Monday, August 17, 2009

Harriman State Park

Today Dan and I went over to Harriman State Park and visited "Railroad Ranch". This was a ranch that was owned by a small group of men including John Harriman - he owned one of the railroads in the early 1900's. We just walked around the old ranch and looked at some of the old building - which are all in really good shape, at least on the outside.

Dan was fascinated by all the old farm equipment - he read all the signs they had posted that named the equipment and what it was used for - one of the pieces that I thought was pretty interesting was the ice cutter - they had a large saw that was pulled by a horse that they used to cut blocks of ice out of the lake. Pretty cool (no pun intended).

These are the barns where you can go on horse back rides - no we did not go, but it would have been fun.

There are still a few wild flowers out and I got this shot on the walk back to the car - the flowers are not as proficient as they were when we first got here, but there are still some around.

This is probably my favorite picture I took today - I call it "Reflection" - it is just a pretty neat shot (or at least I think so, hope you do too).
After we left the ranch we drove about eight miles down the gravel road to see the campground - boy were we disappointed. It sure wasn't what either one of expected. It was really run down and the road getting to the campground was horrible!!!! There is no way I would take our camper down that road - and as you know I will take us down some pretty rough roads. Anyway, we left the campground and came home to eat lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon at home - the dogs spent the day digging in the dirt and chasing chipmunks. I cooked dinner at home tonight - pork chops (on the grill), fresh green beans and fresh corn on the cob - both of which was bought at the farmer's market last week. Good dinner!!!
I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow - maybe just stay home and do the housecleaning and that stuff tomorrow - we bought some peaches at a farmers market last week and I need to use them up as they are starting to go bad. I think I might make a small peach cobbler with them. I can't cut them up and put them in the freezer - there is NO room- so I must do something with them that will use them up. (The freezer is so small that we haven't had any ice cream since we moved into the trailer- which makes Dan unhappy - but that's just the way things go). Wednesday we have been invited to a "Wiener Roast" with Kay and Joyce (our neighbors). I'm going to fix pork and beans for that - but I won't have to worry about that until Wednesday morning.
We are starting to look at the atlas to see how we are going to travel over to Michigan in September - we are going to Dale, Becky, Cindy, and Bonnie (which are Dan's sister's children). We will probably spend 3 or 4 days with Dale before heading over to Pennsylvania. They are going to Florida for a week and are leaving on September 26th - so we should have some time to "play" going over to Michigan - we are going to go to see the Crazy Horse monument - it is not finished yet, but the last time we were out this way we didn't go see it - of course, we will also go back to Mount Rushmore since they are close to each other. I'm not sure what else we will go see on the way, but I am sure that there are other great places to visit.
I think that we might go to another one of the dinner theaters around here either this week or next - they only have three more weeks of putting on the shows - so we just have to decided which week we want to go. We also have decided that we will try and make reservations for Old Faithful Inn dinner the week after Labor Day (our last hurrah in Yellowstone). It should be nice.
Well, I don't have much else to report - here is a link to the pictures I took today - hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think! Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. NO HORSEBACK RIDING! no. just no. if you go back to mount rushmore, make sure to look for that secret opening to the treasure that mr. gates found in the second national treasure movie.

    oh and yeah for fresh veggies. kim and i are heading to the farmer's market tonight. though no corn for us.

  2. All of those photos are great... it looks really beautiful! The Reflection shot is definitely print worthy, nice capture.

    Yay veggies!!! Peach cobbler sounds really good too

    I vote yes on the horseback riding :)

  3. no, kim, no you don't. ask me when we get home tonight about the last time my mom rode a horse. let's just say it involved a broken arm and months of rehabilitation and, if i recall correctly, a bone spur.

    oh and mom, i have some great news for you: WCCO-TV reports Favre expected to sign with Vikes today: :

  4. Yeah - on ESPN, last night, they were talking about Brett coming to the Vikings by the third pre-season game. That would be fantastic!!!!! Cant' wait to see if it is true.

  5. Carol..didn't you go with us to ride horses a few summers ago?? I think everyone felt the effects of that trip the next day...especially me!! That was a great time, especially the white water rafting!!

  6. I like Reflections, but the "Barns" come in a close second.

  7. Wouldn't the "Reflection" pic make an awesome jigsaw puzzle! What a superb scene!!! Have a wonderful day...Ruth Anne


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