Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday at home

Today was just a nice quiet day at home - the only time we left the 'house' was to take the mail to the post office - I had to mail two bills (these were things that I couldn't pay on line), but if you only have to mail a couple of bills a month I think we are doing okay. I did straighten up the house today - and wrote a few emails. Just boring stuff that everyone has to do at some point in time.

We are still working on finding a 'job' for the months of March and April, plus we haven't even looked at anything for next summer yet. Dan has not decided where he wants to spend the summer yet - whether he wants to work out in Oregon or Washington state or even come back into Idaho. This is something that we are going to have to decide pretty soon so I can start looking for a position for us. The summer jobs in the west go quickly and I don't want to wait too long and then have to accept something that we really are not happy with. I'm not sure we want to go through a service like Work Kampers or stay finding jobs the way I have this year. Right now I think we will stay with trying to find something through the Internet (like the ones I have set us up with so far) instead of going through a service.

Other than that, things are going very well - I think we might go over to Signal Mountain tomorrow - that will be our trip out for the week - will have to wait and see how the weather is tomorrow. The budget is going pretty well this month (so far) and I hope it continues to. We have really tried to eat at home more - really the only time we have eaten out this month is when we were in Butte last week (and then we had to). Other than that, I have cooked at home every night - we have even eaten all the fruit we bought in Virginia City and bought more when we went to the store on Monday.

Well, I really don't have a lot to report - oh, I forgot - the HUGE bull moose and the large cow moose were back last night - but it was too dark to take pictures (about 9 pm). We watched them for about half an hour. It is really cool to know that we have these kinds of neighbors! One more thing - Dana, tell Mark that your Dad said that unlike a C.H.E.V.Y our F.O.R.D healed itself and didn't cost us anything. Hope you all have a great day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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