Friday, August 21, 2009


I know, I know, this is not a baby moose - patience! I'm sure all of you who know us think this is a picture of Samantha - well, you would be wrong! However, to make you feel better, the first time I saw this dog I thought it was Samantha also. Actually, if you look real close, you will see that this dog is NOT a female - his name is Peter and he belongs to our neighbors daughter and son-in-law along with a cute little female named Annie. (She's red.) They are here this weekend visiting Kaye and Joyce. Annie loves to chase chipmunks also - but Peter couldn't be bothered. Anyway, I thought you might like to see another daschund.

Now, you might wonder what in the world this is a picture of - how about wild raspberries. They are everywhere along the path to the cabin, but most are not ripe yet. I told Dan today that we needed to bring something to put the berries in. You might wonder why I would have pictures from the cabin today - well, we had to work today. Joyce is not feeling well so we told her that we would take her shift today. So, this week we will work three days instead of two (that's okay - that's an extra $30.00 plus mileage.) It was really slow - so slow that I left Dan at the cabin for a couple of hours and went and did the laundry. We have no idea what to expect tomorrow - we don't know if we will be busy or not, but I'm going to take my book with me just in case we aren't.

There was at least one other good thing about working today - when we started to leave and we were walking to the car the star of tonight's blog was in the spring -------- and it was --------

a BABY MOOSE!!! Now, it was not a new born - so I probably really shouldn't call it a BABY moose, more like a young moose - we don't know where momma was, but let me tell you - I was really on the look out for her while I was taking these pictures - I kept looking over my shoulder for her, but thankfully, she did not show up. This guy was not real sure of the people around her and she was a little skittish. A couple of times she stomped her feet and ran around. I really tried to keep my distance so as not to spook her; however, I did sorta follow her when she went down into spring.

Here she is looking straight at me - I'm up on the hill side and some other people came out on the hill side also and were talking. Anyway, when you look at the link you will see her put her ears back. I didn't stay too much longer after she did that - I figured she was getting upset and I didn't want to get trampled.

I was even able to get this picture of her before I left the scene. Anyway, it was pretty neat seeing a young moose like this and I was awfully glad that momma was no where to be seen. Doesn't mean she wasn't around, she just didn't come out where we could see her. I'll put the link at the end of the blog so you can see all the pics.
We haven't thought about what we will do next week yet - I'm sure we will take a trip down to Rexburg to the store. We might even go back into Yellowstone IF Dan decides he wants to try the fishing in there. (Of course, when I told him my plan on the hike and him fishing he complained that it would take him a half hour just to get back to where he wants to fish if we did that - so I suggested that I drop HIM off and then I would come back and pick him up after I finished the hike - I don't think that went over well - he doesn't give up control of the truck very often!) We still have not made our reservations at Mack's Inn for the Dinner Theater - Dan says we will do it next week. We still have to take a drive up Sawtell Mountain - so we still have things we want to do - and the time is quickly approaching for us to leave. We will just have to do as much as we can and let the rest wait until the next time - whenever that is.
Well, I don't have anything else to report - I hope you guys like the pictures of the moose - let me know what you think and those of you that are getting ready to go back to school I hope you have a very restful weekend! Here is the link to the pics. Oh, by the way, I'm watching lots of football - yes, it's only preseason but it's football and I LOVE it!!!! Enjoy the games if you happen to be watching also! (Okay Crystal, Brett didn't do too well tonight, but he has only been in camp two days - give him a chance!)
I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

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  1. The calf is amazing... what a great shot! I have to say she doesn't look too thrilled at getting her photo taken though so its probably best you left when you did.


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