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Lake Placid

Sorry I didn't post last night - we went out to dinner and then a friend of Melissa's came over with her little boy - so cute - he was dressed up as a baby giraffe. (He is only three.) Anyway, by the time they left everyone was ready for bed.

I'll try and get pictures of the house today and post on the blog tonight - today is a day of college football and just taking it easy. We did go out and eat breakfast this morning and then Melissa and Justin rode us around.

Yesterday on our way down to Melissa's we stopped at the state park where we will be working just to check in and see where our spot will be. It is a very pretty park - with lots of trees. That just means we won't be getting any satellite TV - two months of paying for something we can't get. I might call them and see if they have a vacation service - where you don't have to pay for the satellite if your on "vacation" - I mean, if we aren't going to be able to use it I don't…

insurance meeting in Lakeland

We arrived in Lakeland this afternoon and got the "house" all set up at Dana's - it took awhile for the house to cool down - it was 93 degrees outside when we got here - we aren't used to this kind of heat and neither are the pups. They were just lying around with their poor little tongues hanging out. Anyway, we finally got everything cooled off and they are fine now (and yes, Crystal I had plenty of fresh, cool water down for them.)

We had a quick bite with Dana, Mark and the girls (thank goodness for Little Ceasers Pizza) and then it was off to the insurance meeting at Lakeland High School. I don't know if we know anything more now then we did before we went but we have decided that we are going to go with the 3160/3161 plan and hope for the best. Dan gets so upset when you go to a meeting like this and they open it up for questions - people always want to ask a specific question that pertains to them instead of a general question - he wants them to wait an…

Got the Call

I don't know where my brain was last night - it wasn't the "last night in Dowling Park" - tonight is the last night in Dowling Park. Boy, I guess I just wasn't thinking or if I was thinking I wasn't thinking correctly.

I don't remember if I told you that Carol, Neil, Dan and I went back into town last night and had dinner at the Crab Shack - boy was it good, but I ate wayyyyyyyy too much!!!! That's okay - I'll just have to watch what I eat for a few days - in fact I had a salad tonight with water and lemon for dinner (although I did cheat and have a couple of Dan's onion rings). I know that I talked about Dan going back over to Neil's house to help with the plumbing issue - they didn't get it fixed. Oh well - I think Neil got it fixed this morning before he left to go back to Gulf Hammock.

Dan and I went over to the storage room today and got all the fall decorations/dishes out and repacked the basement. We were able to get most of…

Our last night in Dowling Park

Today was a wash out - literally! It rained and rained and rained! Dan went over to Neil's today and helped him with a plumbing issue - they didn't get it fixed today - sooooo, he's back over there tonight seeing if he can help get it fixed. We'll see how it goes when he gets home.

I went over and went through the Yankee Candles (I can't believe how many candles I have - I should be ashamed of myself). Anyway, I got all the fall candles and put them in the new unit - I love to burn candles in the fall and winter - there is just something about having a candle burning in the house when it is cold and wet outside. Anyway, I shouldn't have to buy any new candles for awhile.

I guess I haven't done a very good job describing the new unit - I just said that it was a little bigger than our old unit - so let me address that question. Actually this unit is four feet longer - it is 37 feet long and has four slides - two in the living area, one in the kitchen, an…

Monday in Dowling Park

Today was a day of getting things finished and starting some things that hopefully we will get finished tomorrow ----

Neil came in this morning and came over to see us - then Dan went over to his house and helped him with a toilet issue (don't ask me - I don't know). I stayed at home and got some things finished up here - like transferring the insurance from the old unit to the new one. Anyway, when Carol came in this afternoon we went into town for dinner - but the place we wanted to go was closed on Monday's - sooo we went to a Bar-B-Que place instead and will probably go back into town tomorrow night to eat at this place.

We also did some running around in town - went to WalGreens and picked up some pictures that I had ordered on line - now I can actually start doing some scrapbooking of our travels. Then we ran by Lowe's so Dan could pick up some parts to fix the toilet issues for Neil.

