Sunday, August 9, 2009


YAHOO!!!! Football has started - okay, I know it's only the Hall of Fame game, BUT it's football!! This is the reason we spent the money to get a dish. So I can watch football!!! The first pre-season game will be this Thursday, so we'll celebrate Dan's birthday watching a football game. (Hint, hint Dan's birthday is Thursday!) I am SOOOOOO excited about the beginning of the football season. I just love football. I talked to Dan tonight and decided that I now have two teams to root against - the Oakland Raiders (always!!) and whatever team T.O. is playing for. I have ALWAYS hated the Raiders - since way back in the early 60's - always have, always will. Then there's T.O. - I can't stand him - he is such a blowhard and thinks he is so much better than he is. Now, I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed that I will not be able to watch Brett play for any team. I have been a Brett fan forever!! I understand that he needed/wanted to retire, but I will still miss him and his love of the game. I know that some people don't agree with me, and that's okay - everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong it is (just kidding!!) Really, everyone does have the right to have an opinion and everyone can either agree or disagree - that's the beauty of living in America. I really think that no matter if you are a Brett fan or not, you will agree that he did love to play the game and the game will miss his enthusiasm. I know that I am looking forward to the game and the season. You might ask who will be "my" team now, well, it looks like I am back to the Titans. Okay, okay enough about football.

Now, here are my little babies - do you have any idea what they are looking at???? Do you want to see???? Okay .....................................

This is it - one of the chipmunks that are driving the dogs absolutely crazy!! They are playing with the dogs much more than the dogs are playing with the Chipmunks - they are teasing the dogs - running around - hiding in the woodpile and running up the tree and then just sitting there and looking down at the them. It really is sorta funny - seeing the pups trying to catch these little guys - and they don't have a chance. These chipmunks are so fast that they can run right by the dogs and the dogs don't even see them until they are gone. The nice things about this whole situation is Dan and I were actually able to sit down and eat dinner tonight without the dogs right beside us begging for food. Even though we have the door open they are too intent on trying to catch one of these little critters.

Here is one of the chipmunks in the woodpile - can you believe that I got this close? They really are cute little animals and they sure are fast! (Sorry Crystal, I still can't catch one for you!) By the way, these pictures were taken with my Lumix camera - not my Cannon.

At this point, I don't know what we are going to do next week - we really haven't talked about it yet. We haven't even talked about what we would like to do - I know that Dan wants to try some more fishing. We have five weeks left here - three more weeks in August - and the two weeks in September. I still want to go back over to the Tetons and go to Signal Mountain - we haven't had a chance to do that yet - and I want to go back into Yellowstone and take pictures of the springs and geysers. Then there is going back over to Virginia City and Nevada City. So there are still some things we want to do, and we are down to five weeks. We'll see what happens - and I'll keep you informed.

Well, I'll sign off for tonight and finish watching my football game. Hope you guys have a good week and I'll look forward to hearing your comments. Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. we watched a little of the football game too. it was weird seeing that oilers symbol on tennessee's helmet.

    speaking of football, thanks to the lovely kim, we are going to a couple of games in the fall. clemson vs wake forest in october and the falcons vs the saints in december. there will be a vandy game in there somewhere, of course. just have to figure out when we can make it up there.

    hope you are feeling better, mom. oh, and i know dan's birthday is on thursday. you wanna know how? because kim's birthday is on wednesday. (HINT! HINT! kim's birthday is on wednesday!)

    miss talking to you. the weekends have been busy. kim finally found a place so she'll be moving out of her house in september. we are heading to nashville next weekend to celebrate. it never stops. :)

  2. Yea - I finally have figured out how to join the group - in order to send comments. The pictures have been so wonderful. I think I will need to adopt Crystal - tap in to her wonderful lessons on photos.... So, nice to know football is here because it means cooler weather is on the way. Yea - Melissa has a job in LP. Wonderful news. C and N


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