Saturday, December 12, 2009

Laundry Day again

Today I had to get the laundry done whether I wanted to or not. So, not to wait until the last minute I asked Dan to help me take the loads of clothes over to the laundry mat here in the park (the laundry mat consists of two washing machines and two dryers). I only did the two loads of knits that I had - no jeans and no towels. I thought that when I went over to Melissa's I would do the rest.

Dan left to go up to Lakeland around 12:30 and I did a little more Christmas shopping on line. Then I called Melissa and asked if they could come pick me up (sometimes it sucks to only have one vehicle). She was wrapping presents so Justin came up and got me - I loaded all the presents that needed to be wrapped along with my paper and ribbon - and I grabbed the load of jeans. (Okay, I forgot the towels - my fault.) After putting the jeans in the wash Melissa put on a movie (more about the movie later) and I wrapped presents. I got everything wrapped and the jeans done with no problems at all. I had even received one of the packages that I had ordered on line. Hopefully, many more will show up next week. We decided NOT to go to the Christmas parade - I was just too tired and Justin doesn't like big crowds - Melissa just didn't want to go. So, we just stayed at the house and watched TV. Melissa did go and pick up dinner - but other than that we just chilled at the house. It was a nice quiet evening.

Dan came in just before the Heisman announcement. Everyone knows who I wanted to win - I knew that he wouldn't but that doesn't stop me from wishing and wanting. In fact, I even said that if Tim couldn't win I hoped Toby (the player from Stanford) would win. Well, I wanted Tim, and I hoped for Toby, but we all knew who was going to win - even though it was very close - congratulations to Mark Ingram from Alabama - he is a very good player and was very deserving. Actually all five of the finalists were very deserving. I have no hard feelings - Tim has his Heisman that no one can take away from him (I just wanted him to be the second person to ever win two). However it was not to be.

Now, let me talk about the movie Melissa and I watched tonight - I really didn't think that this was going to be a movie that I would like. Boy, was I wrong! I love this movie - I might have to buy this movie it was so good - I want Dan to watch this movie - I think that he will really like it too. What movie am I talking about, you are asking? Star Trek! Yes, Star Trek - I thought this couldn't be good because they didn't have the original cast (that would be a little hard to do - they are a little old to play the parts of themselves young - I know they can do wonders with special affects - but no one is THAT good. Plus some of them have passed away - Bones and Scotty). I was all ready to hate this movie - but it was really very good. Not Academy Award winning good - but probably one of the best movies I have seen in a while when you are talking about pure entertainment. I can see them making more with this cast - they could certainly do all kinds of things - playing off some of the TV shows. It will be interesting to see what they do next.

Tomorrow we will be back at work - I will get some change down at the ranger station and do the towels here in the park after work. It will give me something to do since all the presents are wrapped that I have. We will need to run into town at some point and pick up Dan's new "Milepost" for Alaska - that will give him something to read and plan with for quite a long time - it might even take him up to our actual departure date.

I really don't have much else to report tonight - I hope that you all have a good Sunday.

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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