Now, since we can't get ESPN on our TV I'll watch Dancing with the Star…

Finally Pictures!!!!!

Okay - I finally took pictures of our new home. I hope you enjoy looking at the new place - we sure are enjoying living in it - most of these are self explanatory - this is looking toward the back from the front door ................................................

This is the desk, tv, and fireplace (yes, I said fireplace). This is like the one we had in our 'sticks and bricks' house here in Dowling Park. It does have a small electric heater built in with a fan - so when it is cold we can turn this on and help heat the living room area - when it isn't cold and we just want the look we can turn it on without the heater. Nice feature for us. (OH, look - you will see my computer on it's new stand!)

Another shot toward the back .............................

This is the kitchen area and what you see when you walk in the front door - see my double door refrigerator???? It's the greatest!!!!!!

Of course, this is the bedroom - yes, we still have a king size bed (that is …

A Day of Shopping

I know, I know - I thought I would get the pictures taken today also - but, as it has a way of happening, things got in the way -

First, this morning Dan decided that he wanted to finish up the projects that he started yesterday as well as put the hole in the desk for all the computer wires (you know one of those things that has the plastic cover and you feed the wires through to the plug - they are on office desks - I don't know what they are called). Anyway, he decided that he needed to run back into town to pick up a few things to finish the shelves in the pantry. Well, before we left my friend Patty came over and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Wal Mart with her. Since there were some things that we wanted from Wal Mart we decided that I would go into town with Patty and Dan would go to Lowes and get the things that he needed. I made my list and Dan made his.

Patty and I went into town and we helped each other get the things on our individual lists - I must admit I did p…

Trip on the river

Okay - I thought that we would be sticking close to home today - guess that's what I get for thinking!

Actually we did stick pretty close to home this morning - Dan got the shelves put up in the pantry and over the washer/dryer - then I put all the stuff away - you know arrange the pantry the way I wanted it and put the baskets of cleaning stuff (both clothes and 'house') up over the washer/dryer. I also made the chicken and yellow rice (finally!!) and I balanced the checkbook and paid a couple of bills. I also worked on getting the 'black book' caught up.

We had gotten an email from the volunteer coordinator in Highland Hammock a few days ago and I filled out the paperwork she had sent and got that off in the mail too. We went to the post office and picked up the mail that had been held while Bud and Joyce were in Canada (Joyce is my "mail lady") and also went over to the Village Grocer and bought a beef roast that I will fix in the crock pot one day (…


Today was laundry day - and we went into town and bought a few groceries and the stuff to put the shelves up.

Tomorrow we are sticking close to home and I will take more time to blog - I'm still exhausted and I'm going to bed.

Please stay with me - I will get back to writing about what is happening - promise.

Talk to you tomorrow (bigger post!)

Dowling Park

Good evening all - well, we finally made it to Dowling Park and have set up the 'house' for the next week. We have Doctor's appointments next week, and until then I am just going to take it easy - we have worked hard the last couple of days and I think we deserve a little rest.

Now, I say I'm going to rest - that doesn't mean I won't be doing cooking, cleaning and laundry - but that is just the regular stuff. I mean I won't be moving stuff from one 'house' to another. It will be nice to sit and look through the magazines that have accumulated at my friends house for 4 months and to decide what I want to use to decorate the new 'house' with.

Dan does have a little work to do in the next week or so - we want to install a shelf above the washer/dryer to keep the laundry stuff on as well as other cleaning supplies and we also want to put a couple of shelves in the pantry to double the storage space in the pantry for cans. We will work on that …

Boned Tired!!!!

If I thought I was tired last night I had no idea what tired is. We have worked all day and we have just about gotten everything moved into the new unit and put away - All we have left to do is to move some of our clothes - empty under the bed and clean out the drawer under the couch. We plan on being able to leave here early tomorrow and get settled in Dowling Park by early afternoon. Then I am going to rest!

We haven't just moved stuff over - we have put things away - put down new shelf liners and just really straightened things up. We have found that we can do without some things and we will get rid of those - we do have a storage unit here.

