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Two Years ago Today

Two years ago today, May 31, was Memorial Day.  Mountain Man and I had just arrived in Juneau, Alaska for our summer assignment at Mendenhall Glacier Campground.
We worked for the Forestry Service and on Memorial Day the ranger that hired us invited us to take a ride out in the bay in his boat.
It was a wonderful time.

We saw two humpback whales.

We also were followed by seals - they were so cute.

They kept their eyes on us, but wouldn't come very close.


Yes, that is the boat that we were in

Beautiful flowers

Thanks Mark -
for a wonderful day!

Just Not Happy With This One

Today I'm going to share with you our guest bedroom.  I have resisted showing you this room because, well, I'm just not happy with it.  Now, don't get me wrong, it has come a LONG way from where we began.
These pictures were taken right before we started the remodeling project. As you can see, the office was in here - along with a bed.  That's about it.

Mountain Man used this room as his "staging" area before we did the remodel - see his shoes and suitcase on the bed?  Don't ask me why - Why do men do half of what they do?
Anyway, the only major thing we did in this room was close up a door.
Now, once again, please excuse the quality of the next few pictures - they are pictures of pictures - so the quality stinks, but I wanted to show you what I mean.
This is a picture taken from the living room looking toward the guest bedroom.  
Do you notice something strange (beside the ugly cornice board on the sliding doors)?

How about this one?

Well, there are three doors l…

Monday Menu

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day!
Our plans for outdoors have changed because ------

We are getting RAIN!
Glorious Wonderful Rain!
We need the rain so badly - so,
I'll give up a cookout for the rain!

So, I've been busy today, since we are getting our wonderful rain, and did my menu plan for the month of June.

Confession time - I did not do a monthly menu plan for the month of May, and boy oh boy, could I tell it.  I was just NOT organized and just couldn't seem to stick with what I thought I wanted to cook on Sunday when I did the plan to what I would cook during the week.  Of course, part of that could have been Mountain Man trying to help, especially last week when I was sick, or maybe that's just an excuse.  I am so envious of you out there that can plan by the week and carry that plan out - I just can't.  I need the accountability of that menu staring at me from the refrigerator!
So, I am back with my monthly plan.
Okay, so what is the menu plan for…

Fabric Covered Boxes

If you remember in Wednesday's post I told you that I would let you know about those pretty boxes on the shelf in the nursery.
Well, here is how we did them.  (Okay, let's be honest here - Mountain Man did most of the work on this project. but it's a team effort, right?  No, okay,I'll give him the credit - just don't tell him.)
Melissa had the idea that she wanted to cover some boxes so she could have some decorative storage in the nursery.  She had looked at decorative boxes in several different stores but didn't want to pay the price they were asking ($15.00 for a box - really????).  So, she asked me if I thought she could cover diaper boxes.  I said "Sure we can!"
So, she collected a couple of diaper boxes from her friends that already have babies.  At first we talked about covering them with scrapbook paper, but after I saw the size of the boxes she wanted to cover, I thought that material would be a better bet - and a whole lot easier!  When we were…

The Nursery - Almost Done!

Today I thought I would share with you the progress that has been made on the nursery.  I don't think I have shown you pictures of the nursery yet - so I'll start at the beginning.

Here are Mountain Man and Justin marking the wall where the new chair rail will go.  (Oh, and there is Brady's rear end! LOL!)

Melissa showing what the chair rail will look like as is we didn't know. (Pretty 'momma to be')

Painting in progress.  Two shades of gray.
(Yep, it's dark outside.)

Chair rail being installed.

Detail of the chair rail.

Mountain Man working on putting putty on the nail holes.

Now, I have a confession to make - I am not a good picture taker for a blog. Why, you might ask?
Well, I didn't taken any more pictures of the nursery until this past Sunday.
The nursery is almost finished - the parents-to-be still want to add some finishing touches - like pictures to the walls - but I think all the major stuff has been done.  So, I'll share the pictures that I finally to…