Thursday, August 20, 2009

Geysers and Springs and more

Today we went into Yellowstone again with the mission of taking pictures of the geysers and springs (mostly I wanted to take pictures of the springs). That we did, but we did more than that. I was finally able to get some pictures of the Candian Geese which is the picture above. There are several other shots of the geese but I wanted to put one on the main page for you to see.

We also ate lunch at the Old Faithful Inn - this is my new favorite place to eat. We had the buffet and it was EXCELLENT!! Plus, for both of us, it only cost $35.00 with tip. I did not have anything on the buffet that was not good - I ate bison chili, green salad, pasta salad, bar-b-que chicken (no bun), and baked beans. I even went back and had another green salad for dessert. Dan had trout (I even ate a couple of bites of his trout). We made reservations for the Friday night before Labor Day (September 4th) for dinner - we are going to call it our "last hurrah"! I think this place is so cool - Dan and I would love to spend the night here, but we can't because of the pups. Oh well, it's pretty cool just being able to go inside and see the fabulous architecture of the place. It is probably one of my most favorite places.

But now, for the main attraction:

This is just one of the lovely springs - the water is absolutely beautiful - they range in color from the clearest turquoise blue to a emerald green.

There are times that you would think that you are on the beach in the Caribbean - the water is so clean and clear and it looks like white sand - leading out to the blue water - except for the steam. That is definitely NOT the beach.

This is the spring I really wanted to take a picture of - you see this spring on many book covers- it is the Grand Prismatic Spring BUT I was not able to take a picture from above to really get the full effect of the spring. There is a way to get over on the other side and get up on that hillside, but it is about a 2 mile hike (one way) and Dan did not want to do the hike, plus we had the pups with us and they are not allowed on the boardwalks. Sooooo, I didn't get the shot. He is talking about going back into the park and doing some fishing and if he does I think I will let him drop me off at the trail head and I'll hike in to take the pictures while he is fishing - It should take me about 30 - 45 minutes to hike in (it is uphill) and then take pictures for about 15 - 20 minutes then hike back out - There is also suppose to be a waterfall back on this hike (Fairy Falls) so I could get some shots of it as well. By the time I did all that Dan should be tired of fishing. We'll see - but it is a plan.

This is another of the springs I really liked - it is called Emerald Spring and it is a beautiful shade of emerald green - of course I would have to love this spring - I love emeralds!!! I think you can tell from some of these shots just how deep these springs are. Today, I guess because of the slight wind, they didn't even smell bad.

This is a good shot of the blue and the depth - isn't it just unbelievable??

This is a smaller spring but once again the color of the water is wonderful.

For the first time I took one whole SD card and about half of the second one - so I will have two links at the end of today's blog. Dan has gone fishing tonight - let's see if he brings any fish home tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to go and make dinner theater reservations at Macks Inn for one night next week - we'll see when they have an opening. After we make our reservations we will go do laundry which Dan always LOVES to do - not. Anyway, it has to be done. I also think that I am going to upload some photo's to Walgreens (I have a discount coupon good through Saturday) I won't pick them up until next week, but we will need to go to Rexburg to buy groceries next week anyway.

Well, other than the springs that is about all we did today - I hope you enjoy the pictures - please let me know which ones you like best - here is the link to #1 and here is the link to #2.

Enjoy and I'll talk with you tomorrow!!!


  1. i hope you do get to make the hike. just take some water and realize it is going to take you longer than 15-20 minutes. if it is two miles, you are assuming a 7 1/2 to 10 minute mile with those estimates....i'm not even close to running a 10 minute mile on a flat surface. think about 45 mins to an hour up and about 30 mins to 45 down and then you'll be pleasantly surprised if you finish early...

  2. All of those photos are beautiful so I can only imagine what they actually look like in person... great shots... and I hope you're able to do the hike as I'm sure the reward will far exceed the time spent :)

  3. The pictures are AWESOME!! Everyone around here is gearing up to go back to school next week! Ashley is going to school with that should be interesting! At least it will give mamaw a much needed break! Have a great weekend at work!


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