I'm not going to stay on long tonight - I'm going to go take a shower and then climb in the bed and finish watching NCIS. You guys take it easy and I'll talk to you tomorrow!


This is going to be very short and sweet - Dan and I are BEAT!!!!! We didn't get the new unit over to the RV park until after 3:30 this afternoon and we have been going full steam every since. We even got up early this morning - neither one of us could sleep I guess - too excited.

Anyway, I haven't taken pictures yet - want to get everything settled - so I will get them done in the next couple of days.

Dan has to go down to Dowling Park tomorrow morning first thing for blood work - I will stay here and work. Hopefully we will get everything done tomorrow - if not we will stay here an extra day - the dealership told us to take as long as we needed.

When we do get everything moved we will move down to Dowling Park for the week - we both have doctors appointments next week (Wednesday) then we will head down to Lakeland on Thursday - then we will go on down to Highland Hammock State Park and get set up at our new assignment. Hard to believe that we will start to work next Sunday…


It's been a while since I have blogged, but I have a really good excuse. We left New York on Wednesday. We made really good time and finally stopped in southern West Virginia at Wal Mart and boon docked for the night. Dan woke me up at 4:30 Thursday morning and we were on the road at 4:51 (when your boon docking you don't have to worry about making coffee!) Anyway, we set off and made it into the state park (Hard Labor Creek State Park) by the middle of the afternoon on Thursday.

So, you might ask, why has it been four days since I have blogged? Well, would you believe that there was absolutely NO cell phone or air card service at the park - who would believe that a state park just outside Atlanta would not have cell phone or air card service. Anyway, we did go into Loganville and saw Mom Thursday evening for a couple of hours - then we went to Wal Mart and stocked up on a few groceries. Friday we went back in to see Mom and had dinner with her then we spent about 3 hou…

Old Fort Niagara

Okay - I probably should have put this picture last since this is the line we were in coming back over the border from Canada. It probably took us about half an hour to get through customs - but we didn't complain. I mean - this is our line of defense so if we are a little inconvenienced that's not a big deal. I just thought you guys would like to see what we went through.

We did ride over and go to Niagara-on-the-Lake and rode through the town looking around - it really is a pretty little town - lots of beautiful flowers all around. We ate lunch at a nice little boutique hotel with a dining room. Was really good food, but VERY expensive - we split a sandwich that came with fries - Dan had water and I had a cup of coffee (which cost $3.25 for a single cup of coffee!!!!) and we spent $35.00. We didn't do anything else - we just got back in the car and headed back to the states. The group from Dowling Park was held up and didn't know when they would get to the to…

Niagara Falls

Hello all - well, today was our first day at THE falls - and it certainly lived up to what I was expecting - they are AWESOME!!!!! This is both the falls - the horseshoe falls on the Canadian side and the American falls - the picture was taken from the bridge walking over to the Canadian - will explain why we walked later.
This is the falls on the American side - it was also taken on the bridge going over to Canada.

We did the 'Maid of the Mist' today - it was so cool - literally. Dan needed help getting his poncho tied and it was a good thing that I was able to tie it for him! We thought that we would just get some mist from the falls - I mean the name of the boats is Maid of the MIST - but boy was that the wrong assumption. I mean it was like you were in a hurricane rain storm - but we just stood there getting soaked and laughed our heads off - it was so neat. (But it is really a good thing that it was not as cold today as it was yesterday!)

This shows both the American sid…

Four Mile Creek Campground, New York

We are at Four Mile Creek Campground in New York - which is about 20 miles from Niagara Falls. It is COLD!!!!! It is also windy which makes the cold even worse!!!! I'm going to be looking for my long underwear that I think I brought (I hope I brought) before we go to the falls tomorrow.
This is a shot of Lake Ontario (which is in the background on the picture above). Dan says it looks like the ocean - you can't see the other side - which is what defines a lake to us. As you can see in this picture there were white caps on the water. It was a beautiful day - as you can see in the picture - blue sky and just a few clouds - but the picture doesn't show the temperature which was around 47 as the high today and the wind it was probably in the 30's. Cold!!!!

