Saturday, August 29, 2009

Five days of work left

Hello all - sorry I did not post last night, but after the play last night we came home and went straight to bed. The play was really good - I think it was better than the one we went to in West - in fact, we made reservations to go next week and see the other production that they do - it's a take off of Les Miserables and we understand that it is funny also. The dinner was very good also - prime rib, baked potato, corn, baked beans, rolls - a great salad and ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie. However, I was not feeling that well last night so I didn't eat that much - I did enjoy the salad and the roll, but I didn't finish the rest and I certainly didn't want the ice cream. But that's okay - I will maybe enjoy it better this week - we are going on Thursday night to the play at Mack's Inn and then we will have dinner in Yellowstone on Friday night - so we should have a busy time at the end of the week.

To tell you the truth, I am having a hard time with the idea that we only have two weeks left here - Two weeks from Monday we are leaving for Michigan - there are still things that we haven't done yet and having to go to Idaho Falls three days last week didn't help with our being able to get things done that we want to do. I don't know if we will get it all done or not, but it will certainly something that we will have to sit and discuss. Maybe we will have time to discuss it more when we are at the cabin tomorrow.

Speaking of the cabin - we have really seen a slow down in the number of people that are visiting - and I think that we will continue to see a slow down - but who am I to know. We have talked to people who live here and they say that now that school has started we will not see that many people - they say we won't even see that many on Labor Day weekend so we will see - I'll know this time next week won't I????

I have been asked about the weather here - well, that's another thing that we haven't been able to figure out - two weeks ago we were shivering at 29 degrees and then the last two weeks we have weather in the 80's - now, it's suppose to cool off again starting tonight, but we will see. It is also suppose to rain tomorrow, Monday, and possibly Tuesday- so that also might put a damper on what we will do next week also. I think I will win the bet about the snow (although I hope I don't). The weather is just another one of those things that we just can't figure out. But I guess that's just one of the things about a new area- we learn as we live through it.

I don't have that much else to report - Friday I was not feeling well - stomach so we didn't do anything until we went to the play - Today was work - we weren't that busy so once again I left for a couple of hours and did the laundry. I put ham and beans in the crock pot this morning before we left so - dinner was ready when we got home.

Now, before I sign off, I feel that I must make a comment on the passing of Ted Kennedy. First, let me say that I was not really a "Teddy" fan; however, with the passing of the 'final brother' the "age of Camelot" has come to an end. You see, John Kennedy was the first president that I "voted" for - I was the only one to vote for John in my fourth grade class and I was the one in my 6th grade class that had to be taken out when it was announced that he had been killed. I remember sitting in front of the TV for three days thinking that they would announce this was all a joke and that President Kennedy was alive and well, but we know that never happened. Then Bobby was killed and once again the nation was in shock and mourning. There was always the hope that when John Jr. came to age he would be "the one". We thought that maybe, just maybe, John Jr. would take his father's place, but that was not to be with John-John dying at sea in the plane crash. But now, with the passing of Teddy they are all gone and that age has died with him. The dream that was "Camelot" has also died. He is now with his brothers and his parents - May he rest in peace.

That's all for today - I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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