Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

Okay, Okay, I know this is NOT a flower!!!! I know that, but I wanted to take a picture of Dan doing what Dan does - sitting in front of the 'house' with a fire and pretending to look after the dogs!!! He has NO idea where Sam and Jessie are - but thank goodness I did - they are still looking for CHIPMUNKS!!!!! Seriously, they don't want to do their 'chores' for smelling and running and barking and chasing the chipmunks. I really don't know what we are going to do about this - Dan tried washing off the area around the house, but as soon as he finished here they came - so that was a waste of time. Anyway, we will deal with the little critters.

I did go do laundry this morning while Dan was out with Kaye - I thought they would be gone all day, but he got home around 3:00 - he said that Kaye and his wife were going into West to a play so they knocked off early. There has been a change in plans for tomorrow - we are going to work at the cabin for someone who hurt their back - so we won't be able to go to Virginia City until Thursday - BOO!!!!! Oh well, I can wait one more day.

My pictures are taking forever to download and I really don't know why - plus they don't show up while I am typing (just a bunch of letters), but when I do the preview and then post- the pictures are there. I really don't understand what is going on - it wasn't doing this before yesterday - maybe my daughter can fill me in on what is happening - I don't know if I have done something that I could somehow fix - HELP!!!!

Anyway, I am going to leave you with a couple of pictures of the flowers around here - Dan and I took a walk after dinner and I took some pictures - hope you enjoy.

One more for you ----

I was also going to post a picture of the volleyball net that the moose had the arguement with last night, but with it taking soooooo long for the pictures to post I figures I'd do that some other time.

I want to say welcome to Rick and Brenda - good to have you following along on this venture! Jewel - Dan and I know we can count on you if we run into trouble!!! Finally, I'm sorry Crystal, I can't catch a chipmunk for you - they are WAY to fast - you'll have to be content with pictures. Everyone else - keep following - you never know what we will do next - BTW - the Bull Moose and the two Cows that were here a couple of weeks ago were here again this morning - Dan saw them, but he didn't come get me since it was about 6:30 am (He figured I might be a little upset with him IF he woke me up - well, maybe not for moose - who am I kidding - yeah I would have been!) Okay guys, talk to you all tomorrow!!


  1. I'm glad you cleared up who Kaye is. I thought it was a woman. LOL I like the flower pix, but I'm sure you will agree, the pictures don't do them justice. Keep up the good posts.



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