Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leaves are changing already!

Well, I have said in an earlier post that fall was coming - well, the last couple of days there has been a definite change in the foliage around here. It seems like everywhere we look there is a little red or orange or yellow. Of course, we don't have a lot of deciduous trees - most of the trees here are evergreen, but we can see a change in the few that are around.

Of course, we have been told that we will see snow before we leave and that is just three weeks away, but if the temperature keeps dropping the way it has the last week or so I will not be surprised. (Dan and I have a little wager - I say we won't - although I hope we do - and he says we will - let's see who wins.)

Now, when we get home from work - or anywhere for that matter - the girls run outside to chase the chipmunks - well, I hear this one little chipmunk crying out and see him/her run up the tree - so I go out and get this ------------

Look at this babies eyes - he is scared to death - and stayed in the tree for a long time - I finally made the girls come inside for a while just to give this poor little creature time to get away. I really don't think the girls would hurt one, but then I don't know that for a fact - Jessie did catch and kill a mouse this morning and she killed a mole yesterday (she is becoming our little killer dog I guess).

Today was SLOW at the cabin - between the rain and the temperature we didn't have many people who ventured out - plus most schools start tomorrow around here so many parents were at home getting those kids ready to hit the books tomorrow. I imagine that many of you in Florida are doing the same thing.

Well, guys, I don't have much else to report today - I am not sure what we will do next week. We know that we have to go to Rexburg to Walgreens and Walmart (the two "Wal's") and we want to make reservations at Macks for the dinner theater. We also have Sawtell Mountain to go up and look for raspberries - then we want to go back over the Virginia City. But it's suppose to rain all day tomorrow (snow????) so we might just stay in. We'll have to wait and see - for all of you that are going back to school tomorrow (whether you are a child or an adult) we hope you have a great day. Take care and go with the flow - let us know how things go and we will talk to you tomorrow! Love you all!

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  1. Yay fall!!! I hope it comes quickly... I hope you get to see a decent amount of it before you leave as I'm sure the area is breathtaking in the fall.

    As for snow, based on the temps in that area etc I'm afraid Dan may be right and you may just see some before you leave :D


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