This is a picture of Toronto, Canada across the lake - it is about 30 miles away straight across the water pretty cool. Now we did have a huge scare today - we went on that scenic route (which was not that scenic …

Bath, New York

I know, I know - this isn't a very good picture BUT it was taken out the window of the truck as we were traveling down the road PLUS it was raining. I was really just trying to show how much color is on the mountains. It is really very pretty and we have really seen a change in the color in the last week. Much more color now.

Anyway, we got here to the park about 1:00 and came in and turned on the satellite - ahhhh, yes! TV!!!!! College football!!!! The only problem is we can't get the Gator game because it is on CBS and we can't get local channels here - we are too far away to pick up the stations in Buffalo - so we are watching the Texas - Colorado game - and it is turning into a good game.

I also got the laundry done (YAHOO!!!!!!) It is certainly a good feeling to know that all the laundry is done and put away - I know that for some that just isn't a big deal but I really don't like to have a lot of dirty laundry hanging over my head. I know, I'm j…

Last day in Pennsylvania

Today was our last day in Pennsylvania - we rode around a little this morning - this is a picture of the countryside - I know that you really can't see the fall colors but they are there. Actually, the mountain today reminded me a lot of the Smokey Mountain - all the clouds down in the valley.

It was damp and cold again today - I don't think we have had the small electric heater off in the 'house' all week. It rained again last night - so things never really warmed up - it has been sorta funny - we will have a nice day, then the next day will rain, then nice, then wind, then nice, then rain. Just been one of those kinds of weeks.

We did go for a walk today in the woods - this is my big guy walking ahead of me - it was really pretty down in the woods - as you can see there are plenty of ferns growing and the pups had lots of fun running around and chasing the chipmunks - yes, there are chipmunks here and they have been driving the dogs crazy - they just sit in the …

Nothing new

Well, today was another do nothing day - although the weather was nice - we did go into town and visit with Don's parents for a couple of hours. We did enjoy meeting them and talking with them - they are certainly very nice people. After we left their home we went into Jersey Shore to the grocery store - yes, we had to go to the store again - Dan used all the eggs and bread - we sure do not seem to be doing a very good job of planning our trips to the grocery store. I think we are all set now and won't need to go back to the store tomorrow. Actually we are going to eat leftovers for supper tomorrow - we still have soup in the fridge as well as leftovers from last night and tonight - so tomorrow we clean the refrigerator. We have changed our plans a little - at first we had planned on staying here through Saturday and then heading up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls Sunday, however; since we don't have television reception and we both want to watch the college games on Satur…

Cleaning Day

Well today was a bummer day - it was cold and windy (I mean really windy - gusts up to 30 miles per hour) - the high today was only 52 and with the wind - it was just nasty. Dan didn't even go out and build a fire - so you know the weather was rotten!!!

I spent most of the day cleaning house - I rearranged some stuff in the kitchen cabinets - everything gets turned over and messed up when we are on the road - bumpy roads play havoc on the organization. We even had to get out and find a place to throw away our garbage. Where we are staying doesn't have a garbage pickup place so we had to find a dumpster - luckily there is a state park just down the road (about 5 miles) and they had a dumpster. I'm not sure if we were suppose to use it - but it was better than littering - right???

I really don't have anything else to report - we didn't go out except to find a place for the garbage - hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow - it did rain hard last night and th…

Just riding around

Today was a good day to just ride around and look at the scenery. This is a picture of a field just down the road from where we are staying - it is really pretty - and very deserted. There is no one any where near us. Which in one way is really nice - the pups and can and chase chipmunks all they want.
This is a creek that runs right beside the road on the way to Wal Mart - yes, we had to go back today - we forgot a couple of things yesterday - like butter and paper towels. We really didn't spend that much money today at the store and it did give us a reason to get out.
Don's (the man who owns the property we are staying on) parents came to see us this morning - we had a nice little visit. They were here about an hour I guess - it was a nice visit and we can sure see where Don gets his smile - from his mom. Anyway, it was a nice morning and it was really laid back also. Now this next picture is one that I don't think you will see in a lot of places --------- if you lo…

