Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Surgery!!!!

While Dan is still in the hospital the good news is the doctor has said that he does not think he will require surgery! That is something to be very thankful for. I appreciate all the concern and prayers from all our friends out there - it is very heartwarming to know that all of you are there lending support to us both.

Dan's oldest daughter came down today to see him for a little while - until Dan kicked her out. He said that she needed to be at home with her kids - He did not want them to be at the hospital. He is so afraid that he is going to be a Grinch and steal Christmas from the grandkids. He just wants everyone to be able to celebrate Christmas with their family and not be worrying about him. He doesn't even want me to be at the hospital tomorrow, but wants me to go to Melissa's down in Lake Placid since the family is going to be there for Christmas. That just "ain't gonna happen" - my place is beside him. That doesn't matter is he is at home or in the hospital I'm going to be with him. I will take him his stocking in the morning so he will have something and hopefully help him feel better.

Melissa did come up this morning and take the pups down to her house for the day so I wouldn't have to worry about them and their not being able to go out. Justin brought them home about 5 o'clock this afternoon. I left the hospital around 6:45 and came home. The pups were SO glad to see me. I knew that I had to go back to Melissa's to see her sister and have a little dinner. The pups were just having a fit when I got ready to leave again - so, I ended up taking them with me. They were really good even with all the other dogs (there were four other dogs down at Melissa's). When we sat down to eat I put them in Melissa's bedroom and they got up on the couch in her room and slept. I didn't stay long (about an hour total) before I came home. Now I'm going to go in and crash.

Dan and I wish all of you a very blessed and Merry Christmas. May the spirit of the season fill your home all year long. Please keep Dan in your thoughts and prayers - hopefully I will get him home in the next day or so. Take care and hopefully --------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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