Our realtor says that it will not be a problem for us to have everything done before I leave - but we have to wait to get the paperwork.
Anyway, Melissa and I went to her school and worked there today - she moved into a new classroom and all the cabinets and bookshelves needed to be cleaned. So, we spent all day getting that done so next week she can put all her stuff away. Of course, we have to go to Atlanta next weekend before I fly back to Juneau - I can help her in her room next week except when we have to get the inspection done.
I want to go to Home Depot and Lowes sometime this weekend - I want to get paint chips and I also want to look at til…

Lake Placid

Hello everyone - well, today has been one of those days where you are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. We were suppose to hear about the house today - we gave the bank 2 days to let us know if they accepted the offer.
About 4:30 the realtor called and asked me if I had gone by the house today - when I said no she told me that I needed to - the bank had had the yard cleaned up - I mean the house had been deserted for over 2 years and the yard was a complete disaster - overgrown so much you could hardly even see the house. Well, you wouldn't believe the difference - you can actually see the yard - okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little - there isn't any yard or at least any grass, but there will be with some rain. The point is the yard is cleaned up quite a bit and that will save us some big bucks just having that done.
The realtor meet us (Justin and I) at the house when Justin got home from work. We went in the house and took lots of pictures for Dan (73 to …


Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days - I guess the last time I blogged was last Friday night - before I jumped on a plane and headed down to Florida. I didn't mean to be cryptic or to worry anyone - really nothing is wrong with me or Melissa. There was just something that came up that I needed to check on.
So what would be so important that I would jump on a plane and fly to Florida at the spur of the moment??? Well, actually, it's a house - and not just any house, but a house on the canal to Lake June which we looked at when we were down at Highlands Hammock State Park back last December. We had told a Real Estate agent to let us know if this house came on the market - it had been deserted and we were told involved in a bitter divorce. Well, the house came on the market and it is in foreclosure - so Dan wanted me to come and look at it before we did anything "rash". Well, we have put an offer in and the bank has two days to let us know - which means they …

So Much Happening!

This is going to be really short and sweet because I need to catch a flight in the morning at 8:00 am. I'm flying down to Ft. Myers - long story that I don't have time to explain tonight.

If you don't see any entries for a few days I will be in Lake Placid and I'm leaving my computer here for Dan - so I'll have to borrow my daughter's. Anyway, I will do my best to blog when I can.

Keep checking back!

Take care and ----------------

I'll talk to you when I can!

Finally got those berries picked!

Well, I finally got those berries picked that I talked about yesterday - I didn't get it done until today though. Seemed like all kinds of things came up yesterday to keep me from getting to the berry patch. First our "big boss" came out to see us. Actually, the Juneau Ranger District just got a new administrator (Pete, that we met when we first got here retired the first of June), and SHE came out to meet us. She brought Marc boss with her - in case you are getting lost - Marc is the ranger that is in charge of getting volunteers here at the campground. Anyway, she wanted to not only meet us but to see if we had any ideas to make the campground better, or any complaints. We have had some ideas, like putting a sensor on the gate so people can get out if they need to go catch an early ferry, and some complaints - Dan is still complaining about using our truck to do rounds with - and we also suggested that they run cable to the host spot - the host could pay for it I…

Berry Picking

Okay - thanks for those that are sticking with me on this journey - as I said before, this is going to tell "the good, the bad, and the ugly". I guess a couple of days ago you could say that it was "the bad and the ugly", but I think everyone is entitled to a down day every once in awhile and Monday was mine. I'm all better now and we are back on track.

There is actually some sunshine today - I would call today overcast - but that is better than "rain" - and I think that I will try and get out and do some berry picking. We have wild blueberries growing around us - not on cultivated "trees" like I used to pick in North Carolina - but on bushes that grow close to the ground. I really have a two prong plan on picking the berries - one, it will give us some for muffins and pancakes; two, it will get rid of a "bear attractor" (don't need the bear too close to the house!). Plus it will get me outside (so I guess it is a three pro…

Strange Day

Today has been a very strange day (ending with just erasing this entire post just as I was getting ready to post it!). I don't know what has been the problem with today - it just hasn't felt right. We have done our rounds for tonight and are in for the evening - in fact, Dan is getting ready to watch a movie.

I told Dan yesterday that I don't think I could live here in Juneau ( and not just because of the winters). I don't think I could handle the rain - it has rained here for four days and it is suppose to continue until at least Friday (when they say the chance of rain showers is only 70%). Anyway, I really don't even think I mind the rain that much - if only it were a little warmer. The HIGH today was 48 - yep, you read that right. In Florida, 48 would be a nice temperature in January NOT July 5th. I have only worn long sleeve shirts since we have been here - when I start to go outside I put on my hooded sweatshirt and then my rain coat over that. I think…

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Guess what - it's RAINING!!! It rained so hard yesterday and last night that they cancelled the fireworks!! Now - that is raining. We talked to some of the locals yesterday and they said that it is the first time since they have lived in Juneau (and a couple have been here over 20 years) that the city cancelled the fireworks. The radio said that the cloud cover was below Roberts Mountain (which is where they shoot them off from) so even if they had no one would have been able to see them. They were suppose to do them tonight - but with all the rain today I don't know if they will or not. We did have a few fireworks from the people that live close to the campground and over at Skater's Cabin, but nothing worth worrying about. We locked the gate at 10 just like normal. I really think that we dodged a big bullet and I am ever so grateful!

The campground is pretty quiet today - people are staying under their tarps in their own campsite or they are packing up to go home.…

It's Raining Again!

Well, today should be the worst day of our time here in Juneau, and it's raining! Hopefully that means it won't be as bad as if it wasn't raining. When we did rounds this morning some people were already packing up to go home - some said that they had had enough of the rain and were ready to pack it in. Other's didn't think the gate was going to be open (we have the cards ready to hand out). Anyway, it should be interesting to see how many people stay around and how many go home. Of course we will have our tourists, but I don't think they would be a problem. Of course, we did have someone knock on the door this morning at a quarter to 6 - she "forgot" she had to go to work this morning - Dan was NOT a happy host. We sometimes think that we need a sign on the door that says "Your lack of planning does not make it an emergency to us", but of course we can't. Sometimes it would be nice though.

Okay - enough of that! Yesterday I ma…

Sorry for nothing last night

This is going to be short and sweet - just wanted to let you know that everything is okay - I didn't post last night due to getting in sorta late from our dinner out and I had a headache - still do, but it is manageable. Will post tonight about all that is going on.

Hope all is well with you and that you are getting ready to enjoy your 4th of July!

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I'll talk to you tonight!!!!