Monday, August 10, 2009

Cave Falls

Here is Dan on the path to Cave Falls - we decided
to go to see these falls on the way to Ashton and the grocery store - it was an unexpected pleasure. We really did not expect this fall to be very large at all, boy were we wrong!!!! As you can tell by the picture above, the river (Belcher River) was quite large, and the falls were larger than we expected. They were not as high as Mesa Falls, but there was a series of falls instead of just one.

This is the beginning of the middle falls - part of the problem with today's picture's is we were there right at 12 noon and it was a clear day - so there is a lot of sun on the water and the difference in the water is not very visible. However, I hope you can see the beauty of these falls.

This is the middle falls - as you can see the sun is playing havoc on the pictures, but I think you can still see the beauty of the area.
Now, after we left the falls we went into Ashton and bought groceries after we had lunch at the Mexican restaurant in town (a little less than $17.00 - but I brought half of mine home). We just did not want to drive all the way down to Rexburg. We did stop by the ranger station just to say hello - Dan went back and talked to Bill (our boss). He told him that we probably would not be back next year - unless he could find something else for us to do - we like the cabin, but it does get boring saying the say things over and over again. Anyway, we'll see what happens.
I am so surprised at myself. I did not tell you yesterday that we had another moose at the cabin - this time right outside the dining nook window. It was a small cow and she was really very skittish - and of course there are stupid people who get way to close. This moose showed people that she did not like them around her, but they kept getting closer and closer. Finally she ran off into the woods, but she could just have easily run through the people. Some people don't realize how dangerous moose can be - they can trample people to death very quickly. Anyway, I was somewhat worried, but all turned out okay. I don't know why I didn't mention the moose last night other than I was so excited about the football game. (Yahoo!)

I wanted to include the link to all the pictures I took today - so this is it. Hope you enjoy! Hey, Crystal, it was good talking to you today!!!! Hope you can figure out a way to come out and see us before we leave - I think you would like the area. What do you think Kim? Think you can get her out here???? Oh, by the way, the first picture on the link is of Belcher Ranger Station - if you read the book "Free Fire" by C.K. Box it will make sense.
Okay - you guys have a great day and I'll talk with you tomorrow!!!!


  1. I was wondering how long it would take dad to get in that carrier to go across the river! I could see the wheels turning (because that is just the exact thing Mark would be doing)! Dad..Mark is really disappointed he didn't get a little rise out of you from his "F.O.R.D." comment! He thought for sure you would be calling to tell him what a "smart ass" he is!!!

  2. Dana - we didn't Mark comment on the "F.O.R.D." - send it again. I'm sure your Dad will come back with something

  3. Sorry meant to say "we didn't get Mark's comment"

  4. We posted it in the comments under "Hail in August" anyway...Mark said he knows the problem with your truck..he's heard of that happening before! It's called F.O.R.D.!!!

  5. Wonderful pictures of the falls. Large river. We are headed out at 2:00 in the morning -for Tampa and then on to our trip. Will try to call Dan and wish him HB from Salt Lake. C


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