Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Getting better every day

So, what has been happening around here for the last week?  Well, last Monday Dan had fasting labs.  Tuesday we went over to Lake City to a new produce market we were told about and then a quick stop at WalMart to pick up a few groceries. Wednesday I volunteered at the shop.  Thursday was Dan's doctor's appointment here in the Village.  It went very well and while his potassium level is on the high end of normal all his other blood work was good.  He will have another blood draw in four weeks to make sure he is staying at a healthy level.

Thursday afternoon we headed up to Sam's in Valdosta to pick up a few things for the cook out on the 4th and went by Hobby Lobby to get a shelf for the back porch.  There was this spot on the porch that "needed" a little something.  We also stopped for gas since it costs about forty cents cheaper in Georgia.

Friday I did laundry before working a little in the back yard.  I also worked in my head on how to arrange the new shelves on the back porch.

Saturday was a quiet day at home just doing little things until Dan decided he wanted to go down to Roy's Restruarnt in Steinhatchee.  We invited our friends Bud and Joyce to go with us and we left here around 3 in the afternoon for the hour drive down to the coast.  We had an awesome lunch and enjoyed watching all the  boats coming in from a day on the gulf 

 Dan's Seafood paltter

Part of the steady stream of boats

I had a video that showed all the boats, but I can't get it to download - but there was a steady stream for the entire hour we were there and looked like there would be a few more hours of boats coming in.

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