Day two in Pennsylvania

Hello everyone - I promised pictures of the place we were staying so here they are - this is the road into the property. As you can see, it's not that much of a road. Now you can understand why we were glad that Dave met us and showed us the way in.
Dan has had a fire going almost the entire time we have been here - it has been cold and damp all day - we have had the small electric heater on in the main part of the 5th wheel all day.
This is one of the trees that is showing it's color - not all the trees have turned yet, but it is only the first week in October. I have been somewhat surprised at the amount of color that is in the trees this early. Maybe tomorrow we will go out for a ride and I'll take some more pictures to show you.

This is behind the 5th wheel - as you can tell it is just a nice wooded area. It is really pretty - sorta park like, but because of all the trees we can't get any TV reception - which means NO FOOTBALL!!! And tonight is a big game …

On top of the mountain

Hello all - well, we made it to Don's property without a problem. We were only about 40 miles from the property and we called Dave - Don's friend that sorta oversees the property - and he met us and helped us to get settled. I don't know if we would have found it without his help. It is just down a little path - but the place is beautiful. Just out in the middle of the woods - but we have all the comforts of home (or just about) - electricity, water, and sewer. The only thing we don't have is TV - no reception because of the trees. Oh well, it just means I'll get caught up on my reading over the next few days.

I'm sorry, I did not take pictures again today - but I will tomorrow. After we got all set up we went into the Wal Mart Super Center about 20 miles away. Picked up a few things and then came home - I fixed a pot of homemade soup in the Crock Pot for dinner. It was a packet of soup that a friend down in Dowling Park had given us. It was a little s…


Hello all - this is going to be short and sweet. We drove all the way through Ohio today and are within 30 miles of our destination - but it got dark and we don't know exactly where we are going. Sooooo, we pulled into a KOA campground off the interstate and we will go on in tomorrow. We have not been able to get a hold of Dave yet - he is the caretaker for the place we are going to stay for the next week or so. Have I ever told you about this place???? Well, it belongs to Don, the guy we bought our 5th wheel from. He owns some land here in Pennsylvania and he set up about 5 camping spots - with electricity, water, the whole bit. Anyway, he invited us to come up and spend as much time as we want here. Originally we thought we would stay about three weeks but due to some other commitments we won't be able to do that. Anyway, we are looking forward to getting there tomorrow.

There is much more color on the trees here than there was in Indiana and the scenery is beautifu…

Another day in Shipshawana

I know - I said that we were going to leave Shipshewana this morning - but we decided to stay another day. We spent the day shopping (yes, we did a few things) and staying inside out of the weather. It was damp, cold, windy, and some rain. One of the main reasons we decided to stay another day was the weather - the wind was horrible. We decided that we did not want to buck the wind. So, since we were unable to do the shopping we wanted to do yesterday it gave us the perfect opportunity to stay.

The one thing that we did not expect when we came here was the quality of the food. We have eaten out several times (three times we've had dinner out at the Blue Gate) and we have not had a since bad item - from lunch sandwich and soup to dinner. Even dessert's are good. It is really a good thing that we are leaving tomorrow - at least we can get back on our somewhat diet.

We went to the Amish - Mennonite story today - which was very interesting. It explained some of the diffe…


Today was a good day out looking around and seeing the country - first we rode around town before we headed over to South Bend - the farms of the Amish are lovely - very well kept and you would be surprised the size of the farms - most are very large. However, there is NO electricity in the homes. They do have natural gas (probably used for cooking) and fireplaces. Beautiful horses that are very well taken care of. I was surprised that the Amish do not just live in the Shipshewana area but up in Goshen and Elkhart as well. I'm sure that we will see some more in the Pennsylvania area.

Then we traveled over to South Bend to the Notre Dame campus.

Of course, for those of you that don't know, this is "touchdown Jesus" on the campus of Notre Dame. I didn't know how this mural became know as "touchdown Jesus" before - but the story goes that the students started calling this mural, which is on the side of a library, "touchdown Jesus" because His arms…