Sunday, August 2, 2009

Half way done!

Hello all! Well, today was a landmark day - we are half way through our assignment now!! When we finished work today we had put in 6 weeks at the cabin - we have 6 more weeks to go. There is still so much we want to do in the area and we only have 6 more weeks to do it - oh! Will we get to do it all??? I don't know but I do know that we will certainly try - we will stay busy the next 6 weeks and see what we can do - if we don't get it all done - well, there is always next year!

Now, you might wonder about the picture I posted today - well, it's a picture of a marmot - you know those little creatures that are sorta like a groundhog - it was just sitting in the middle of the road. At first Dan and I were not sure what it was - until we got it on film (plus Dan looked at it through the binoculars). Anyway, I thought you might like to see the picture of it.

One of the things that we really enjoy about working at the cabin is meeting new people - today was no different. We enjoyed talking to a couple from Alabama who had a daschund - good to meet them. We also met and talked to a couple who are also "full-timers" - we were able to trade cards and hopefully we will be able to stay in touch through our blogs and email. By talking to people who come into the cabin we learn about places to go visit, places to eat, Dan even finds out about places to go try and fish! We tell people about the cabin, but we also try and talk to them about their lives and where they are from. We think that it is much more interesting for the people who come to cabin as well as for us.

So, what is on tap for next week you might ask - well, we have decided that we are going to go to Virginia City and Ennis this week. Dan is also going to go over to Harriman State Park and try his hand once again at fishing (wish him luck!). Of course, we will still have to do laundry and I will need to clean the 'house' (which I didn't do this week!). We are also talking about going into Yellowstone and going to the springs and geysers so I can finally take the pictures I have been wanting to take. I will also do the "books" and let you know how we did on the budget (I know that we did not do as well as I had hoped because of adding the satellite dish), but I'll put the figures together and see exactly how we did.

Well, I guess I will close for today - please keep the comments coming - Dan and I really enjoy reading them and knowing that there are still people out there that are interested in what we are doing. Thanks for the encouragement!

Talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. i thought that marmot was a seal. i was so confused...

  2. OMG I totally thought the same thing... I was just thinking wow global warming has really screwed up their navigational skills!

  3. Okay - you two really crack me up!!!!! Glad I could introduce you to a different species - stay with me and you never know what I'll introduce you to.

  4. you shouldn't be laughing. you should be worried about the fact that without discussing it with each other we independently thought the damn thing was a seal. we need professional help...

  5. No, what you both need is to be exposed to more than what is on the southeast coast - maybe a trip to the west would help - and I don't mean California!!!!


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