Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Signal Mountain

Today we went back over to the Grand Tetons and went up Signal Mountain. The last time we were over in the park the road up Signal Mountain was closed because they just repaved it. It was a narrow curvy road and I know some people in our family that would NOT go up the road. The view from up there was fantastic - you could see Jackson Lake and the view of the valley - which shows how the Tetons rise out of the valley with no foothills. You can even see how the valley dips to the west just a little. It is really pretty cool.

Now I want to let you know that Dan has found our new home - the view is pretty good out the front porch -I know that it needs a little work - but you know Dan - he loves a challenge. Can you imagine us living here???? I could ...............

until winter set in - I really don't think I could handle the snow and temperatures out here. Plus I would really miss our family back home - Actually this is one of the homes on what is called Mormon Road - which is an area that was homesteaded around 1896- it is really pretty neat - old farm area and the Grand Tetons in the background. There were several old homes and barns, but there is also an area that is privately owned and you can rent a small cabin right in the park. That would be pretty cool, but would also probably be very expensive.

Okay on our way home we stopped to let the pups run and do their thing and look what I found. It was the nicest little creek - I took quite a few pictures of the creek that I hope you will enjoy on the link at the end. It was very shaded and the pictures turned out much better than the pictures of Cave Falls on Monday.

Now before you look at the last picture - I need to explain a little bit - you might have to look sorta hard to find what is there - in fact, this is the first one of these that we have seen since being here - so what am I talking about???? Well, how about a BABY MOOSE!!!!! Okay, what you have to do is look right in the middle of the picture and you will see her - on the left center is momma moose to her right is the baby - you might have to wait until you look at the pictures in the link because it will be larger - but it was really cool - there was daddy moose, momma moose and the baby.

I wish I had a way to circle where the baby is but like I said, if you look at the pictures on the link you will be able to see her better.

Well, tomorrow is Dan's birthday - we really don't have anything big planned - I think we might go into Yellowstone on Friday evening and eat at Old Faithful Inn (at least that is what Dan wants to do - and it would be his birthday celebration.) Now, he won't admit it, but I think one of the reasons he doesn't want to go tomorrow (like I suggested) is he wants to watch the football game as badly as I do. I will also go do laundry tomorrow - that is always a joy, but it has to be done. I will really like it - if and when we can get a washer/dryer it will make life so much easier.

I don't have much else to report except I did want to wish Kim a very Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you had a great day and that wherever Crystal took you for dinner you enjoyed it.

Bye for now and I'll talk to everyone tomorrow - don't forget the comments - we really enjoy reading them!!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, here is the link to all the pictures - let me know if you can see the baby!


  1. Saw the baby cute as a moose can be! HAPPY BIRTHDAY..DAD! I would say the great adventures you guys are having is a great birthday present! Love from everyone!

  2. Isn't God's creation just awesome! Oh the scenery out there is sooooo wonderful! And, yes, I saw the baby moose. Happy Birthday to Dan (tomorrow)! Have a great day ya'll... Ruth Anne :-)

  3. Oops...Dan, I think your birthday is today. Anyway...Have a super happy day! Ruth Anne :-)

  4. all i have to say about the new homestead is, how close is the nearest grocery store?

    happy birthday dan! hope you have a great 70th...errr, wait. that can't be right.

    what is this football game you speak of? honey, i don't think i'll be able to do dinner tonight with your family i feel a bout of footbalitis coming on...

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes... I had a wonderful dinner and will be enjoying some of the leftovers for lunch :D


    I saw the baby moose... so cute!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Daddy!!! I'm getting excited about my new job but not about the getting up early again. We can't wait to see ya'll

  7. I enjoyed the pictures, but I'm surprised you didn't take a picture of the barn on Morman
    Row that was made famous by Ansel Adams. Also, were there any flowers on Signal Mountain? There were lots of them when we were there in July of last year. Keep up the good work.


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