Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back to work tomorrow

Today was another semi wash out - it did finally stop raining about 3 this afternoon - we were suppose to have a concert here in the park tonight, but that was cancelled because of all the rain. Oh well, it would have been a mess. I don't know if they have rescheduled the concert or not - probably not.

We pretty much stayed inside today - I made some chili in the crock pot and just sorta stayed close to home - after we got home from Lake Placid. I did leave my phone at Melissa and Justin's last night and we went down to pick it up - but Melissa and Justin weren't home - they had come to Sebring to get some stuff and then buy their Christmas tree. The only good thing was we did beat them back to our 'house' and so I did get my phone back. Dan is determined to get him a phone this coming week. That's okay - I just hope we can figure out what is wrong with my phone. I HATE my phone - if anybody out there is in the market for a new phone DO NOT GET A CHOCOLATE! It is awful!!!!! I would love to get another phone, but I just got this one in April so I have another year with this piece of - well you get the picture. We'll just have to go with the flow and suck it up and let it be. (Maybe we'll just use Dan's phone when we get him a new one - yeah! that's what I can do.)

Well, it looks like congratulations are in order for the Alabama Crimson Tide - they certainly had the Gators number tonight. That's okay - I really was routing for Tim Tebow - he is a good kid and I really just wanted him to get another Heisman, but I guess that was not to be. That's okay - he'll be fine (he'll be upset and disappointed in himself) but Alabama certainly was the better team tonight. It's been a good run for Tim and the Gators. However, there is some good that came out of this game. Now I can route for Texas and not feel bad. Hook em horns!!!!!!

I want to say thanks to all of you that keep the comments coming - it certainly makes it easier for me to keep writing every day. Linda and Darrell - sorry you won't be able to make it down this way, but we certainly understand how things can get in the way. Ted and Donna - thanks for coming along on this ride - it is nice to know that others are out there. If you talk to Rick and Brenda tell them we said 'hello'. Hope you keep reading and staying with us along the road.

Well, I don't have anything else to report tonight. We go back to work tomorrow - thank goodness it's not raining any more - but look out it's gonna get COLD! Take care all and

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


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