Monday, August 24, 2009

More Moose

Today was the day for us to go down to Idaho Falls - Dan wanted to go down to a RV center and get a replacement part for his chair - he broke the handle that closes the recliner (actually he did this right after we arrived here in Island Park). Anyway, he decided he wanted to go get that part today and he wanted to look at other floor models of Montana's - we have only one complaint with our 5th wheel (well, actually two) - in order to lean back in the recliner you have to pull the chair out into the room - in other words it is not a wall hugger. I can not lean back in mine at all because my chair is by the door - if I pull my chair out you can't get in or out of the door. So, we found a Montana dealer in Idaho Falls and took the 2 hour trip down today. We looked at several other Montana's but none of them solved the problem as we see it. It looks like we might have to buy our own chairs that will fit and take the ones that came with the 5th wheel out. I don't know if that will work or not, but it is something we will think about anyway. (My other complaint is the size of the refrigerator/freezer -it is TOO small for full-timers.)

While we were there we also checked with the Ford dealer since we are still having some problems with the truck - we have had to add a gallon and a half of coolant since we got back from Butte - but there is no sign of a leak - which means we have a leak through the engine. Dan stopped at the Ford dealership in Idaho Falls and they said that they will need to pull the engine to find where the leak is - soooo, it looks like tomorrow Dan will call and make an appointment to take the truck in and we will be renting a car for a week or so - or until the truck is fixed. The mechanic said it could take a couple of weeks to get the parts he might need so we are looking at a time crunch - we need to get the truck in so we will have time to get it fixed before we need to leave in three weeks.

After we went to the Ford Dealership we went over to the SuperCenter to buy some groceries. The biggest problem we have when we buy groceries is finding space when we get home for everything - especially in the freezer. However, I finally got everything put away when we got home. BUT, on the way home, look what we saw on the side of the road. This was just south of Harriman State Park at a place called Swan Lake. The two bull moose where out in the lake eating and just hanging out - It was really pretty cool.

This is a picture of just one of them - I think when you look at the link you will be able to see them better - these pictures are a little small. But I hope you enjoy the pics. I never get tired of looking at moose, or finding moose. I can not tell you how much we have enjoyed seeing all the moose we have seen since we have been here - I know that we are very lucky to see the amount of wild life we have seen and believe me - I am very aware of that and very appreciative of the fact that we have had this opportunity.

We are still trying to make sure we have a job for next spring - we seem to be having a problem getting things wrapped up in Georgia - we make application and then don't hear anything from the park - the Volunteer Coordinator is really working with us and wants us to get a position, but we are not hearing back from the park rangers. We are thinking about looking at another park in Georgia now - this would be number three. We have emailed the coordinator and asked her what her opinion is - so we will wait and see what she says.

Well, I have pretty well caught you all up on what we did today. I hope that for all of you that are back in school today had a great day. I know that it will take a couple of weeks for everyone to get back in to a rhythm, but I hope you will stay with me. If there is anything you want to know, just ask - I will be happy to answer any questions.

Here is the link to the new pics - hope you enjoy!

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  1. Great Pics. I think my favorite is #3. I like a beautiful background for my animals. Sorry to hear of your problems with the truck. That can be aggravating when you're so far away from your normal stomping grounds. As far as the chairs go, you would think that the builder would recognize the need for wall huggers in an RV and include them with their original plans. I hope you will be able to find some that will fit thru the door. Keep up the good posts.


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