Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dan has taken us on a new adventure - one that I wish he hadn't. Remember me talking about his stomach hurting yesterday - well, it got so bad this afternoon he finally decided that he needed to go to the Emergency Room. He was admitted around 6 this afternoon - We know that he has pancretitis (don't know about the spelling) and he might have a bowel blockage. If he does they are talking surgery. They have already done an x-ray and a CT scan they are suppose to do an Ultrasound tonight. They had given him a very strong pain medication in his IV before I left and he was out. They told me that he would be out most of the night - they would be giving him pain medication every four hours and that should keep him comfortable.

I called Dana and Melissa. Dana contacted Cara and Melissa contacted Crystal. Dana and Mark are coming down in the morning to see him and Melissa is coming up in the morning to get the pups for the day. She will bring them home tomorrow afternoon, before Crystal and her dad get to her house (I don't think our pups need to be at her house with three other dogs - I think that would just be too much for them!). Anyway, at this point I think everything is covered. I'll just have to wait and see what the doctor has to say tomorrow.

This is not exactly how I pictured this Christmas would be - but you deal with things as they are dealt. As Dan says - we don't go on trips, we go on adventures. This is definitely an adventure! I'll keep you updated.

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  1. We hope that all will go well for Dan.
    We will keep him in our prayers.


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